Thursday, July 08, 2010

Dreams Come True: Nathaniel's Audience With Julianne Moore.

As some of you know, I had the opportunity to sit down with Julianne Moore last week. The occasion was the release of The Kids Are All Right, Julianne's 48th movie and one of her very best. Julianne plays "Jules" the flighty wife of "Nic" played by Annette Bening. They've raised two children together. Nic had Joni (Mia Wasikowska) and soon thereafter Jules had Laser (Josh Hutcherson). It's one of Julianne's best comic performances in a career that's mostly been noted for her dramatic magic with internally shell shocked women. But it wasn't always accolades. Julianne's big screen career started twenty years ago this summer when the horror flick Tales of the Darkside was released. Inauspicious beginnings but no matter.

My history with Julianne doesn't stretch back quite that far. I first took true notice of Julianne in Benny & Joon (1993) when she was playing a former (bad) actress turned waitress. In one of the movies most endearing scenes, Johnny Depp mimics her horror performance that he's memorized as they watch it together. She nearly dies of embarrassment. Five years later, I did more than notice her. I fell madly in love with her in her next bad actress incarnation as porn star Amber Waves. Ironically, though those two key bad actress roles were the beginning of my major Moore obsession, the woman herself is anything but a bad actress. She's one of the greats.

The first incarnation of The Film Experience (my baby that you're reading right now) was actually a print zine called "FiLM BiTCH" and Julianne Moore was the first iconic (literally) cover girl. I painted her as a religious icon. I met Julianne once before in 2002 on the Oscar campaign trail for Far From Heaven but it was a simple 'hello, good luck' type of public event and my girl friend snapped this dorky photo.

Julianne & Nathaniel in 2002 at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.

I knew when I was granted an actual audience with Ms Moore eight years later that I'd have to risk the ridiculous and bring my post collegiate / pre website zine with me to show her. Entering the plush hotel suite, I told Julianne I was nervous. "I'm not scary," she assured warmly and then we discussed what to drink (sparkling water it was) and then she actually poured me a glass. Her serving me... What universe is this?! I told her I wasn't scary either. It was important for her to know that, I joked, before we began since I was about to whip out the truly fannish obsessiveness. Julianne took it all in stride, laughing, and even seemed to enjoy the history as I showed her the zine.

(I've bolded, italicized and explained to give you a sense of my interpretation of what follows)

Nathaniel: You actually inspired my writing career inadvertently, I'm not even joking.

Julianne: No kidding? [Wide eyed look at magazine, squeals] Did you make a magazine?

I did.

Julianne: Oh my gosh, that's nuts!!! [reading aloud] "Julianne Moore is God" [laughter]. You're so sweet! Holy cow. This is crazy.

Nathaniel: I even brought one for you in case you have a stash of weird fan things.

Julianne: Well, thank you. I'm very touched. [Signed the cover] Can you read this? It says "To Nathaniel, with love and deep appreciation"

Nathaniel: You know what it was? It was Boogie Nights. I had so many feelings about that movie at the time that conversations weren't enough so I had to start writing. I'm being totally serious. You were a big inspiration.

Julianne: That's so cool. I'm very touched.

Nathaniel: So that said --that crazy story said -- how weird is fame for you?

Julianne: [Laughs]

Nathaniel: Strangers giving you gifts. Have you totally acclimated to it?

Julianne: It's funny. We were just talking -- my friend who I've known for a really long time -- he was talking about reality stars. And people just want to be famous. I said, 'I don't understand that. I don't understand fame without content.' Because it's not -- I don't know if fame is anything in particular. I feel like it's an offshoot of something else.

You know I always said to my kids when they were little, especially when they'd see me on a magazine, and like, if somebody said 'Are you there because you're famous?' I'd say to them 'No, I'm there because of this job that I do and this job requires that I do this other public stuff.' I think if it's not rooted in something that you actually do, then it becomes -- then it's not necessarily a comfortable thing.

And also I'm not wildly famous, you know? I'm a person who is sort of moderately famous.

Nathaniel: But your fame, the ascendance of your fame, happened in lockstep when things were getting really crazy for famous people in the late 90s.

Julianne: Actually, that's true. There was never... when you were an actor, there was never any expectations that it was going to come with all this other stuff. Suddenly the whole celebrity culture blossomed around the same time.

That stuff, I think, is unusual. I think you've got to compartmentalize. It has to be a completely different thing.

Nathaniel: So, The Kids Are All Right. I read that you signed on because of High Art. Love that film. You signed on before while Lisa was still writing it? Is that correct?

Julianne: Well, no. What happened was I met Lisa at a Women in Film luncheon. I went over to meet her and I said 'Hey, why didn't I see the script to High Art?' She laughed. And I was like 'No, seriously. I don't understand. I see all these scripts. I never saw your script.' I loved the movie. I just thought it was great. She kind of laughed. I said 'Well, you know...' We agreed that we liked each other and we had a meeting. She said 'I'm going to write something for you one of these days.' Not too long after that she sent me Kids... which she had written with me in mind.

And then it was a period of four or five years before we finally got it off the ground. So, I would have done anything she sent me, probably. And it just happened to be this really terrific script. And then there were many iterations of it: Stuart came on as a co-writer, the script became much more comedic in tone. But it was always something I really responded to.

Nathaniel: Because you were involved early, did you have any input into the character?

Julianne: I don't do that.

Nathaniel: You don't?

Julianne: I actually don't do that. I like the tension between the character and the actor. So I don't want to say things, like, "I wanna make her blah blah blah."

But I will get attached to certain things. There was some stuff in the movie -- remember I had that line when Annette and I walk away and I say that thing about Jose. 'I had to fire him he was a crack addict.'?

Nathaniel: Hilarious.

Julianne: Yeah. That was a line that was left from another scene, another version, where I kept talking about the gardener having a huge drug problem and how I have to do something about it. It was so funny and then it got cut. I was like 'I'm bringing it back!' I didn't care that it was on our backs as we were walking away. I'm just throwing it back in there.

In that sense I will harvest thing from other versions.

Nathaniel: I know you don't talk about your process that much.

Julianne: Right.

Nathaniel: A little nugget? I know the scripts mean a lot to you. Do you just read them a lot and internalize or if someone grabbed your script would it be just covered in notes?

Julianne: Almost nothing in the script. If there are line changes I put them in. My scripts are pretty empty. It's just about internalizing it, actually, like you said. I read it...think about it... think about it. It kind of percolates. The interesting thing is that I might not do a lot of writing on it and that kind of stuff but I get really upset if I don't have the script for a few months. It has to be there for me to be reading and thinking about.

Nathaniel: On the set?

Julianne: Before I'm shooting. If someone says to me 'Hey we're shooting this movie in two weeks.' 'WHAT? WHAT I need...' I like to have the script for a couple of months at least because I have this process of thinking and thinking about it.

Nathaniel: One thing I loved about the performance is the energy with Annette Bening -- I'm sure this is conscious -- there's a little bit of shrinking back like you were almost one of the kids in the family?

Julianne: Right, right.

Nathaniel: I thought it was really interesting. With your peer group of actresses ... you've done The Hours with Kidman and Streep but you didn't have scenes with them.

Julianne: We were all separate.

Nathaniel: I was wondering. What was that like working with someone [Annette Bening] of your stature, so to speak?

Julianne: Great! It was great. It was definitely a partnership, a marriage. It was our job to illuminate that and the dynamics of that marriage. And insomuch as she [Jules] doesn't seem to be the dominant partner, you realize that she has an emotional transparency and fluidity that her wife [Nic] doesn't have.

Nic (The Bening) and Jules (God)

She might not be the one making the decisions or the money or whatever but then you realize, oh, but she's the fun one. It might seem like someone is in charge but then you go 'noooo...' There's all this balance, I think.

Nathaniel: The script is beautiful. You haven't had that many opportunities to be paired with an actress.

Julianne: No, you never get to do that. Who was I just talking to about this? Just to be around women. It's very exciting. You're always with guys. Always, always, always with guys. I was just talking about this to this young actress, this girl, Emma Stone. Most of your career you spend with men.

Nathaniel: Paul Thomas Anderson and Todd Haynes are two of your most famous collaborators. How different are they than Lisa Cholodenko to work with?

Julianne: You know, every person is different. Every director is different by virtue of who they are. But the directors that have interested me and who I've had successful collaborations with are people with very strong visions. That's sort of my job to facilitate that, to be a conduit for their words and imagery. To get it out there. A lot of it with an actor is to figure out, to be somewhat adaptable to whatever their personal, like, vibe is. That's interesting to me, to key into that and avail yourself to that.

Nathaniel: You've played lesbians before even though it's not a famous part of your career like 50s housewives, for example. And you've worked with a lot of gay directors.

Julianne: Yeah.

Nathaniel: Have you always felt that affinity with the gay community?

Julianne: I don't know that... [Considering her words] I always hate to be divisive about gender or sexuality or race or anything like that. I feel like sometimes, even with the best of intentions, when we put ourselves into boxes, it ends up being a less universal thing.

But I will say that I've always worked with filmmakers who are interested in very human, not so much plot driven, stories -- more kind of character and emotionally driven. And a lot of gay filmmakers fall into that category.

[At this point Julianne and I were interrupted. My time was coming to a close. Time is a cruel mistress. Wrap up! For the finale, I couldn't resist swinging way back to the beginning.]

Nathaniel: I have to ask you this because I was giggling to myself outside about your career and how long I've followed it.

Julianne: It's so cute.

Nathaniel: I've seen all of your movies but four.

[At this last confession outburst, Julianne registers a split second of shock, followed by hilariously self-deprecating sympathy.]

Julianne: Really? My god, you've seen some junk then!

Nathaniel: Twenty years ago -- your debut on screen was twenty years ago, in Tales of the Darkside. When you were being killed by the mummy, did you ever imagine this future for yourself?

Julianne's Darkside in 1990

Julianne: No.

Nathaniel: ...Oscar nominations?

Julianne: No way. No way.

The funny thing about that mummy movie is that I didn't even read the end of it. Because I have this tendency not to read the stage directions. I just like dialogue. At the end of the movie there's all this stuff about me being, you know, attacked by the mummy and I thought I was finished. I remember the director says to me you 'You didn't read the end, did you?' I was like 'UH OH!'

So, no, I didn't imagine it at all. I just wanted to work. I just wanted steady work.

Nathaniel: It was so nice to meet you.

Julianne: I'm so flattered. Oh Nathaniel, thank you.

<-- Julianne on the day we met.

As I rose to leave I offered my hand to shake and Julianne threw out her arms for a hug instead.

I'd run out of time. I already knew I was her last interview before her lunch break after a full morning of interviews. It was ending and we hadn't even talked about the sore topic (to fans at least) of her Oscar record! I collected my bag and we said our final goodbyes. I couldn't help a smidgeon of small talk about the Oscars... the good lucks and such. "I'm pissed you haven't won yet," I grumbled. She smiled. She's heard this a million times, though she said nothing of the sort. "Oh," she said, shooing it off sensibly "As long as I keep getting jobs." And then she was off to lunch and I was floating away, having met one of the great screen actresses and a personal inspiration, too.

And for the record, no.

No, I never imagined any of this either when I was painting that oil portrait of her in 1997 and affectionately nicknaming her "god" with other actress-loving friends. No way. No way.


Philip said...

OMG! I think I love her too now. :) That's so amazing, I'm really happy for you.

MD said...

This is really amazing. Thank you! And congratulations. It's really cool that you got that opportunity.

eduardo said...

wow... i'm so jealous, she really seems to be a very warm and beautiful human being, i love her. And yeah, SHE IS GOD (well, she and La Meryl :P)

Doug said...

Great job! I'm green with envy.

Gustavo H.R. said...

Not only is it very interesting to read about the way she works and how she perceives her colleagues, but also to realize how kind and unaffected she seems to be.

Great read indeed.

Janice said...

Beautiful write-up, Nathaniel and great read! You more than deserved that hug, btw - and reading that my respect for her skyrocketed.

Can't wait for TKAA.

Billy Held An Oscar said...

This piece is why I adore your blog.

Thank you!

Andrew K. said...

This is so sweet Nathaniel, your adoration is obvious and it all seems so fun.

I always forget how gorgeous Julianne is, even more than her peers whom I love more (Allen, Bening) and I wonder can't they do a movie for here where she gets to show it off? Laura Brown was "pretty" but too morose.

She really does seem like a lovely gal, which is so endearing.

Hayden said...

I would be speechless. I don't have the concrete evidence you have, but her work has resonated with me on such a personal level that I can totally appreciate what a special thing it was to spend time with her.

I can't think of anyone of her generation I'd rather meet--she's on the level of greats like Vanessa Redgrave, Julie Christie, Jane Fonda, etc. I would really hope upon meeting any of these great ladies, I could somehow impress upon them how their work has informed me so deeply. Words would fail.

I'm so crazy about Julianne. Reading this makes me smile and almost tear up a little. SO special.

Sean D said...

This was so lovely to read.

Derreck said...

I've always liked her, but when i read this,

"Julianne: Well, thank you. I'm very touched. [Signed the cover] Can you read this? It says "To Nathaniel, with love and deep appreciation"

i gushed like crazy. what an honor, right? oh, i wish i could have an opportunity like this. i'm so, so, so, happy for you.

James T said...

The interview was lovely and you totally deserved the experience! You're such a loyal actressexual!

kin said...

Congratulations. I can't even imagine the opportunity to interview your idol. Kudos!

Jenn said...

That is a really great interview and an amazing read!! Congratulations! And I love how lovely and genuine she sounds.

DZ said...

I gotta say I'm concerned for her -- she's made almost 20 films since her banner year (2002) and none of the performances therein could be classified as great. I haven't seen The Kids Are All Right yet, but I'm hoping it's a return to form!

Robert said...

(starts slow clap)

SoSueMe said...

Congrats Nathaniel! Great piece...but I wish you had more time with her! She seemed so at ease with you...I think she wanted to be your new best friend!

Your interview just reiterates the fact that she is cool and chill and real. Yay Julianna!

ASF said...

I was at the same "Far From Heaven" screening at the Egyptian in '02.

Anonymous said...

So happy for you, not everyone gets to meet one of their favourite people. It was a nice read, congrats!


ASF -- no way. How cool! It was funny. I don't remember the circumstances and it's not normal but i think i saw Far From Heaven like three times before it came out. Ha ha. Or at least that's how i remember it.

EDUARDO -- she was warm and disgustingly beautiful. I swear to god she got prettier since 2002. And y'all already know how perfect she was back then. How is this possible?

BILLY -- Nice to hear from you again!

JANICE & EVERYBODY -- thanks for the kind words.

EVERYONE -- notice how she skirted the PT Anderson, Todd Haynes, Lisa Cholodenko question? I mean. I so wanted details ;) she's worked with so many interesting directors. Those three + Gus Van Sant. She could tell stories for days if you caught her off the record -haha


P.S. JANICE -- i am such a *hugs* person that it did make me happy. I don't understand why everyone isn't hugging everyone they enjoy like 24/7 :)

Michael said...

This incredible interview, the print zine, all of it is so inspiring! Whenever I read the Film Experience I'm so inspired to become a better writer, and, not to date you or anything, but you're quite the inspiration for me! I think I speak for all of the teens reading this when I thank you for being one of the most inspiring and awesome film bloggers out there!

verninino said...

There was so much love in that room, I'm convinced one of you walked out pregnant.

NicksFlickPicks said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. You and Julianne are both Gods.

p.s. Did you ever slip and call Annette "The Bening"?

Caroline said...

This interview made me smile so much. Julianne Moore knows you! And judging from this interview, she will remember you. Just think about that.

lokesh said...

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/3rtfu11 said...

I’m happy for you. You’re meeting one of your screen idols under professional conditions to boot. It isn’t just a fan running up and bothering her at McDonald’s --- it was your job to converse. Seriously, do you need any West Coast staffer who will work for free and interview Kathy Bates? Her new boss is David E Kelley --- you know the man who makes another one of your screen goddesses happy.

Just kidding, maybe?

Alex said...

This lovely and adorable interview makes me REALLY want Julianne to be put in Supporting so her and Bening can both win. I don't care that it's egregious category fraud, I just want it to happen.

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

Too bad you didn't get to follow up what her thoughts are when her "thinking about it and thinking about it" process results into the "some junk" category.

Great read Nath (probably the first and last time I will ever read "Tales from the Darkside" and "Oscar nominee" being mentioned in the same interview, haha) and congrats on receiving an audience with God with a big "G." :)

Glenn Dunks said...

This is incredible.


Luiserghio said...

I looove it! what a delicious post, fantastic writing, I want Moore of it! :)

Walter L. Hollmann said...

I swear to Julianne, I read this and my sinuses cleared up.

City_Of_Lights said...

Great interview, great blog, great everythingg! Love love love Julianne!

Agustin said...

Im really really happy for you!!!
You really deserved this inteview!
nothing else to say
just thank you for this great piece.

vg21 said...
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vg21 said...

It's so nice to see you being so happy having finally met her for an interview. Julianne is truly a God(ess), she is so divine, yet human and void of star attitude. I loved what she said about fame without content and how touched she was by you having seen all of her films but 4. :):).
I have always loved her (since the Hours - I know it's shamefully late) but I appreciate her more and more after reading your post. Thank you for sharing the experience!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nathaniel!! Once you've met one of your favourite actress, Who else you wanna meet next?

J.D. said...

This made my year, lol. I am simultaneously soooo jealous and SO insanely happy for you, Nat! SWEET CHRIST.


@VERNININO -- it was me. I'm due on March 30th! I actually hope it's a preemie because I don't want to be huge during Oscar season.

@ALEX -- actually me too. Give them both Oscars this year and SO MUCH is rectified ;)

@NICKS -- I did not. But that was only because the time was so limited. I'm sure she desperately wanted to hear my plentiful nicknames for the other A list actresses and who the other two members of my Holy Trinity are, you know. She probably can't sleep from the wondering!

@/3RTFULL -- I'm always open to west coast contributors :)

@JADED -- Right? Trust that I had enough questions for a 4 hour interview. But they give you just these tiny windows and I was lucky enough to get the one on one since usually they want you to do a full room of journalists (like my Michelle Pfeiffer thing last year)

Peter said...

So happy for you Nathaniel. She seems like a marvelously lovely person.

Lara said...

I can only reiterate what everyone else has said, what a lovely and great interview and I'm very happy for you.

par3182 said...

i got a little misty reading that (and there may have been some waterworks at the hug)

brilliant stuff; so happy for you to have had that experience

now for the pfeiff...

Benji said...

This is such a great interview! You two are the perfect interviewer-interviewee pairing. But then Julianne Moore is possibly the greatest interview partner one could hope for. Saw her once in a stage interview at a film festival, and she was just as lovely and as succinct in her answers as she was here.

Janice said...

@Nathaniel, re: hugging - I'm a hugs person too and I had a friend in college who was not, because her family simply did not do that, they did not show affection physically. So the day I walked into her dormroom and extended her arms too me spontaneously was like an earthquake - definitely cemented our friendship.

Some people have physically affectionate families and some do not. It has to be learned. I'm very glad that Julianne is a hugger.

I just reread the end of this and the hug and her good-bye is wonderful. As is your last paragraph, paraphrasing her own words to beautiful effect. It made me tear up on second reading.

I admit when I woke up this morning the first thing I thought was "Sandra Bullock has an Oscar and Julianne Moore doesn't. What?" I know, delayed reaction...

ferdi said...

Love you Nat, Love Julianne, Love TheFilmExperience. And hope Moore and Bening will win next year. Annette is deserving since THE GRIFTERS AND Julianne since SAFE.

billybil said...

Very charming Nate - both of you. Thanks for the personal touch. Nicely done.

PJ said...

This is amazing! You've played no small part in making me a Julianne disciple, Nate, and I'm so happy, and so happy for you. (Btw, congrats on not passing out!)

stjeans said...

lucky bastard! Great Job. It must hard to have a conversation with GOD. Im impress!! U did really REALLY well!!!

Anonymous said...

So jealous. Great Interview!

Jason. said...

Julianne Moore did actually have like 2 scenes with Meryl Streep in The Hours towards the end:)

Lorenzo said...

Congratulations on the piece, Nathaniel, very fine. But most of all I'm so happy for you... Must have been great to meet God!!!

cal roth said...

Ok, that was your best post ever. Thank you!

cal roth said...

I suggest a Julianne Moore top ten!

1 - Far From Heaven
2 - Boogie Nights
3 - Magnolia
4 - safe
5 - Savage Grace
6 - Blindness
7 - The Big Lebowski
8 - Cookie's Fortune
9 - Vanya on the 42nd street
10 - Short Cuts


cal, hmmmm.

off the top of my head

01 boogie nights
02 safe
03 far from heaven

(those top three are ever switching around in order but that's the way i feel today. that's the triple crown at any rate)

04 magnolia
05 vanya on 42nd street
06 the kids are all right???
07 the end of the affair
08 the big lebowski
09 savage grace
10 world traveller

i think that's mine.

Ray DeRousse said...

She doesn't understand "fame without content."

That is unholy fucking awesome!!! One of the smartest things I've heard out of a celebrity's mouth in a very long time. WOW.

I just fell in love with her a little bit more.


me too. even though i was there. just thinking about it later. yes.



badmofo said...

So happy for you, Nathaniel! I would've been paralyzed from the sheer awesomeness of it all.

adelutza said...

I don't know what to say, but I feel like I have to say something. She IS God. I don't think I could've kept my cool talking to her in person. Great job, Nathaniel.

Wayne B said...

Congratulations! She seems amazing, glad you got a chance to sit down with her. One of your best posts.

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

I agree it's quite lucky and much better preferred to do tiny interviews. I'd rather have 20 minutes asking my questions and wondering over the response than spend an hour keeping my patience in check and pretending to be amused at how clever my fellow worshippers can be. In those situations, you end up being just room meat and acting like a tit. ;)

Murtada said...

Saw "The Kids Are All Right" last night. And it's a perfect gem of a movie. It has five perfect performances. While I love Julianne, Benning was amazing in this. The way she butched it up in her walk and her voice. Plus she gets the best lines and the best scenes. And it's all subtext, just how she reacts. Watch a lifetime of marriage reflected on her face when Moore is talking about her "career". She may finally win that Oscar.

gabrieloak said...

Nathaniel I'm so glad you got to do this. She's always been one of my favorite actresses.
I thought she was very good in Chloe which didn't do very well so not many people saw it. I need to watch The End of the Affair again. And Boogie Nights.

I wonder if she'll ever do a play again. I was glad to see her live in The Vertical Hour.

gabrieloak said...

I thought she should have won an Oscar for Far from Heaven or The Hours. Two of her best performances.

Deborah said...

Congratulations, darling. You did a wonderful job of walking the tightrope between gushing fan and serious interviewer. You gave us and God both.

Nick Duval said...

She seems very nice, and I loved her reaction to the magazine you showed her.


deborah -- thanks. it's hard to balance ;) i know i got complaints about that in my Kristin scott Thomas interview. Perhaps i should only interview actors. I don't get all fluttery with them.

nick -- i did too. I am still giggling that she actually used the words "holy cow"

murtada -- well put about the career scene. I hadn't thought of that but you're absolutely right. My favorite scene is the long long dinner sequence though where Bening hits just about every emotion an actor can hit in a scene though. My god that's a tour de force (and so few movies actually let their actors do that much in one scene... that scene is almost like a play.)

Murtada said...

if you haven't seen the movie minor spoilers ahead, proceed with caution

@ Nathaniel - yep you are right about that scene. I loved how it got all quiet and it was all about Benning's acting and her That's why I said she gets all the best scenes. Both family dinner scenes are all about her. Not to mention her mini breakdown in the restaurant where she unravels and comes clean about being threatened.

MovieNut14 said...


Heather said...

Beautiful write up Nathanial. It's got to be such a bought of satisfaction to meet someone that you've adored for so many years and actually have them live up to your expectations. Not only does this make me love her even more, it makes me happy for you as a person.

Thank you so much for sharing. Really made my day, and a truly interesting interview beyond the subtext!

Yarbles said...

Man, you sound like a freak, I must say. I bet she just stays polite to you, because she's afraid you might snap if she doesn't!
There can be healthy admiration, I'm sure, but this sounds like you were coming in your pants through the whole interview.
There was absolutely nothing professional about that interview, and not worth the read. Next time, make it about the person you're interviewing, and not about yourself, please.

Lara said...

Yarbles' condescending comment can't be the last one on this thread.
Yes, Julianne Moore was apparently so afraid of Nathaniel that she hugged him afterwards, you know, just to make sure he didn't snap. /eyeroll/
And have you read the whole interview? Or just skimmed over it? Because I don't get where the interview itself was all about him. It was a fantastic read with well-thought questions and Nathaniel's notes about how it was meeting her. I wish more interviews were like that.

steve said...


lucky guy

love her - she sounds like a great person

Burning Reels said...

So pleased for you Nathaniel.

And if possible, I just appreciated you and Julianne a little bit more:)