Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A Bizarre Moment of Oscar Trivia with Kyra Sedgwick

Congratulations to Kyra Sedgwick who just got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Remember when it looked for a millisecond like she might get an Oscar nod for playing Julia Robert's sassy sister in Something to Talk About back in 1995? Stealing scenes from Julia might seem like a hard thing to do and commendable, too, but it pisses Academy voters right off. One must not pull focus from their Pretty Woman!

Future Julia Roberts co-stars consider yourself forewarned! If you steal a movie from the billion dollar grin, you will get media attention. You will get a Golden Globe nomination. But, come Oscar nomination morning, THE BIG SNUB AWAITS YOU.

the case evidence:
  • Sally Field, Steel Magnolias (1989)
  • Hector Elizondo, Pretty Woman (1990)
  • Dustin Hoffman, Hook (1992)
  • Sophia Loren, Pret-à-Porter (1994)
  • Liam Neeson, Michael Collins (1996)
  • Kyra Sedgwick, Something to Talk About (1995)
  • Rupert Everett, My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)
  • Hugh Grant, Notting Hill (1999)
Yes all of them were Golden Globe nominated and then Oscar snubbed.

Rupert Everett was considered a lock in '97. No nomination. Argh!

There is reason to believe that this golden curse has been broken: Natalie Portman and Clive Owen (Closer) and Philip Seymour Hoffman (Charlie Wilson's War) all survived pulling Julia's focus in recent years, trading in their Globe hoopla for coveted Oscar nominations. But that said Natalie & Clive won the Globes but still lost the Oscar. So, I still say that Javier Bardem ought to watch his back on the set of Eat, Pray, Love if he wants another run at Oscar in 2011.


Andrew K. said...

What about Jude Law? I still think he was the best in Closer and he positively upstaged Julia in all their scenes...and he was on a roll in 2004.

Fernando Moss said...

I think Julia Roberts was the best damn thing in CLOSER... Followed really close by by an uber-strog Clive Owen and then there was Natalie Portamn being really really good and Jude Law in a really underrated performance. But Julia was the stand out, at least for me.

Glenn said...

Happy for Kyra. Love her.

Also more trivia: Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick and now the only living married couple to each have stars on the walk of fame. The ratio of married couples to divorced couples is, I'm sure, ridiculous.

Cinesnatch said...

So, I guess Kathleen Quinlan and Anthony Hopkins (for Amistad) owe Roberts a thank-you.

Cinesnatch said...

Hmmn ... I kind of thought Law was the worst out of the bunch. And 2004 was supposed to be his year ... didn't quite pan out ...

FrenchGirl said...

i remember your list of actors snubbed by Oscar so steal Julia Roberts movies is just another reason.
The Oscar people don't need many excuse!

Agent69 said...

Cameron Diaz stole My Best Friend's Wedding, IMO.

Victor S said...

I always blamed Rupert Everett's snub on the Academy being afraid of the gays, not on Julia. Maybe its time for rethink.

Derreck said...

I never really knew Kyra until The Closer on TNT, but she's fantastic in that role. Where the hell is her Emmy?

huh. i never thought of Hugh Grant's role in Notting Hill as Oscar-worthy. mind you, it is one of my favorites (which i never admit out loud) and Hugh was great in his role but i never saw it as deserving of an award.

and with Fernando's comment, i always thought Julia Roberts got steamrolled by Clive and Natalie. They were just so powerful in their roles and always commanded your attention. But then, they had the most interesting characters.

and a lil off-topic, but i hated that first kiss between Jude and Julia where it was like he was trying to eat her face...

Wayne B. said...

I really liked Kyra in "Hearts & Souls" too. I never understood why major film stardom never followed for her. OH well she has a star on the Walk of Fame anyway.
Julia Roberts should do more stuff like "Closer". "I'm disgusting" gave me goose bumps.

Off-Tangent Subject Change: Anvil! is playing here one night only, is it worth it?

Darren Z said...

I always think Jude Law was really good in Closer. much better than Julia. and in the same level with Natalie Portman and Clive Owen. Jude's character was really unlikeable and whiny. he did a very good job.

I like Julia in Closer better than her other movies.

**Rupert Everett was the best thing in my best friend's wedding.

Iggy said...

My kudos to the casting director of Eat, Pray, Love if s/he gets Roberts and Bardem together. It's one of those couples that would never come to your mind, but when you come to think about it and start picturing them together on screen, you begin to salivate.

Maybe the scene stealers in Roberts's movies were snubbed because she had to get her oscar first, and only after she got hers, they were allowed to be nominated. Just my theory, as a result of picturing Roberts in my head as the Red Queen (why?) cutting heads off people (AMPAS members) who don't obey. :)

mrripley said...

bet they were both pissed in 95 cos ken was snubbed for murder in the first.


wayne b. -- i always say worth it for movies that are good. But if you need further indication the movie will especially appeal to you if

a) you have interest in the definition of success and people's relationship to failure and success
b) like documentaries or mockumentaries. it's the former but sometimes it feels like the latter
c) thought the wrestler was the best thing ever... not the same but they both are about men playing a young man's game WAY after they maybe should have retired. But it's all they know or all they love
d) are a hair metal fan or interested in music careers

anyway blably blah. i need more coffee and it's hte middle of day

Wayne B. said...

Nathaniel - Thanks for the comments; you convinced me :) If movies are my love than music is my mistress. The hair metal is kind of a turnoff but "Some Kind of Monster" took metal musicians and made them interesting so hopefully "Anvil!" will be the same. Documentaries are a genre I have very little screen time with (seen less than 10.)
BTW, I did think "The Wrestler" was the best movie of 2008. Milk was a close second.

Ryan said...

wow. got to hand it to yea Nathaniel. you know how to spot em (award season patterns). LOL!

but seriously, I will always be pissed about my boy Rupert's '97 snub-- be it a result from homophobia, comedy-bias or Julia-scene stealing.