Friday, July 09, 2010

Charlize Theron, Badass Ninja Slayer

I love this song.

I guess Aeon Flux and Hancock only whet the super blonde's appetite.


jbaker475 said...

All I can think of now is watching Charlize duke it out with Uma Thurman. :) Quick, someone show this to Tarantino!

Ryan T. said...

Mmm... Brandon Flowers.

Michael B. said...

The best work she's done in years!

But honestly, what happened to her career?

Sans Helen Mirren, Theron was the ONLY Best Actress winner of the decade to get another nomination after her win...She definitely needs a new team around her.

Glenn said...

And directed by Nash Edgerton who made The Square!

Top Ten said...

I didn't like this song at all until I saw the video. Charlize Theron makes a pretty class Ninja slayer. She's been cast for Mad Max 4, so we should be in for Theron badass moments.

Anonymous said...

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