Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ann-Margret's Knockers

Actors on Actors

"When i was a little girl i used to go to Ann-Margret movies and pray for tits."
-Marilu Henner as "Sally" in Perfect (1985)
The pair in question. Worth praying for.

And gawking at.


Robert Hamer said...

If girls need a new idol to pray to for tits, they should watch Katy Perry music videos. Or start watching Joan Holloway in Mad Men.

Robert said...

Not to speak ill of Ann-Margaret's legendary bust, but I always felt like she got a lot of help in Carnal Knowledge by wearing a bra that was like 2 sizes too small.


well the before and after from the Elvis years and Carnal Knowledge does seem to indicate as much.

but push up bras were invented by a benevolent god. Cleavage forever!!!

jimmy said...

give ann-margret the lead in "August: Osage County"....give it a try - she'd be fantastic w the right director. Mike Nichols. take of the wig & let her rip.

jake said...

ann-margret is god's gift to both men and women. men desire her, women want to be her, and gay men like myself, find her energy, her enthusiasm contagious. a triple threat who is about to turn 70 and still looks gorgeous. but even more important, to anyone who has ever met her, ann-margret's considerable outer beauty fades when compared to her inner beauty.
Ann-Margret still is the hottest.