Wednesday, June 10, 2009

RCL: Foxy Licorice Roller Derby Edition

Time for another edition of Red Carpet Lineup wherein we gather up actresses who were photographed at events during the week... and talk about them.

First up is Famke Janssen because I've been waiting for her Turn the River follow up ever since the terrific one-on-one I had with her in early 2008. She's on set in Monaco... for which movie I do not know. Where Famke goes her puppy Licorice is never far behind, so I had to include him (her?) too. It was recently announced that she'll be reprising her transsexual "Ava Moore" role for the series finale of Nip/Tuck.

Megan Fox is a phenomenon I haven't yet grasped. I've been playfully arguing about her on twitter. Screen Rant implied that she should hold her tongue in interviews, since people will lose interest if they start noticing what comes off of it. I say her faux shocking sound bites are the only interesting thing about her. After all, "Fuckability" is generally and crassly accepted as a pre-requisite for screen actressing. If you really stop to think about it this means that virtually every famous actress is (or was) a major turn-on for at least some sizable segment of the audience. In a world (i.e. the movies) where everyone is sexy, don't you have to bring something else to the table? What "else", I must ask, is she bringing?

Miranda Otto of "I am no man" fame didn't end up a huge movie star like so many of her fellow Australian ex-pats but I thought she'd at least end up a TV star. I'm terribly disappointed that her TV pilot "A Marriage" wasn't picked up. It was by the Thirtysomething, My So-Called Life, Relativity and Once & Again team of Marshall Herskovitz & Edward Zwick who are geniuses of the small screen. They have proved time and again to have an enviable grasp of the daily drama of family/marital dynamics. If this new pilot, which co-starred Bruce Greenwood as Miranda's husband, had the depth and humanity of those shows it's a large unseen loss for the audience.

Nicll Kihthhmn! sorry, my speech is apparently unintelligible through the fanboy drool ("anonymous" says it so it must be true!). I'm still so excited about The Lady of the Locks: The Return of The Ginger. That's another photo from the set of Rabbit Hole. [via] Nicole Kidman ... there, I've wiped away the spittle.

Marcia Gay Harden turns 50 this August. Her career is going better than ever: A Tony for God of Carnage, a great turn on television's Damages (will they bring her back for Season 3?). Her new film The Maiden Heist is a comedic caper with Morgan Freeman. It was apparently shelved due to financial problems (boo) but we'll see her next in Drew Barrymore's roller derby movie Whip It! We assume Marcia isn't one of the tough derby bitches but we hold out hope that she miraculously is. Wouldn't it be great to see her body slam into Ellen Page?

Bebe Neuwirth is busy. She just got married last month, introduced the in memoriam section at the TONYs, and next she'll play Morticia Addams in the Addams Family stage musical (Spring 2010). She's already training for the part by draining herself of all remaining pigmentation. We see a possible third TONY Award coming her way. She's previously won for Sweet Charity and for her hugely successful reworking of "Velma Kelly" in Chicago before Catherine Zeta-Jones got her eager hands on the role. Showbiz careers are so weird. Isn't it a bit curious that Bebe hasn't had a major slam dunk television role since "Lilith" on Cheers/Frasier for which she won two Emmys? Or a worthy film follow up to her excellent work as a sly cougar in the indie Tadpole for which she won the Seattle Film Critics Award and a FB nomination here.
  • Would you pay to see Marcia Gay Harden on roller skates?
  • Can you see what Megan Fox brings to the table?
  • Is there any point in anything Addams Family without Christina Ricci on board?
Speak up. Don't make me talk to myself.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE BEBE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Megan Slutox must die.

Catherine said...

Yeah, Bebe rocks (or whatever the appropriate Musical Theatre term is). I was actually just listening to one of the Forbidden Broadway albums, and there's a great send-up of internet chat rooms done by "Bebe" in All That Jazz style.

adelutza said...

I would pay to see Marcia anytime , anywhere.
If there's any reason to have an Addams Family film again is just to see Bebe in it. Too bad we don't see her more often.
Who is Megan Fox?

Anonymous said...

You're 1000% right about Megan Fox!!!! She has no talent what so ever.

Fox said...

I must admit, I find Megan Fox kind of fascinating. And it's not her looks because I don't think she's attractive at all.

I just like that she has no filter on her mouth. Perhaps this will be her downfall (but from what, exactly?!?), but it's entertaining and a bit refreshing in an industry where everyone calculates what they say and do. (Even the ones who want to appear to be socially/politically active).

Her quote about Scarlett Johannson is still one of my faves from this year. Plus, I kind of attracted to crazy people.


FOX. you must share that quote. i have read many crazy Megan Fox quotes but not that one.

Derreck said...

I think Megan is just trying WAY too hard.

Anyways, screw her, i'm just happy to see two of my all time faves, Nicole and Famke. They are only two of a small few actresses who can make me squeal.

Famke back to my guilty pleasure Nip/Tuck? squealed like mad. She reveled in her role as Ava. She's probably back to end up with Matt.

Nicole back to the red? had to control myself. She just looks ten times better with it (even though she rocked the blonde for a few years) and it makes her look like she used to.

with Bebe, she will ALWAYS be Lillith to me. i can't get that out of my head. i'm always a little bit shocked when she doesn't talk in that monotone voice and sings beautifully. that's so not Lillith.

I'm interested with her and the Addams Family, but i love the ones with Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston, Christopher Lloyd, and of course, Christina Ricci, so i'm not so sure. You just can't get better than that cast.

Wayne B. said...

"Is there any point in anything Addams Family without Christina Ricci on board?"

Not really but crazier things have happened. Its really too bad the Ricci doesn't sing. :(

NoNo said...


U didn't hear that quote about Scarlett?

"I don't want to have to be like a Scarlett Johansson – who I have nothing against," she says, "but I don't want to have to go on talk shows and pull out every single SAT word I've every learned to prove, like, 'Take me seriously, I am intelligent, I can speak.' I don't want to have to do that. I resent having to prove that I'm not a retard – but I do. And part of it is my own fault."


Happy Birthday Week Nathaniel! I would donate money if I had money or job. Unfortunately, I graduated from college a month ago and got nothing but IOUs in my congrats cards. Damn this recession!

luca said...

I think Megan's fan base is composed almost entirely of frat boys, teens and similar. Young adults are usually more cynical and expect reasons behind everything and everyone. Nothing wrong with that but that's how I see it.

As a straight male, I must say I find her gorgeous (those eyes!, those legs! those lips!) to look at and extremely fuckable but yeah I wouldn't pay to see a movie just for that reason alone (I need substance) BUT

If I were 10 years older, I absolutely would've done it, so I guess she is targeting the right demographics. Let's wait and see how (and if) she can develop a movie career in the long run.

Andrew K. said...

Megan Fox is so pointless it's ridiculous. I mean, fine she fuckable or whatever but so are porn stars and we do not give a shit what they are saying. Oh, I'm sorry she's been in a number of big films, let's see Transformers and Transformers II and what else, exactly?

In other news...Marcia Gay Harden is the bomb I'm counting on an Emmy for Damages and I would pay a whole lot of money to see her on skates.

Anonymous said...

I asked a friend yesterday to explain Megan Fox to me and her response was, "I believe that talking about someone with STDs can cause STDs."

I'm so excited about Famke on Nip/Tuck again that I am willing to abandon my boycott post-BuildaBear murder by Sharon Gless. I just hope they put her in a slim, white suit and hat again.

Agent69 said...

I love her. She is a very good substitute for the crazy old Angelina. I like how she says what she thinks and doesn't self-censor herself. And besides she's incredibly, unbearably, unbelievably, impossibly sexy.

Agent69 said...

Megan Fox I mean.

Anonymous said...

Megan Fox is gorgeous, if any man here doesnt think so they are either gay (nothing wrong with that, just sayin...) or incredibly shallow. Sure, she's not much an actress at this point, but with a face and body like that...who the fuck cares? It's nice to have both (beauty AND acting chops), but in her case it just doesnt matter to me. Let her strut herself in big macho blockbusters. And that quote about Scarlett? How is that crazy? She's being blunt, honest, and refreshingly unpretentious. People here could learn from her. I'm looking at you, elitists

Glenn Dunks said...

I must say that while I think she looks far too plastic and like a wax statue a lot of the time, I'm actually sort of glad she's around. She does have interesting quotes (that one about Alan Alda at the Oscars?!? where'd she pull that from?) and I like that she's so open about sex and is willing to get her tits out of camera for a horror movie when even non-famous people feel it is "beneath" them or whatever.

Cluster Funk said...

She's grade z, low budget Angie.

And you think somebody so "smart" & "unpretentious," would make more sensible, progressive choices with her career. But alas...

The Pretentious Know it All said...

Nathaniel, Megan Fox is a product. And there are countless ways in which you are NOT the target consumer.

Fernando Moss said...

Marcia Gay Harden, for me, is sexier than Megan Fox... I can't help myself I find talent and intelligence incredible sexy...

Anonymous said...

and is willing to get her tits out of camera for a horror movie when even non-famous people feel it is "beneath" them or whatever.
Um not really, she's not nude in Jennifer's Body.lmao

Anyway she's as irrelevent as Paris Hilton...Next!

Dillian said...

Any man (or woman) who likes that Transformers thing is shallow as hell. How on Earth can you call someone shallow for NOT liking her? Ridiculous! She is not intelligent. People are acting like she's saying words like Bob Dylan writes poetry! And also, I think she's ugly; she looks like a pornstar and honey, I don't think pornstars are attractive. She doesn't have good bone structure or any features which are striking to me. She is just some blowup doll caked in makeup. Why oh why does every straight man find her attractive? I guess society really is going to the dogs!

Sara said...

Fox ain't saying anything new or interesting, either. She says the same old things I hear every from every damn average college fratboy's mouth.

Kurtis O said...

Q: What else is Megan Fox bringing?
A: Nothing.

I can't effing stand MF; although, you gotta hand it to her publicists -- girl is everywhere.

Cinesnatch said...

I'm going to represent for Fox ... I haven't seen her in any movie. But, I'd go straight for her. She is SO fuck*ble.

jess said...

@ Vince

Straight does NOT suit you. AT ALL.