Friday, July 09, 2010

"i will be your preacher teacher, any link you have in mind"

crazy people
Radar Online Mel Gibson's lost his marbles again. His angry angry marbles.
NatashaVC explains the ridiculousness that is Lindsay Lohan's absences from her alcohol classes
speaking of crazy... albeit a more entertaining more benevolent kind. Lea Michele seems to think she could film Glee by day and take on the ghost of Barbra Streisand at night in Broadway's Funny Girl. This is, in a word, insane.
People Bruce Willis now has his own cologne. I love celebrities. They are so shameless. Smell like me!

My New Plaid Pants "Do it, Jake"... MNPP always makes me lol.
Self Styled Siren This is wonderful. The Siren interviews Mary Astor's daughter. A must for you classic movie fans. I'm glad that Siren opens with Meet Me in St. Louis because Astor is just wonderful in that picture (my review).
Cinematical Some enchanted evening, someone decided to remake South Pacific. With and edge. I'd love some original musicals but if we have to have remakes, so be it.
Art of the Title Sequence The Emmy nominees in this category. I do love the Nurse Jackie credits. Opening titles are one of my favorite parts of TV shows and this is why I knew I made the right decision to stop watching Weeds when I saw they had dumped the "little boxes" opening.
Flick Filosopher 8 extra minutes for Avatar rerelease. Do you care? I loved Avatar but if half of those 480 seconds don't fall under the category of explicit full braided neon sex scene with jakesully and Neytiri (hotness), I'm not forking over another $20!
Just Jared uh-oh. Colin Farrell is muscling in on Tom Cruise's Les Grossman-style makeup comedy
Writing the Wrong sequels that never were (for better and worse)

Being Boring
watches lots of movies while sick. Derek Jarman this time. Do you do that too?
Towleroad A Betty White calendar? Betty White is our master now.
Asian Movie Pulse and Sina are covering a new film City Under Seige starring the beauteous Qi Shu and Aaron Kwok. Sounds like an interesting hybrid of sci-fi/horror... with circus performers. Wha?
EW If you've read my Julianne Moore interview, you know that I felt for Michael Ausellio yesterday when he spoke with Connie Britton. Now, he chats with celebrities all the time so it's no biggie for him but he's been pumping for Friday Night Lights Emmy recognition forever, so it's a sweet read after the lead acting nominations finally happened.

Housekeeping note
I've recently done a bit of sprucing up of the sidebar for your infotainment. For example, I can't believe I didn't have a "search" box before. My apologies. I know people are always asking "where's ______?" It's right below the advertisement in the sidebar.

Father Figure
Finally, hat tip to Anne Thompson, but the third Chris Nolan Batman film may start shooting next Spring. The "info" i.e. rumor is culled from this Michael Caine red carpet interview.

The interwebs will surely say claim this as breaking news but considering Michael Caine also states that he doesn't even know if his character is coming back, I'd take his 'I think they're starting next April' with a huge grainlake of salt. But I like what he says about his career
I'm a father figure now. I'm Goldmember's father. I'm Nicole Kidman's father. I'm everyone's father.
It took me a second to connect him with our Darling Nicki... that'd be from Bewitched (2005). Of all the movies to remember Michael? I mean, really. That's where you want to go?


Alex said...

Yeah, I'm kind of surprised that the first projects that came to mind for him were Goldmember and Bewitched. Was The Cider House Rules really that long ago?

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

To be fair to Michael Caine, at least he treasures the Nicole Kidman part of Beiwtched and mentions nothing else.

Alex said...

Also, there's NO WAY Lea could do Glee and Funny Girl simultaneously. Not only would she literally collapse, the insurance people just wouldn't allow it. Take a note from Jeremy Piven, and don't put too much on your sushi, but I digress.

The only way it could happen is if they did it on hiatus, which would meaning her doing Funny Girl on Broadway during the summer when Glee is off the air. Are they willing to wait a whole year for her?

Deus Ex Machina said...

Aye, Celebrities and their scents. I actually like SJP's fragrance, is surprisingly pleasant. But who would want to smell like Kim Kardashian? Why does that skunk have a perfume?

adri said...

I saw part of "Bewitched" last week on TV. The Michael Caine/Nicole Kidman parts were just right. They created a perfect comedic rapport. No wonder he wants to remember it. (If they had taken out ALL the parts with Will Farrell, ALL the plot with Darren, they could have had a fun movie).

But yes, that's not what I remember Michael Caine for. I remember him turning to Bob Hoskins on the staircase in "Mona Lisa", and giving the scariest most chilling display I've seen in movies. I remember his look of dismay in "The Man Who Would be King" when he realizes that Sean Connery has given in to illusions of grandeur and they aren't going to escape safely. Kissing Christopher Reeve in "Deathtrap" (they were in love! What a twist!) and of course hearing his voice as we drift off into sleep, we kings of New England.


Alex -- and even then that ensures a super short run for Funny Girl and why must everything star cast and thus be shortlived. It's irritating.

Deus Ex -- or HILARY SWANK. Remember she has a fragrance too. Or had. How long do these deals last. I already forgot what hers was called but the name was hilariously inappropriate. Wasn't it something like Insolence? HA

Michael said...

I am now going to begin my likely futile attempt to live the rest of my life without hearing that Mel Gibson audio. Wish me luck.

cal roth said...

You know what's breaking my heart with this whole Gibson stories?

Poor Jodie Foster. She is a marvelous actress and a very very fine director that could not make a film since Home for the Holidays...

How long will it take for her to direct again since The Beaver is going to be a financial disaster?

cal roth said...

all these Gibson stories, I mean

anna said...

Not as crazy as what Lea Michele is talking of, but this reminds me of the wonderful Julia Jentsch and a bit of film trivia:
While filming "Sophie Scholl", Julia Jentsch was also playing Antigone (the Sophokles one) at the Münchner Kammerspiele. She'd shoot her scenes (and she's pretty much in every single one of them) during the day and then go on stage at night. So, on the day they filmed the execution scene, she actually had to "die" twice, once as Sophie Scholl and once as Antigone.

Agustin said...

I caught the flu last week.
I watched Madonna's Next Best Thing 2 days ago and GOT EVEN SICKER!
my oh my why do such films exist
legal drama and madonna don't go together


HAHA. oh, that's funny. when you put it that way... well, the project was doomed from the start, right?

Volvagia said...

Or the weirdly haunting ambience of Get Carter? Nowhere in history has an actor been better window dressing than in that movie.