Wednesday, June 24, 2009


First and Last: the first image following the opening credits and the last image before the credits roll.

Can you name the picture?
Highlight for the answer: It's the German film DAS EXPERIMENT. You may have recognized Moritz Bleibtreu in the first frame.
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Namaste! said...

Das Experiment?

Flosh said...


What Namaste(!) said.


yes. wow. i keep thinking it'll take longer but it never does.

i guess Moritz Bleibtreu gives it away ;)

Namaste said...

Yes, you're right, Moritz Bleibtreu gave it away. ;) And I remember the last picture of the film. Though I'm never ever going to watch that film again, I'm looking forward to the remake.

Great blog btw! Yesterday, I wrote my first comment but I've been reading for a while now.


welcome. isn't "namaste" the greeting in yoga? are you a yogi?

Jason Adams said...


Art Fleming said...

I was gonna say Knocking on Heavens door, ANOTHER movie with Moritz Bleibtreu that ends on a beach.

anna said...

Ah, I'm too late. This time, I would have actually had a chance, I love Moritz Bleibtreu! :)
Sad "news" regarding Moritz: his mother, the wonderful Monica Bleibtreu (she had a cameo in "Run Lola Run"), died a few weeks ago. :(

Namaste said...

Yes, "Namaste" is a greeting in South Asia. And although I'm fascinated by this culture I just chose the name because I'm a LOST-addict. ;)

@anna: I've heard about the death of Monica Bleibtreu. It's very sad that we still don't have better therapies to treat cancer.

anna said...

@Namaste: Very true.
Looking at my earlier post now I realize that it reads a bit as if I was reducing her whole acting career to that one cameo. That certainly wasn't my intention, I just mentioned it, because
1. most people here have probably seen that film
2. Moritz is in it