Thursday, June 11, 2009

The 13th Link

Arts and Crafts
Underwire Tim Burton gets a MoMA show
<--- IZ Reloaded A "six" puppet. Ohhhh, now I miss Battlestar Galactica. No fair.

More on Up
Filmbo has issues with it (great post title, Filmbo)
By Ken Levine a review of Up. I link to this primarily because I'm always heartened by actual movie/tv industry professionals who believe in the award worthiness of non-traditional awards material. Even if I don't personally think Up is Pixar's best (I already know I'm going to be sad about WALL•E's Best Picture snub for many years), it'd be so swell if people stopped ghettoizing animation.

Topless Robot Mickey Rourke as Whiplash in Iron Man 2. Oooh, this is the busiest costume I've seen since the last Britney or Janet concert. Me no likey. Me no likey at all. The movie is already crowded with characters. Don't crowd us further with busy costumes!
Vulture presents the 'Top Ten Greatest Multiple Role Performances'. I hesitated to link. Their entire list is pointless because no way can any such list ignore Miranda Richardson in Spider and have credibility. So decreeth the film bitch.

Miranda Richardson in Spider -- her best work (and that's saying a lot)

Buzz Sugar
Viola Davis to join the cast of The United States of Tara
Some Came Running Adam Lambert and... uh... Rex Reed? oh my
Risky Business Lance Armstrong biopic to pedal forward
Go Fug Yourselves says "mais non!" to French Elle with Scarlett Johansson
Kenneth in the (212) and MSNBC reminisce about John Travolta as Pellham opens

A Stake To Everyone's Hearts Involved!
NY Post Megan Fox in the Buffy The Vampire Slayer reboot? OK. It's now official: I hate her.


James Colon said...

You may already know this, but supposedly 'The Human Factor' is now going to be called 'Invictus'...

Is this the film's third or fourth title?


yeah. who knows. i'm not believing anything until i see a poster ;)

Walter L. Hollmann said...

Iron Man 2? Are you sure Mickey Rourke isn't in a remake of Zardoz?

Ben said...

Ew! Naomi Watts in Mulholland Drive. HELLO, New York Magazine.

Jim T said...

I haven't seen french lieutenant's woman but shouldn't Meryl's perf be in the list?


Jim T i'll have to let you know when i rewatch it ;)

Andrew David said...

And what a... lovely quote from Megan Fox. It's good to know that being hot has the ability to confuse people into thinking you're a better actress than you really are.

Andrew K. said...

Okay detestation of Megan Fox aside, Buffy? Seriously? Not to beat a dead horse, but SHE CAN'T ACT!!! Next thing I'll be hearing is that Jesse Metcalfe or some other NON ACTOR is playing Angel or (gasp) Spike...! Shoot me now!

adam k. said...

NAT, HELP! I'm going to NYC in the morning for the weekend, and I have 3 night MAX in which to see theater. I have it narrowed down to...

1) Twelfth Night (in the park; because it's free and I've never seen a Shakespeare in the Park)

2) HAIR (a must, I know)

3) West Side Story (I've actually never seen it onstage, despite having had the opportunity; bad me)

4) God of Carnage (I saw it in London last year and I'd love to compare that to the Broadway version, and seeing famous movie stars onstage is fun)

I CAN ONLY SEE THREE and can probably really only see TWO. AAAAAAAH

If you don't see this in the next few hours I'll be gone and won't have access to my computer, sadly. This was all very last-minute. But I'd appreciate your input.

The Pretentious Know it All said...

Ugh...why does Megan Fox have to rape my childhood? "Transformers" was fine...but now she's fucking with a piece of nostalgia that I actually care about.


adam k ... i wasn't awake until after your time limit past.

WSS & Hair have lotteries... so if you decide to go but can't get in you won't have seen anything. Shakespeare in the Park is VERY hard to get into unless you are willing to wait in line for hours in the AM.

god of carnage is sold out but i understand there are standing room only tickets.

Wayne B. said...

Where's the love for one of "The Parent Trap" girls? Haylie or Lindsay were both great and could've been on the list instead of a double helping of Sellers. The nostalgic in me picks Haylie of course.

Wayne B. said...

AS IF! Megan Fox!? Really, that's the best actress to replace Sarah Michelle Gellar? I never used to understand why people would get bent out of shape about remakes but now I do. First this Bonnie&Clyde-Hilary Duff B.S. and now this? What's this world coming to?

Thombeau said...

OMG at first I thought that puppet was Amanda Lepore!

Ryan said...

re: wall-e snub

i hear yeah. fuck 'frost/nixon'.