Friday, July 30, 2010

Hit Me With Your Best Shot. X-Men (2000)

Last week I told you about a new series "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" and as a preamble I suggested X-Men (2000) for today. I'd already paid visual homage here. I am happy to report that someone took me up on the challenge. Two someones. Against the Hype has an interesting post and I must say I'm surprised by the visual choices -- I didn't see Senator Kelly (Bruce Davison) coming -- though the Angels in America reference kinda spooked me because of Bruce's Oscar nomination and deathbed scene from Longtime Companion (1990). Anyway, I adore the final shot Colin chooses which he calls
Singer’s most auteurist shot in the whole movie, and it’s so weirdass and INLAND EMPIRE-like
Being INLAND EMPIRE-like is a good thing, yes. But you'll have to click over to see it. I'm not giving the game away.

Terence at Much Ado About Nothing also responded with a shot of everyone's favorite blue shape shifter. That's gonna hurt! Finally, Bad MoFo offers up this shot which I also think is cool. Love that that's basically the opening strike for an action sequence, sometimes simple is best.

If anyone else is playing the game, comment or e-mail me and I'll revise the post and link up. "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" will air on Wednesdays at 9:00 PM going forward. Up next: August 4th SHOWGIRLS (1995) August 11th ANGELS IN AMERICA (2003), August 18th BLACK NARCISSUS (1947). Get watching and join us for the visual sharing.


Anonymous said...

Mine is nothing much, really. Just liked the composition of the shot. Check it out.

vg21 said...

I haven't seen X-Men, but I love the shots. I'm looking forward to Showgirls and Angels in America though, I might even do the shots. What a goldmine the latter could be :).


vg21 -- thanks. and i totally agree. although both should have a plethora of interesting possibilities if enough people play. I mean they're gorge to look at.

badmofo -- i like that shot a lot too. as i revised in the post, sometimes simplicity is best.

Ryan said...

Ahh I just checked Angels in America out to watch for the first time! Can't wait.

Colin Low said...

Wow, I wasn't aware of the Longtime Companion connection! Gotta watch that movie.


colin -- not only that but LONGTIME COMPANION also stars Mary Louise Parker who would then go on to star in Angels in America.

but angels in america connects to too many things. It's so weird that it contains the two leads of druggy WEEDS, communicating through hallucinations.