Saturday, July 31, 2010

July. It's a Wrap

The dog days of summer are with us. But at least they're half over. Here's the best of July in case you missed anything during a nasty bout of heat stroke. We know the feeling.

SHE Who Must Be Obeyed a look back at Randoph Scott's fantastical romantic options. Not the Cary Grant option.
Modern Maestros: Ang Lee His cautious lust and brilliant films.
Julianne Moore Nathaniel meets a personal deity in this dreamy interview.

Gloria Stuart Centennial "Old Rose" is still with us, prompting a list of the most enduring (literally speaking) Oscar nominees.
Emmy Nominations one of the most satisfying Emmy days in quite some time, yes?
Hit Me With Your Best Shot I think this is going to be an interesting series. Next up on August 4th is Showgirls
Woody Allen's Best Work? I found this discussion fascinating. Didn't you? No one can agree!

Dakota Fanning is My Niece* I love having celeb-filled dreams
"Save Me, Elmer Gantry, Save Me" a 50th anniversary look back at a hot potato Oscar nominee.
She's Ferocious! She's got Bette Davis Eyes

Coming in August: Angels in America, Antonio Banderas, nuns!, Black Narcissus, Madonna & Sean, Animal Kingdom, EMMY live blogging, Bring It On, and The Devil Wears Prada. Plus whatever else occurs to us.


Michael said...

Woo Madonna! Who's Sean though?

vg21 said...

OMG, The Devil Wears Prada!!! Yessss :).

cal roth said...

Best Pictures From The Outside In? I mean, please.


cal -- it's coming. we're 1/2 done.

Dan said...