Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Randomness: Toys, Kristens, Musicals.

Brain purge.

1. Every time I see the The Sorcerer's Apprentice trailer -- and I've seen it too many times -- I'm fooled into thinking that Kristen Stewart has died her hair blonde for a cameo. Is it the slack hair and its length and minor wave, the slack face in repose, the slack blandness? I hate it when actors look like other actors -- Seeing Monica Potter still makes me crazy after all these years. Stop copying Julia Roberts! --but maybe I need my eyes checked. Obviously it's not Kristen Stewart because there's too much facial movement.

2. Been thinking some more on that Wicked story I shrugged off and I continue to be depressed about the state of the movie musical. The Man Who Loved Musicals Too Much. Maybe I just can't be satisifed? Even when there is movement or news, like a screen reboot of Billy Elliot (as the musical version) or a transfer for Broadway's In the Heights, I just am never ever excited about the directors or projects. Whenever they mention names or projects I just can't help thinking that the new model is Chris Columbus's Rent (which wasn't even a big hit!). And who needs more bland mediocrities like that

3. Thank heaven for little girl's toys. I am so relieved that we have a new #1 movie of the year in Toy Story 3 (my review) which dethroned the hideous Alice in Wonderland (my thoughts) this weekend past. Years in which the #1 movie is lame are too many. And Toy Story 3 is just a beauty.

Those are the three things I had to put out into the universe this afternoon. Got 3 things on your mind. Or 3 comments on these?


SoSueMe said...

Speaking of Monica Potter...one of my biggest film-related pet peeves is when actresses copy Julia Roberts, particularly her mannerisms. Two of the biggest offenders are Amanda Peet and Sarah Paulson. Also noticed it in Reese Witherspoon (but I give her pass because I like her, and she's a great character actress)!

You just can't duplicate old-school Julia...even Julia can't do early 90's Julia anymore.

Ryan T. said...

1. Actually when I see the trailers for the film, I keep thinking it's Dianna Agron from GLEE. I still do.

2. Casting/general news about musicals are starting to get as crazy/boring/annoying as superhero movies.

3. And thank goodness the only two films that COULD potentially knock it off are two most likely non-sucky films (Inception and Harry Potter).

James T said...

I wanted to post this earlier but i think now is the right time.



Volvagia said...

Gigi was creeeepy. "Thank Heavens, for little girls" delivered in an accent that sounds like Jean Chretien, further accentuating the discomfort.

Andrew K. said...

Hmmm, never saw the Monica Potter thing, but I always thought she and Juliette Binoche were like twins separated at birth - one was an excellent laugher and one was an excellent crier.

Agustin said...

My country is one day away from legalizing (or not) gay marriage
I just can't think about anything else at the moment.

Alex said...

I was thinking the other day, and I really want Michelle Pfeiffer to do NEXT TO NORMAL onscreen. Plus, it'd give Sam Mendes the perfect opportunity to fuse his theatrical talents with his crazy good suburbia films. Maybe re-team with Kevin Spacey and throw in Lea Michele for good measure, you'd have the best movie musical we've seen in a long while. Just a thought.

Volvagia said...

That sounds awesome. Mendes is probably the best choice, although Raimi could be an intriguing surprise.

Alex said...

That's interesting, I hadn't thought of Raimi. Mike Nichols does stage and screen, but I think Mendes would be much better. Problem: Hollywood would try to cast Zac Efron as Gabe...

Terence said...

@Alex Michelle in Next to Normal is a great idea! I am partial to Alice Ripley having seen the Broadway production but she would do a good job.

I think that Aaron Tveit would get Gabe before Zack Efron. He's already played the part and people (read teens) know him from gossip girl

Alex said...

Terence, I saw Alice on Broadway too, but I think it's a lot more interesting if a different actress is given the opportunity to play a role as good as Diana. Besides, a film version would never get greenlit with Alice headlining. Besides, it seems like transfers that keep their Broadway players (Rent, The Producers, etc.) seem to flop miserably. What worked for Frank Langella onstage didn't work for a lot of people when he put it onscreen. Who knows why, they're just different mediums. Can Virginia Madsen sing? That'd be terrific...

Volvagia said...

Which, in a weird sort of way, actually is the ideal choice. The character is a fantasy, the mom's vision of an ideal son. Would you see Andrew Garfield or Josh Hutcherson as "fantasy son?" No, but Zac Efron could actually be believable for that exact part. Get a great enough director and you've got most of the eight major people needed.


Di Goodman: Pfeiffer

Dan Goodman: Spacey

Gabe Goodman: Zac Efron

Natalie Goodman: Lea Michele

Henry: Andrew Garfield/Josh Hutcherson

Dr. Fine/Madden: I hope Jim Carrey can sing, because I think this will be the hardest part to fill. Think about it, he needs to:

1. Sing
2. Have an air of intelligence (See Eternal Sunshine and The Truman Show as examples for Carrey)
3. Keep up with an extended dark comic riff on the cinematic appropriation of mental illness.
4. Be the approximation of an audience surrogate.

Volvagia said...

I'm talking about Efron. Sorry it's a few comments behind.

kin said...

Now I just hope Toy Story 3 can knock off Shrek 2 to be the highest grossing animiated film of all time. Though it is a tad behind on that front.

Terence said...


I kind of feel like Kevin Spacey wouldn't be good as the father. I think that Dan has to be on an equal plane with Diana (ie in looks, height). He may be worn down by everything his family's gone through but he is still a strong force in the musical.

Kevin Spacey is at his best when he's participating or causing the chaos, not trying to fend it off.

@Nat what say you?

Terence said...

I completely forgot to include my other two ideas lol

1. I'm probably in the minority here, but I kinda want to see The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Cage is always good when he's playing weird characters and Alfred Molina as a villian gets my vote.

2. Inception has a chance to beat Toy Story but it will depend on the general public wanting a "smarter" sci-fi film. It looks great tho


Terence -- i think Inception is way to brainy to beat Toy Story 3. And by that i don't mean intellectual but just "heady". I can't see it happening. I'm thinking between $140-$220. I know that doesn't narrow it down much ;)

poopoface said...

wtf? This blonde chick looks nothing like Kristen Stewart! I thought you were an actress-sexual, dude. I'm disappointed.