Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June. It's a Wrap

In case you missed anything, here's the highlights from the month that was. Meryl Streep was all over but we've still got two more weeks of "Streep at 60" with lots more to cover.

Meryl Streep all over. We've got two more weeks in Streepland.

"Was that hard for you?" Yes, I talked with Michelle Pfeiffer this month. I can't believe it either. I'll share some more about the interview shortly.
First and Last the new screen capture quiz is a hit. How've you been doing?
Signatures: Julie Delpy Adam spends time with cinema's most wonderful tour guide
"The Immoral Psychotic Promiscuous One" Meryl Streep as Liberated Lady in 1979. This career thread / topical embodiment extends through The French Lieutenant's Woman in 1981
My Sister's Keeper It sounds like a sick science fiction horror flick. Unfortunately it's not that cool

VF's Hollywood #12 Remembering Keira and Scarlett in their birthday suits
60 Appropriate Ways to Celebrate Streep's 60th a video and to do list
USB I sometimes like these one offs better than y'all do
Robots cinema's best sentient machines
Oscar's Shocking News the longest comment thread evah greeted AMPAS big bizarre decision: 10 Best Picture nominees moving forward. How long will this change last?

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