Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Curio: Movie Vinyl

Alexa from Pop Elegantiarum here. I was fascinated by this article in the Wall Street Journal a few weeks back on the collaboration between Barnard Herrmann and Alfred Hitchcock. Little did I know that Hitchcock originally wanted the shower scene in Psycho to be silent, and that he may have had some insecurities about how much his style relied on Herrmann's music. Certainly there have been many attempts at duplicating that synergy (Brian De Palma used Herrmann at his most Hitchcockian; M Night Shyamalan and James Newton Howard try hard for something similar). So when I spotted this LP of the soundtrack to North by Northwest, I had to snap it up.

Shawn at Movie Vinyl sells lots of great vintage soundtracks for you vinyl junkies like me. Here are a few other choice ones. As soon as he finds a rare Bugsy Malone LP, I'm ordering it.


Agustin said...

I have a japanese edition of West Side Story.
I've never listened to it.
I want to! but my turntable doesn't work.

RC said...

I have that North by Northwest soundtrack album. I bought it years ago and have probably played it twice. I also have the Paper Moon soundtrack which I still play a lot. Have not even seen Bugsy Malone in many years. If I run across it, I'll let you know. BTW, my favorite soundtrack album is for On the Beach, which I bet is very rare.

Blog HTML said...

i really like the movies and pics.

Volvagia said...

No mention of the Scott Pilgrim cast in your acting predictions now that multiple trailers are out? "Seven" has got to be a contender for best line delivery of the year. And in Lead Actor, I think you're too generous with Leaves of Grass (Way too early with it's 50% Rotten Tomatoes score) and Shutter Island (Too early for a nom with a 60%. Those are for December releases.) Reconsider and drop those pieces of Dead Weight. (Safely, Anything before October lower than an 80 on Rotten Tomatoes is out of any acting consideration.)

Of anything seriously trying for acclaim (whether through instilling joy, artistry or a mixture):

Extraordinary Measures - gone.
Shutter Island - gone
Brooklyn's Finest - gone
Green Zone - gone
Leaves of Grass - gone
The Greatest - gone
Kick-Ass - gone
Agora - gone
Ondine - gone
The Killer Inside Me - gone
Love Ranch - Way Gone

Now for speculation

Biutiful: Too miserable, even for the Academy
The Way Back: Could be really bad.
Fair Game: He JUST won. Give someone else a chance.
True Grit: It's a western. They prefer something closer to modern realism.
Rum Diary: Fun drunk. The Academy will pass.
Somewhere: A repeat and wash. Won't get Academy traction.
Blue Valentine: Last minute traction is for lighter films.
London Boulevard: I think they're currently sick of crime films
Inception: Mind bleep. Can't see an acting nom at all even with strong reception.
The American: No Hitmen since Prizzi's Honor.
Get Low: Likely to be forgotten
The Fighter: I can see that.
The King's Speech: I can see that.
What's Wrong With Virginia: That it's coming out next year.
Barney's Version: It's about a Jewish Canadian.
Brighton Rock: As I said, I think they're sick of crime films.
Another Year: No one outside of Manville has a chance.
Hereafter: Supernatural is dangerous.

And I could go on and on. If you analyze the types of films they like they love 1. Modern Life. 2. Royalty. 3. World War 2. 4. Sad Drunks. 5. Rising Stars. 6. Unique visionary film.


volvagia -- surely, given how much thought you've given what they like, you'd realize that Scott Pilgrim has no chance at acting nominations even if the cast is great. Not their kind of film (youth oriented/ f/x comic book based... just not their thing)


P.S. Every once in a while i miss vinyl but i don't understand purchasing it as who has the turntable to play it? My friend uses them as framed decorations which is an interesting recycling move. But yeah, i used to love buying vinyl. there was something so exciting about unwrapping it that you just can't feel with "click to purchase"

Alexa said...

Oh, I have a turntable, and yes, I am one of those fogies who really thinks it SOUNDS better. And if you want to move into the future a bit with your vinyl, why not get a USB turntable?