Monday, June 08, 2009

The Links Strike Back

I know I've been remiss in sharing movie news and whatnot but I've had some personal issues, the birthday, friends in town, caught up with another old friend who is going to be in a new Kristen Bell movie (congrats!), and then there was that small matter of the TONYs. So here we are back to normal. Eventually I'm getting to the Meryl Streep retro. I really am.

Cinema Blend Neil Patrick Harris has conquered TV, what's next for the movies?
Empire cool illustrations from 9 (no, not Nine). That was a good short
Buzz Sugar Javier Bardem and Julia Roberts will Eat, Pray, Love... at least we hope they will. Ryan Murphy has a way of announcing movies that never end up arriving. Have you noticed? See also: Dirty Tricks and Need.
/Film on Puss in Boots the Shrek spin-off
What's Good / What Blows explains the difference between the three TONY-winning Billys in Broadway's Billy Elliott
Feminism to a Neurotic Extreme I missed this piece but they're kicking this summer's favorite punching bag Terminator Salvation while it's down. The reason? It's treatment of female characters. What they say is true but it's hardly surprising. Action directors (outside of James Cameron of course) aren't exactly known for caring about women beyond their common movie function as sexual window dressing.
Film School Rejects a Heavy Metal reboot with A list directors already signed on? Weird. Wasn't that South Park episode enough of a nostalgia trip?
Movie|Line terrific dish on Dawson's Creek and its "four monstrous actors"
MTV Blade Runner web series Purefold in development. Better this than Ridley Scott continuing to fiddle with the relentlessly fiddled with movie.

Finally... today's must read
I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing has a terrific brain vomit about the cancellation of a TV series (in this case Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles but it could be any show...)

<-- have you watched...
Nurse Jackie? (password: shifthappens) It's quite good and promising. Edie Falco is 150% watchable but you knew that already. Haaz Sleiman is playing her gay friend. All television shows are required to have one. It's the law. I am happy to report that he seems nothing like the Haaz Sleiman we became acquainted with in The Visitor (i.e. different role = different performance). Good for him.


Wayne B. said...

(unintended spoilers may follow)
Feminism to a Neurotic Extreme's article does have some valid points. Although I think the reason for the kiss and Marcus's following comment is just to illustrate his growth as a character. To show how awful and bastardly he starts off in the beginning and changes to become more than what he is.

When it comes to "Nurse Jackie" the REAL QUESTION is will Haaz Sleiman get a chance to bang the drums in his underwear again? ;)


wayne b... your question needs an answer within 2 episodes!

Wayne B. said...

OH! it has Merritt Wever! I LOVED her in "Strike!", this teen girl comedy with Kirsten Dunst, Rachel Leigh Cook and Heather Matarazzo.
She was barely noticeable in "Series 7" though.

Anonymous said...

The Gay best friend is the new Black best

Glenn Dunks said...

Not really. Gay best friends have become increasingly more common for a good ten years. In fact, I'd even hazard a guess and say they're becoming LESS frequent now because it's less conversation starting.

Ian said...

"Nurse Jackie" was great last night! I'll look forward to this season and Edie Falco's awesomeness.

Ryan said...

Edie Falco is 150% watchable?

huh. understatement of the year. ;)

John said...

Nurse Jackie, Episode 6 - Outstanding - Judith Ivey was bitter, funny, heartbreaking, and it's always good to see Swoozie Kurtz and Blythe Danner. Love this show.