Monday, July 26, 2010

"I'm here to see Francis!"

Butler: Francis is busy.
Pee-wee: Busy doing what?
Butler: He's having his bath.

Pee-wee: Oh, really?
Where are they hosing him down?

[Great Moments in Screen Bitchery #301,
Paul Reubens in Pee Wee's Big Adventure]

JA from MNPP here.

There are about a dozen lines of incredible bitchery between Francis and Pee Wee that've become classic insults - "I know you are but what am I?" is right up there with "Et tu, Brute" as far as I'm concerned in lines for the ages - but I always loved this scene especially because Pee Wee's always at his best when he's deranged, and the way he stomps into that pool fully-clothed and they do battle like Godzilla and the Crab Monster among the tiny ships is hysterical.

Happy 25th anniversary, Pee Wee!


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Josh said...

Even though I have hated a hefty majority of the films he has made, Tim Burton still gets a free pass from me because of PeeWee. My biggest nightmare is that some studio decides to do a remake/reboot of PeeWee and casts one of those creepy twins from that Nickelodeon show where they live in a hotel.

Sadako said...

This one takes me back. Agree, Josh. He also gets a pass for Beetlejuice.


i love this movie so much.

Jason Adams said...

I probably shoulda made room to link to this post I did ages ago because it brings me so much joy. Or this one too! The whole movie does. I can't believe it's 25 years old!

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

I'm just wondering if Anjelica Huston's "Debbie. Pastels?" ~eyebrow raise~ moment from Addams Family Values will make this countdown. :)

Nick M. said...

I'm all about Tina the Tour Guide.


tina the tour guide is amazing. that gum moment. GAH.

City_Of_Lights said...

If you're a fan you need to see this in the theater with other fans at least once. We went to a screening at the Music Box in Chicago and everyone was saying the lines with the characters. So much fun.

Nick M - Jan Hooks is brilliant!

par3182 said...

i went to a screening of this a few weeks ago that was introduced by tim burton himself

he was geeky and awkward, the film was as deranged and brilliant as always

merci blah-blah

Hayden said...

LOVE the Robyn video. What a void there is today of soulful, achey dance music. If only I'd grown up in the age of Donna Summer.

JP said...

25 years later, it's still entertaining from start to finish. My kids (3 and 5) love it, too.