Sunday, June 14, 2009

Streep Tweets & Henry Wolfe

I know you Meryl Streep fanatics out there are getting tired of waiting for the "Streep at 60" pieces. I can only move at the speed at which I can move. My ideas are always larger than what can be shoved into my viewing/writing schedule. The retrospective is not going to end right on her birthday (June 22nd) so just enjoy as it comes. While you wait -- I'm working on the 1979-1981 movies at the moment -- please enjoy highlights from the past 48 hours of Streep related tweeting... stweeping? One of my favorite things to do on Twitter is just look up a phrase or name and see what complete strangers are saying about that topic. It's so random, weird and amusing ... so long as you can edit out the dull parts, which I've done for you!

I'll kick things off by stating the very very obvious.

My favorite tweet from that batch above is from sinistergiraffe, partially because I imagine Glenn Close has the exact opposite take on the actressing situation as is.

For the record, Don Cumming's A Good Smoke (today's reading) is about a mom (guess who?) who quits all her medication cold turkey and goes into severe drug withdrawal in a desperate ploy to wrestle back her family's attention. Gee... a narcissistic drug addled mom tormenting her daughter? I guess Meryl is already rehearsing for August: Osage County : The Movie !

Oh and here's the performance Meryl was watching yesterday in Williamsburg via L Magazine. That's her son Henry Wolfe strumming and singing. Beautiful song.


Joe Shetina said...

I don't think there is anyone who has aged as beautifully as Meryl Streep has. Love the video.

Terris said...

Does anyone of you know if Meryl has been casted for "11 minutes", the movie from Paulo Coelho's bestseller?
In Italy many magazines gave this piece of news a few weeks ago... but I've always thought it was not reliable because I had never read about it anyelsewhere on the web ( or IMDb for examples)... But today I found this interview to Vincent Cassel, who states he's going to film the movie with Meryl and Mickey Rourke in Brazil.
What do you think?


Terris... i don't understand French so i couldn't say.

but generally i find that actors sometimes know (or think they know) before anything is officially announced. I remember in my interview with Marisa Tomei i found about hte Wrestler an entire month before news broke that she'd been cast. Only I didn't know it was a scoop so i never said SCOOP. LOOK AT THIS or made any fuss about it.

my bad.

so if you hear an actor say they're going to be filming something... i assume there at least in talks to have that happen.

Sandwich, Cheese, Oranges, Potatoes, Milk and Sweet Strawberries with Glass said...

Meryl Streep will age beautifully, but Nicole Kidman will age like a bat.

Victor S said...

Vincent Cassel is in Brazil promoting "À Deriva" (Adrift) and he talked about coming back next year to film "11 minutes" with Hany Abu-Assad, director of Paradise Now (who won the golden globe for best foreign film) and listed as cast member Mickey Rourke and Alice Braga (from City of God, Redbelt and Blindness). No mention of Meryl Streep.

Source (only for portuguese speakers):

Terris said...

@ Nathaniel: thank you for your reply!

@ Victor: according this interview he did

"J'y passe de plus en plus de temps. On peut presque dire que j'y vis. Je devais aller y tourner 11 minutes, une adaptation du roman de Paulo Coehlo avec Meryl Streep et Mickey Rourke"

Victor S said...

@ Terris

I read his interview at ouest-france. I'm just reporting that he gave an interview today and didn't mention Meryl. That's all.

Terris said...

Victor thanks for the link anyway.
You're completely right... I'm just a bit confused about this movie because different sources of news say different things and I didn't understand if Meryl will actually take part to this movie or not... That's all! =)