Thursday, June 11, 2009

Moon and Without You I'm Nothing

If you'd like to read a short non-spoilery review for the new science fiction drama Moon, you can head on over to my weekly column at Towleroad. The film opens tomorrow. I don't advise reading many reviews of this one before seeing it because most critics (unlike myself) have absolutely zero issues with spoilers and there's a lot one can spoil beyond what's already given away in the film's trailer. I'll have more on Moon *with* spoilers in the next vodcast with Katey. We'll give you ample warning before the spoilers.

I'm also still buzzing from the Sandra Bernhard concert last night. It was a 20th anniversary-ish deal for her hit one woman show Without You I'm Nothing. I listened to the show recording constantly back then, fantasizing that I was there and that I lived in [cue affected bullhorn voice] NEW YORK CITY. Here's two new numbers from the show which is thankfully a mix of her classic show and new material: An odd take on Hole's "Violet" (love that song, don't you?) and the hilarious "Jolie", a reworking of Dolly Parton's "Jolene" for the world's most famous movie star couple



Chris Na Taraja said...

How illegal is that second clip? Don't let Sarah now about this, she'll cut you! or at least bitch slap you, you know. Just say that someone sent it to you and you can't reveal the sources. Better yet, you bought it on the street on DVD for $5.


I didn't film it! I just got it at YouTube ;)

Ray said...

I gotta tell you ... WITHOUT YOU I'M NOTHING was an underrated gem!! I remember seeing it in a packed art house theater when it debuted, and the crowd loved it. I couldn't believe the film bombed as hard as it did.