Monday, June 29, 2009

My Sister's Keeper and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

<-- One day Katey and I will upgrade with a greenscreen and a better mic (one day!) so I've visualized a greenscreen effect here. I've added magic Transformers symbols behind us... just for fun. I feel like I need magical decoding symbols to understand the Transformers phenomenon. What do millions upon millions upon millions of people see in Michael Bay's "films"? In less than one week's time it's already the #3 movie of the year and will easily slaughter the numbers for the beautiful Up and the entertaining Star Trek. *sniffle*

2009 Top Ten (thus far)
  1. Up $250 and climbing
  2. Star Trek $246 and winding down
  3. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen $200 in just five days
  4. Monsters vs. Aliens $195
  5. The Hangover $183 and climbing
  6. X-Men Origins: Wolverine $177
  7. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian $163 and winding down
  8. Fast and Furious $155
  9. Paul Blart: Mall Cop $146
  10. Taken $144
Michael Bay is truly a god of carnage. Unfortunately the cinema is his target. I feel like someone should block my access to box office sites. In this case, ignorance might be bliss and it's cheaper than anti-depressants.

Ah, but I exaggerate for effect. I didn't actually see the giant robots so I'm just assuming that it's as terrible and its success as disheartening as the hilariously hateful reviews indicate. Katey did see it and she despairs at me herein. We also review My Sister's Keeper, Cameron Diaz's cancer weepie. It's a total grumpfest on the vodcast today.


rosengje said...

Cough, there was one other notable release this weekend: The Hurt Locker.

Other than the conspicuous absence of Kathryn Bigelow fawning this was a great podcast as always. I generally find that reviews and discussions are more entertaining when they are about things people hate.

Joe Shetina said...

Everyone I know who liked Transformers really didn't have anything insightful to say. They just moved their hands around a lot and made explosion sounds with their mouths.

Cristhian said...

Katey is adorable, btw. But yes, this depresses me and I worry about humanity because they love their intelligence be insulted.
I hope this gives you hope in movies, but I just saw Miyasaki's Ponyo last night, and it's nothing short of magical. I'm sure it'll make your top ten at the end of the year.

adelutza said...

I had a field day reading Transformer reviews. Sadly, it looks like people don't care much about reviews any more, if they ever did.

Seeking Amy said...

I love these vodcasts, despite the fact it was about two shit films you guys really are just so thorough, and entertaining! Great duo you two are, can't wait for the next one!

On a side note, have you guys not seen The Hurt Locker yet and that was why there was no mention?

The Pretentious Know it All said...

Having now seen "My Sister's Keeper," can I just piggy-back on the comments about an organ harvesting sci-fi movie...
Cameron Diaz and Jason Patric harvesting a zombie Abigail Breslin's kidney=greatest movie ever...or at least infinitely preferable to the real thing.

Glenn Dunks said...

Love these. Hope you keep doing them. Exhaustion schmexshmaution.

Sally Belle said...

Michael Bay is a hack. I can't believe you were able to sit through the entire movie.

I made it through about 40 minutes of the first Transformers...oh my God, it was worse then Batman And Robin.

Guy Lodge said...

These videos are rapidly becoming one of the standout features of your website. Love how comfortable and conversive you are with each other -- other onscreen critic teams should be taking notes.


rosengje well, i hadn't seen The Hurt Locker at our recording so that's why it was left out.

joe OMG. i wish someone would compile that. Like a video collage review

know nothing I KNOW. I wish they'd made that movie. I kind of would believe Breslin more as a medical zombie i think. I hold out hope but I'm kind of starting to think she's quite average as an actress

sally well I didn't sit through it. And technically Katey wasn't able to since she fell asleep

Bernardo said...

You two work really well. Congratulations. And I didn't see the 2 movies, but I couldn't agree more. One bad weekend!

Sally Belle said...

Oh man...I suck. I don't read too good I guess!

But, I love it that Katey fell asleep...that's pretty bad when it is, I'm sure, a very loud movie!

I like your video best friend and I used to do a similar thing years ago...movies from two bitchy actor's point of view. I I miss him, and it's fun to see you guys riffing together. Where we were pure guys are much nicer and more knowledgable!

Anonymous said...

I think Nathaniel has a very sexy shaved head!



Mirko aw thanks. I like it too though it is sadly born of neccessity rather than style ;)

Marshall1 said...

Was talking to my cousin, he really likes Transformers 2. I said, have you seen the first one? He said he loves it too. I ask why, there's not even a plot. He said, there's so a plot. I said, if you like improbable sequences of events accompanied by loud noise and messy action sequences, go ahead.

I mean I'm not a snob, I like some actions movies, but I guess people don't understand the concept of a what constitutes a good (action) movie anymore. What they want is mindless entertainment so they can escape from whatever they are dealing with. It's so sad. Can I say most of them constitute at least 80% of the entire population? Who do we blame? Too bad something like the Dark Knight etc don't come out often enough. Can anyone explain this phenomenon to me? *sigh*

Davey said...

That's too bad about Cameron Diaz. I really think she could win an Oscar one of these days with the right vehicle, and even though I knew from the trailer that this would probably be a half-baked film, I didn't want her to go down with the ship. Oh well, better luck next time, Cammy.

I knew "Transformers 2" was going to be shit, so that's not too surprising. After the first one, I was done with the franchise. You two are a fun duo.