Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Hit Me With Your Best Shot"

It's a new participatory series! I've been thinking lately about favorite images from movies: How they happen, what they say about the viewer, whether they represent the movie as a whole or if they're just our preferred vision of the movie. It's deep thoughts vs. eye candy, essentially, or both at once if you're lucky. This train of thought started chugging down the track when I highlighted this image from X-Men (2000) a couple of weeks back, which I think the best in the film.

It just says so many things about the movie plus it's damn pretty to look at.

So for the month of August, I'll be experimenting with a "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"™ series. I'll select my favorite screenshot from a movie and I'll link up to anyone who does the same on their own blog, twitpic, tumblr, flickr, whathaveyou. It'll be a veritable orgy of screenshots from the movie. We can see what different people see in the same movie! You can just post your favorite image or post and write about it... or post more than one if you're the indecisive type. You can do whatever you'd like... bend the rules to make it fun for yourself if you need. I'd love it to be participatory but even if it's just me posting an image, I hope you enjoy. Here's the schedule. I hope you'll play along.

The Schedule
  • Fri, July 30th X-Men (2000) [instant watch]
    The Warm Up. If you happen to feel like sharing your favorite image from that mutant superhero movie, e-mail me once you've posted it, and I'll do a X-Blog link roundup starring you that evening.
  • Wed, August 4th Showgirls (1995)
    The Debut. Because all blog series should begin with this movie, right? And I wanted to start with something familar.
  • Wed, August 11th The HBO Adaptation of Angels In America
    You can choose one image or one from each "chapter" or one from Pt. 1 Millenium Approaches and one from Pt. 2 Perestroika. It's a freeform event. Participate in whichever way you want. I'm currently writing a piece for a magazine on this so it's on my brain. Let's make it a hive brain to prepare for the Broadway revival in the fall.
  • Wed, August 18th Black Narcissus (1947)[instant watch]
    A little Deborah Kerr. I've been meaning to watch this for years and years.
We'll see how that goes. Maybe it'll be fun? It it's not, we'll wrap up on August 18th. It's an experiment. Play along!



Arkaan said...

How about one shot for every three minutes of Angels in America? Hell, you could write an essay on those mindblowing opening credits alone.

Michael said...

How do you get such clear screenshots?

Nick Duval said...

Kind of totally unrelated, but:

are you going to do a "screen bitchery" moment for any of Annette Bening's outbursts in "The Kids Are All Right"? You may have already, but I forget. There was one in particular: "I need your guidance like a d--k in my a--." I think there was another one when she yelled at Mark Ruffalo when he came to see the family one last time.

Stella said...

I'm so glad you've seen Angels in America! Absolutely brilliant in every way possible.

kent said...

i can't wait for your BLACK NARCISSUS review. i haven't had the chance to view it but have heard good things about it, particularly deborah kerr.

Tim said...

A) This is an incredibly exciting project.

B) Watch Instantly is a lovely thing. If, however, you can get your hands on the new Criterion Blu-Ray of Black Narcissus, it is OMG THE PRETTIEST EVAR.

Mikadzuki said...

I already love this project.


Michael -- there are several screengrab programs that you can download for free. For myself I just use the Mac function (which is shift /command/4... and then you drag the box over the area you want to capture.

This doesn't work on the automatic DVD player which forbids capture so you have to have other DVD player programs (which you can also get for free)

i'm not sure how to do it on a PC but again there are programs. There's even frame by frame programs (though i don't personally have them... but it sure would come in useful sometime)

Nick -- can't do those for movies still in theaters.

bakerist said...

I adore Black Narcissus - one of my favourite films ever.

Glenn said...

VLC Media Player is the best, I believe. The only DVD player I've come across that allows you to actually take print screen shots (then just paste into Photoshop or wherever, crop and you're done).

Dimitra said...

Can we just post links for the shots here, in the comments section?



Arkaan said...

I'll echo Glenn on VLC player.

Colin Low said...

Here's my contribution, and if I really had to stick to one, it'd probably be the shot of Kelly on the Senate floor.

Terence said...

Here is my favorite screenshot