Thursday, June 25, 2009

Do You Like To Look At James Marsden?

JA from MNPP here, asking y'all to raise your hand if the answer to that is yes (And to raise both if it's hell yes and preferably while he's in the nude or in the act of becoming in the nude). What about Cameron Diaz? I assume there will be slightly fewer hands if I judge the crowd I speak to correctly, so let's go back to James Marsden.

See, the trailer for Richard Kelly's The Box - an adaptation of the Richard Matheson short story titled "Button Button" - which has been looooooong awaited by me (I figured out last week that the first time I posted on this movie was in the Summer of 2006!) and other Kelly fans is finally online today, and there is lots of lovely Marsden to behold. Watch it here. No, he's not nude or in the act of becoming nude. Sad face. But he does appear to be wet a lot, so there's a silver lining in that.

And if you'd like to have a still picture of Jimmy to print out and frame and hang on the wall over your bed to whisper your thoughts and deepest longings and holiest prayers to before you go to sleep, you can find a slew of screengrabs from said trailers with plenty o' Marsden over at MNPP. Dreamy.

The Box didn't make our final "We Can't Wait" Countdown here at TFE earlier this year, but it was on my list of orphans. I care! You know what my other two orphans were, for the record? Pixar's Up and Michael Haneke's The White Ribbon. Damn straight. The former has been released to much love already, while the latter won the freaking Palm d'Or at Cannes, so I think I just proved you should listen to me. I have proven my worth. Yes, the rumors are true. I rule.

Besides Marsden and Diaz The Box has got a Frank Langella (well half of him anyway). The film is scheduled to come out - for real! - on October 30th, 2009. Whee!


Anonymous said...

This should be interesting. And yes, I love me some Mardsen.

Bailey said...

Who doesn't like to look at James Marsden? He's dreamy, can act, dance, and sing, and seems like a sweet guy in real life. I still have no interest in this movie.

And I feel I must reveal my darkest, most shameful secret: I tend to really enjoy La Diaz onscreen. I have sat through some real pieces of shit simply because she was in them. However, I am proud to say that I draw the line at the anathematic Nicholas Sparks/Cameron Diaz maudlin schlockfest. There is only so much noxious, simpering mediocrity one moviegoer can take.

Fox said...

Recently, I thought James Marsden was really fun to watch in Sex Drive, it's just a shame that the movie overall was so terrible.

Joe Reid said...

Not only "Up" and "The White Ribbon," but that much-maligned "Drag Me to Hell" entry in our countdown ain't looking too shabby from this vantage point either.

"The Box" didn't make my list, but only because I felt like if I just ignored it altogether, it might actually get released. And look, it is! You're welcome.

Chris Na Taraja said...

I'll raise both hands for Marsden, and I'll give a hand for Camerion diaz too

Jason Adams said...

I usually end up liking Cameron as well, despite not ever wanting to. Her accent sounds a little shaky here, but we'll see.

schwul-und-liberal said...

I love James Marsden!!!