Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Earth's Mightiest Links!

Risky Business a hideous sounding new version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame may be upon us. Action/adventure... inspired by The Pirates of the Caribbean. Huh?
Movie|Line thinks that Salt is going to be bigger than Inception. I've been thinking this too, yo. I don't know why but I think Salt is going to be massive... we're speaking of box office, mind.
Empire Haley Joel Osment is 22 now! He's returning to the screen after a long absence to play a virgin teacher in the comedy Sex Ed.
Cinema Blend Edward Norton calm about The Avengers situation.

In Contention the top 10 performances in Chris Nolan films. Hard to argue with #1 but otherwise I'm sure there's room for debate.
Guardian Will Mélanie Laurent be the biggest French export since Binoche?
MTV Alan Ball (Six Feet Under, True Blood) is already eyeing a third HBO series. Good luck topping the previous two. P.S. Why doesn't my beloved Joss Whedon make the jump to pay cable. I'll never understand it. He's perfectly suited for long form writer driven stuff. God, I hate this Avengers movie, tying up all these people.
That Obscure Object "I wish this excuse was still relevant." Teehee

Finally, behold and gape at this Toy Story 3 finger painting.

Having "painted" on my iPhone, I frankly cannot believe that someone can do this (although I'm sure it would help to have that larger iPad surface).


Robert Hamer said...

I would have put Guy Pearce's Leonard Shelby at #2.

Jeff said...

I thought Carrie Ann Moss was best in show in Memento....

pomme said...

about Nolan,i adds Jackman in "the prestige":it was the only and one time i thought he's good actor in a movie with "the fountain"

and where are the women here?

about Laurent,they forgot Cotillard!

Anonymous said...

Salt looks generic and Norton may be too expensive for the stingy Marvel

Anonymous said...

Norton is a class act. Marvel went very low, even lying about the whole business. I'm really sad Norton isn't going to be in Avengers, but Marvel is the one getting hurt out of here. Feige is a dick.

Lara said...

The guys over at In Contention should rename their blog to In Ception.

I don't get Peter Bradshaw's (The Guardian) assessment of Melanie Laurent's (prospective) career. Isn't "the next Juliette Binoche" already Marion Cotillard? What has Melanie Laurnt done, beside Inglourious Basterds, that could warrant calling her France's next big export? His piece reads more like "oh, I find her so pretty, I want to see more of her" which is fine, but well, it's a good thing he can't buy shares in actor's careers (as he wishes at the end of the article) because I'm pretty sure he'd lose money.

Andrew R. said...

Salt vs Inception-Oh dear. They make good points. Still, I'd rather see Nolan than Jolie in wigs.

Top 10 Chris Nolan Performances-Gordon-Levitt in Inception makes the list? Very interesting.

Melanie Laurent-Well, she was my #2 in Supporting Actress last year behind Guess Who. So I'd like that, even though it seems rather unlikely. (As for Cotillard already being the next Binoche...maybe Laurent should star in a biopic about some blonde French singer and get an Oscar.)

Obscure Object-Haha. Win.

TS3 Finger Painting-Holy crap.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the lack of women in that Nolan list was disgusting.

Obviously, that list was created for hits, but a good performance list should always hit the Tarantino mark (17 years worth of movies). More performances to pick from. Nolan's four years away from that.

And how is Insomnia? I generally dismiss almost anything with Hilary Swank in it.


Peter Bradshaw might have a point. The only reason Juliette Binoche is who she is is because she allows herself to be weird (Haneke, Kieslowski, Kiarostami). Marion's too Hollwyood now, but Melanie has to do a lot to prove herself.

John T said...

Nat, every time you mention this Avengers movie, I think that they are retooling the classic Emma Peel and Mr. Steed film once more, and I have to say, I would rather see that-the last movie was terrible, and that source material is superb with the right cast (say Emily Blunt and Michael Fassbender).

Daniel Armour said...

I don't necessarily agree with every choice for the Nolan Performance List (Guy Pearce should be much higher, Al Pacino and Robin Williams shouldn't be on it, Carrie Ann Moss and Rebecca Hall should have placed and Jackman should of as well) but it's a decent list, nevertheless... If nothing else, at least it acknowledges both of Bale's performances - who's Batman Begins performance was extremely underrated - and Oldman's wonderful turns as Gordon.

Anyway, while I don't find Salt particularly enticing (I'll see it but I won't rush out to do so), there's a chance it could be bigger than Inception. After all, the concept of Salt is an easier sell and people like Jolie in action movies for some reason (is this the only women they could make an action hero?).

As for The Avengers thing, I wasn't a big fan of Norton in the Bruce Banner role but the way Marvel handled things was very petty and doesn't bode well for an already sketchy looking film (Which is sad for me to say because I like Superhero films). Still, I hope the film turns out well because Marvel could use another really good film at this point (X2 and Spider-Man 2 were almost a decade ago).

Kyle said...

I have a hard time suspending my disbelief with every preview of Salt I see...Angelina is way too little for all that ass-kicking, I'm sorry.

It looks like a bomb to me.

Trey said...

"Salt" making more money than "Inception"? What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?