Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Halfway House: Donkey

When a movie doesn't work for my first and last series -- sometimes the movie star's mug will be the first thing you see or the last (or both) -- I'm gonna use it elsewhere when it's amusing. SPINOFF SERIES ALERT!

Screenshots from halfway through the movie in question. We're about sixty-six minutes in for this one.

Look, he's my donkey!
This made me guffaw when I jumped to the halfway point of the DVD. See, Jesus cured this little crippled boy but he seems more excited about that ass than his newly working legs. Regardless, Richard Burton is so impressed you can totally tell he's going to convert to Christianity even though it will cost him his life. At the end of The Robe [*SPOILER*] Burton will walk up into heaven while a chorus sings "Hallelujah".


Richard Burton and Jean Simmons ascending


Chris Na Taraja said...

It always strikes me funny how these "morality play" movies were filmed at a time when there was so much debauchery in Hollywood behind closed doors.

Now everything is out in the open, and just about anything goes on film, and you're probably likely to find more sober and sane people in Hollywood today! Ok, maybe not sane.

Chris Na Taraja said...

Oh, and I would have guessed THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD and would have been wrong.

Andrew K. said...

Ooooh. I love The Robe. They show this movie every easter [and Christmas] on TV here in Guyana. Richard Burton is the bomb!