Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day of Rest

Fabulousness can be exhausting.

Since it's gloomy and rainy in NYC, I'm getting my vitamin D from staring at the 'Sunshine Girl' herself Julie Christie. I'm feeling that mod Darling ennui. Be back tomorrow with more 'Streep at 60' and more movie miscellania...


MeMe said...

Aaaaaaaah the divine miss Christie. She's the personification of luminousness, if that's a word. And to say she turned down so many roles that eventually were oscar-nominated. They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, Nicholas and Alexandra, Out of Africa, ... She could've become queen of the oscars, you know.

Cristhian said...

Awww. I heart this movie so much.
I live by these wise words:

Diana Scott: I always feel as if there's one more corner to turn, and I'll be there.
Miles Brand: And so you will.
Diana Scott: Then there'll be another.
Miles Brand: That's the attraction of corners.

Rick said...

I am a little disappointed by the lack of blogs on Streep ... it is already mid-June and so little has been written.... I know how exhaustion can be, though...

Kent said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie! Julie Christie is...omg. A personal all time best.

People don't give her performance enough credit. I always read Julie Andrews was robbed of a second consecutive Oscar in 1965 for THE SOUND OF MUSIC. But Christie so deserved to win.

adri said...

I've never seen Darling (although I certainly want to). Julie Christie is an enticing original.

And the other person in the photo, Dirk Bogarde, is an actor that I've just adored ever since I saw his "Doctor in the House" movies on TV. And then when I was older to get to see his later movies: so complex, he so compelling - what an actor!

And what varied and deep life he had: part of the Allied forces rescuing the Belsen Belsen concenration camp, 5 medals, a noted autobiographer, worked with great artists, lived where he wanted to live - so cool. Apparently when they did Darling, both he and Julie Christie were up for the leads in Dr Zhivago. I like Omar Shariff, but how much better I would have understood the character's conflicts if the part had been played by Bogarde ( I never understood why Zhivago behaved the way he did).

A great quote for Bogarde on imdb:
[on the Cannes Film Festival] My idea of hell. You see all the people you thought were dead and all the people who deserve to be dead. After a while, you start to think you might be dead, too.

Ryan said...

i saw 'darling' on tv so, so long ago.