Friday, November 14, 2008


Variety your daily dose of Pushing Daisies cancellation (?) paranoia
Anne Thompson Oscar's Animated race
Defamer mixed buzz for Curious Cases & Revolutionary Roads
Reel Artsy Screenwriter Jenny Lumet wins the first of presumably multiple prizes for Rachel Getting Married
Pfeiffer the Face a new poster for Personal Effects (now aiming for 2009 release) and editing officially wraps on Oscar hopeful Chéri. Will we really have double Pfeiffer next year?
MTV Will Dolph Lundgren (50) and JCVD (47) actually reteam for a Universal Soldier sequel? (Let's do the time warp again)
A Socialite Life Jolie floats the notion that she's headed for retirement. I personally don't believe it. It's not like that lifestyle comes cheap. Those $20 million paychecks come in handy
The Hot Blog more Prop 8 fallout in filmmaking community
Getty Images Blame the Stylist: Maggie Gyllenhaal (oops)
EW's Entertainers of the Year: Pleased to see they included Neil Patrick Harris, Richard Jenkins (that Best Actor bid isn't going away, is it? --maybe I should move him back up in my predictions), Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, SJP & pals and La Streep. Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. is #1, natch


Anonymous said...

Woah, Jenny Lumet is good looking. She's a guarantee to win Original Screenplay now, especially with all the other factors she has in her favour.


well she's the granddaughter of Lena Horne. Good genes!

NicksFlickPicks said...

Doesn't it seem insane for Robert Downey, Jr., to beat Tina Fey for the EW Entertainer of the Year. Look at their own write-ups: he was in a huge movie and a really successful movie. She had a hit movie, an Emmy, a critically adored show that everyone in Hollywood apparently wants to guest on, a crucial PR role in a major industry tug-of-war, and a defining part in the most important national election any of us remembers. So - they go with Downey?

Not that it matters. But it reminds me why I stopped getting EW several years ago.


i imagine it's because they think that RDJ will sell more magazine covers.

cynical but probably true

Deborah said...

I cannot bear the thought of an unsatisfying Benjamin Button. Please don't take my gloriously satisfying yet artsy movie with big stars away.


Steven said...

Regarding the Prop 8 fallout, a similar situation has already happened within the theatre community. Scott Eckern, the artistic director of California Musical Theatre, was found to have donated $1000 in support of Prop 8. Of course, people found out and there were some mass e-mails sent out by Susan Egan and Marc Shaiman telling everyone to boycott the theatre while he was still in a power position. Marc Shaiman, whose Hairspray was already produced at the theatre, said that he would never let Eckern near another one of his shows and also warned Jeff Whitty, book writer of Avenue Q, which is to be produced next year at the theatre. Long story short, Eckern officially apologized, later on resigned, and was even pressured to donate $1000 to the Human Rights Campaign. Well, he had to have known something negative would happen to him in probably the gay-friendliest communities in show biz.


Anonymous said...

Interesting about Benjamin Button. Expectations are just way too high - it's a long way to go, though. There's another screening next week I think.


yeah. December Oscar releasing is tricky in terms of sky-high expectations. You either have to

a) be outstanding and an instant classic to live up to the hype

b) fool everyone for a month into believing that you're outstanding and an instant classic and thus reap many Oscar nods that people will grumble about only a few months later.

c) be more "catchy" than the 10 other big star/prestigey vehicles trying the same "HYPE HYPEHYPEHYPE HYPEHYPE HYPEHYPEHYPE HYPEHYPE (release)HYPEHYPE" hiding thing.

we'll see how these all fare. we might have another 2002 (all december best pictures) but we might not at all. It doesn't happen very often (contrary to hollywood belief)

Sally Belle said...

I imagine it's because RDJ has 500 times more talent then Fey. Still think she sold her soul to the devil.
An acting Emmy? She's the female Jerry Seinfeld. I don't mean that in a good way...sorry.

However....Neil Patrick Harris is one of the coolest guys in entertainment period! That was a rocking choice! Talk about talent. WhooHoo!

Anonymous said...

The RDJ persona was funny for a while, but it's getting irritating now. But really, I don't see how you can argue that RDJ had a bigger impact this year, as compared to Tina Fey.

Karen said...

Thanks for the link. I really hope Lumet gets an Oscar nom. 'Rachel' was such an intriguing film.