Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Linker's Dozen

W Magazine Bruce Willis and his new wife star in quite a photo shoot. Is it weird that I totally miss Bruce Willis?
BlogStage Annette Bening as Medea at UCLA. I expect reports from California readers in September! Or maybe I should fly out myself? It's been ages
Kenneth in the (212) meets Susan Seidelman and talks Desperately Seeking Susan
Topless Robot 2,500 Smurfs?! Dear god
Planet Fabulon "what becomes a legend most" -- I haven't seen this ad campaign in so long: Natalie Wood, Bette Davis, Marlene Deitrich? Wheeee

Pop Seoul John Woo to choose between Rain and Won Bin for next action pic. Isn't that a win/win?
Russia Magazine Timur Bekmambetov (Night Watch, Wanted) is making a movie that sounds suspiciously like Knight Rider. I guess that fits into his whole ouevre of bizarre action films that require 23 times the usual amounts of suspension of disbelief
Big Screen Little Screen how great is this Quentin Tarantino magazine cover from Germany?
Cinematical Michael Cunningham sells horror screenplay. Interesting... though with just minor tweaking wouldn't The Hours be a horror film of the soul?
Fin de Cinema Peter Greenaway's Nightwatching coming to DVD. Greenaway sure has had a hard time getting eyeballs since 8 1/2 Women.
Noh Way sad news for diehard Liza & Judy fans
Screen Rant Alexander Skarsgard talks about his near miss on Thor. I'm personally a little bummed he didn't get the role... not that I have high hopes for the movie.

P.S. It's only 95 days until Dollhouse comes back on the air. Wheeee


Die fesche Lola said...

I hate that campaign, it disgusts me to my very core. Fur is not glamorous, people! It's a bunch of chemically treated corpses dragged across your neck.

Catherine said...

I wish I had Ann Miller's teeth/cheekbones. Seriously.


die fesche lola good point. Yikes. I can't believe I was so blinded by the nostalgia glamor that I forgot to remember that I used to hate it that people thought fur was glamorous.

damn those movie stars and their hypnotic power!

catherine not her legs?

Catherine said...

Well, those too. But I am obsessed with her smile/teeth/cheekbones. They're second only to Irene Dunne's teeth, which are my favourite set of moviestar teeth. Henry Fonda has it for the guys.

...yeah, I spend waaaay too much time thinking about teeth.

Die fesche Lola said...

@ Nathaniel: You used to hate it? Please tell me you're still anti-fur????

Z said...

How tasteless is that photo spread with Bruce Willis and ... who exactly? Such blatant self-promotion.

(Okay, I may be a hypocrite here 'cuz I like say Brad and Angelina's photoshoots. But who actually cares about that wife of Bruce Willis? And I also hate fur, so I've branded her a heartless whore for wearing fox fur. There, I said it!)

DJ said...

Natalie Wood is fast becoming my favorite classic actress... such tremendous emotional range at such a young age.


Lola i'm still anti fur yes... i just have trouble functioning if i see too many awesome actresses in one place. reality goes out the window.

Andrew David said...

Aaaha I actually believed the thing about Virginia Woolf's vengeful ghost until I read the rest of the article.

Alex said...

I'm totally bummed too that Alex Skarsgard didn't get the lead in Thor. Makes you wonder what exactly they have planned for the movie.


Alex... and i know i've been talking about hair too much lately but his hair is perfect for it an wigs often don't look right on movie characters... especially if they need to wear it for the entire movie.