Thursday, July 08, 2010

Anne Hathaway is An Emmy Nominee!

Just two years after landing her first Oscar nod for Rachel Getting Married, Princess Anne Hathaway can now add Emmy nominee to her honors.

She won the notice for voicing Penelope Mountbatten-Hohenzollern-Mulan-Pocahontas or "Princess Penelope" for short on The Simpsons. Considering she also wins raves on stage (see Twelfth Night in Central Park from previous season) and she can sing, she's got multiple awards in her future. How many years until she's a triple crowner or even an EGOT winner.

Her competition in the Outstanding Voice-Over Emmy category: H Jon Benjamin for Archer, Dave Foley for Disney Prep & Landing, Seth Green for Robot Chicken, and Dan Castellanata and Hank Azaria from The Simpsons.

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aclp said...

At this point, ScarJo has more chance at a Triple Crown than she does- at least she already has a Tony, whether we like it or not- she did get massive raves for her work though, we have to hand it to her.

That Tony could be a good oportunity for ScarJo to think her career over and decide what she really wants- It is so strange to think that a girl who started out as this indie spirit alternative cinema girl would, after a nose job and hair extensions, settle for, at such a young age, be nothing more than a sex bomb. Hopefully the Tony will make her rethink her path and go after the good, challenging, interesting projects again.

I get that you love her Nate, but I just dont see this "Judi Dench/Helen Mirren/Meryl Streep" future for Hathaway. I just dont think she is that good. Forget about RGM for a moment- which I think is severely over-rated. Forget RGM and think about Passengers, Valentine's Day, Havoc (probably one of the worst movies ever made), Bride Wars. I just dont see her as this Jodie Foster type you think she may become.

I think Lea Michelle is the type they'd like to Triple Crown. Child of Broadway, with the big Broadway voice- and Broadway pedigree, good girl, mainstream, warm.

That being said about her, I think Glee sucks.

aclp said...

Oh PS= Hathaway was ridiculously bad, I mean, laghably bad in Alice in Wonderland.


Amanda -- TV brings out the opinionated in you! I hear what you're saying abotu ScarJo and if she turns around her film career i will gladly come back to fandom. But she has been boring me like crazy (and I started out such a fan!)


hey you won't get any argument from me that she's terrible in Alice.

aclp said...

She has been boring me too.....But I think ScarJo is an interesting "case" of a completly transformed public image. She should be studied in marketing schools. Its almost a Norma Jean/MM case.

Who would say that the ordinary looking girl in Ghost World would become the biggest sex symbol of our time- or at least of my generation (below 30)?

Who would say that the indie chick would end up being praised as a contemporary Marilyn, with the white blond (fake) hair, the gigantic tits always being paraded for public display and the fake nose?

Its such a radical transformation...Its an interesting case of how someone's public image can be transformed and advertised as a concept.

(Well, if you think that a very young and then unknown Penelope Cruz once played "the ugly sister" in a spanish movie long before she ever learned english and is now thought of as one of the most beautiful women in the western world.....)

Lara said...

To bring up the wonderfully dividing old question, isn't a triple crowner one who gets the accolades in one category, e.g. in Hathaway's case the acting category.
And to a further extent, what category would that be in the Grammy's (Grammies?). Singing, speaking?

I do like Hathaway, but I'm also amazed at the love she gets from you.


Lara -- even that definition still doesn't solve some riddles like LIZA MINNELLI since once can debate what her win for her primetime special actually means: producing, acting, creative force, divadom?

Andrew K. said...

It's so weird that I don't like Anne Hathway, but Alice in Wonderland made me reassess my opinion of her. Sure HBC is the diva that steals it all, but for me Anne does much with her role...just like Michelle Williams actually in Shutter Island, never cared for her but she just floors me with those few minutes of screen time in Shutter Island.

And on Anne's future. Really, I don't like but I think if Anne is to find success someone needs to give her the rights to "Thoroughly Modern Millie" and let her shine. I mean, that's such an obvious casting decision...why hasn't someone jumped on that?

Anonymous said...

OT but what movie is that Tony Leung picture in the banner from?



jessica -- i can't remember what it's called. it's that crime comedy thing with Shu Qi. god. forgot it's name already.

andrew -- BRILLIANT! i'd never even thought of that but yes. a thousand times yes.

IslandLiberal said...

I think it's odd for the animated category to treat both guest-voices (like Hathaway) and regular parts (the Simpsons guys) as the same thing, but whatever.

John said...

Anne should totally guest star on The United States of Tara alongside Rosemary DeWitt. To win the Emmy, the role would have to be baity, though. She would have to play a character with the same disorder as Tara.

Mike said...

I thought she was gimmicky in Rachel Getting Married, and her subsequent role choices have been quite questionable: Bride Wars, Alice in Wonderland, Passengers, Tokyo Suckerpunch, Valentine's Day, etc.

I have no doubt her mantle will be adorned with prizes one day, however, I predict it will be a collection of Razzies.

/3rtfu11 said...

I’ll always root for Hathaway my other -- we share a birth year and birthday.

Volvagia said...

Mike, the razzies have awarded increasingly bad films through their history. At this point, it's at least 2 years before she'll even be able to claim a Razzie nomination. (Judy Garland biopic and Love and Other Drugs both look like they'll get at least 60% ratings or RT, which is way too high for a Razzie nom today. As for The Fiance? I don't think that's even happening.)

Volvagia said...

"on RT", not "or RT."

SoSueMe said...

Hey, Anne is having quite a good 2010...she starred in two of the biggest global hits of the first half of the an unexpected Emmy nom...and quite possibly a second Oscar nom on the way...and let's not forget she got raves for Twelfth Night last summer.
Anne should literally worship at the altar of Jonathan Demme for the gift of Rachel Getting Married. It changed the industry's perception of her and her talent. Personally, I can't wait to see her do more...this girl is gonna keep getting better and better. Love that Thoroughly Modern Millie idea...she's perfect for it!

jm said...

I want Anne Hathaway to win the "voice" Emmy, but I wouldn't be upset if H Jon Benjamin ("Archer") won . He is absolutely wonderful on "Archer" -with great comedic timing This cartoon was my favorite show for the 2009-2010 TV Season. It was politically incorrect, raw, sexy, and outrageausly funny. I still can't believe the FCC allow F/X to air this program on basic cable.


/3rtfull -- wouldn't it be something if you shared the same... HOSPITAL!

jm -- if Archer is what i think it is, than yes. agreed. (only saw it once i think)

Anonymous said...

Well, Amanda I disagree with you. In my opinion I prefer Anne Hathaway than Scorlett Johansson by a mile. For me, Hathaway is a good actress with a lot of charisma and presence on screen. She's excellent in Rachel Getting Married, very good in Brokeback Mountain and she starred in an excellent Simpson episode for years of mediocre seasons.

About Scarjo, since Match Point I didn't see her a good work of her. In Woody Allen's films she was miscast, even I loathe her in Vicky Cristina Barcelona and she's awful and Razzie nominee in The Nanny Diaries. Good for her for the TONY, but she didn't convince me yet.

aclp said...


I hate Vicky Cristina Barcelona with a passion.

I dont think ScarJo is better than Anne hathaway. I think she has a bigger hance of someday getting a triple crown since she did, after all, win an Tony.

I just think Anne Hathaway is the most overrated actress currently working.

She had one very good-although overrated - performance, was the weakest link in two excelent casts and has a history of "okay" performances at best. (And she cant do accents to save her life, her attempt at becoming jane is embarassing).

I just think all the histerical praise she gets is undeserved and over the top.

/3rtfu11 said...

Amanda my darling Hathaway is a diamond in the rough. Her instincts as an actress aren’t studied, polished, and preordained. She’s working from what she knows --- her own sense of self. I suspect this approach is closer to the habits of movie stars than that of chameleons or character actors.

Dave in Alamitos Beach said...

Anne Hathaway has got it all over some of these other actresses that people are mentioning. And it's not because she's such a great actress (leave that for the Cherry Joneses of this world), but rather it's because Anne has something far, far rarer than acting talent, she has charisma.

Don't get me wrong, Anne Hathaway is a very good actress and maybe a good singer (when have we really heard her sing? I want to see/hear it), but mostly she's fun to watch and a little bit compelling. She reminds me of Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock. She kind of forces you to watch her, whether you want to or not.

Unknown said...

Here I am, late as usual, but I had to get in on this one.

I find Anne Hathaway infinitely more watchable on screen than ScarJo and many of the other starlets in her age bracket. She was good in "Brokeback Mountain," great in "Rachel Getting Married," and regularly gives more to her roles than the films actually require or demand (I thought she was one of the bright spots in "Alice"). I don't know where this idea of her being overrated derives from considering that only one of her performances -- in approximately ten years of being on the public radar -- has generated universal praise.

Of course, she's made some mainstream junk; hasn't everyone? Are we to question her innate ability, which is a separate issue, because of it? The fact that she isn't gunning for awards recognition with every film chouce does not make her a bad actress.


troy -- i agree. except on the ALICE front. I did think she was genuinely terrible in it. But then I blame Burton for most of everything wrong with that picture.

i think the "overrated" tag probably comes from her being very successful at a young age and generally well regarded and seen as 'in it for the long haul'. I mean she's obviously not going to spiral like a Lindsay Lohan, you know? If she was going to have a breakdown that would surely have happened in her last couple volatile personal life years.

aclp said...

Being someone who see has as over-rated (and who has used this term in thos very bord) I would say that I think she is over rated because I think the one single great performance she delivered does not qualify her for all the praise she has been getting and for all the labels she has been given, such as "best of her generation", "next best thing", "future of cinema", "actress of a generation", "best young actress working today".

I think, ate very least, Michelle Williams, Sarah Poley, Ellen Page, Eva Rachel Wood, Emily Blunt and Maggie Ghyllenhaal (whatever the spelling is, I have to check it every single time) are better than her- at least, just as good.

I just dont understand why ONE single great performance in a sea of many "so so" ones qualifies anyone as best of its generation, best of our time, best young actress in the world, or whatever label people have been given her.

Look at what kate Winslet had accomplished at her age. Compare her body of work with that of Michelle Williams.

Unknown said...

@Amanda: Who has been giving her all those superlative labels? Where have I been? LOL.

Even in the group of actresses whose names you've mentioned you'd be challenging yourself to find one with a career comparable to that of Kate Winslet at that/those age/s; a trajectory like hers is quite rare.

I don't want to speak for you, but it seems like your main problem with Hathaway seems to be her high profile as opposed to her work. Compared to the aforementioned actresses, she takes more commercial gigs; therefore, she's more famous. Consequently, more opportunities come flocking her way. It still doesn't seem to be an issue of talent or ability -- though her contributions in those mainstream films are still debatable.

aclp said...


I get your point about the more commercial gigs- compare her to Michelle Williams or Sarah Poley and we het the picture.

Its just that, even though she does choses more commercial gigs, I dont think she is that good in those as well.

She was nothing special in Prada- she was the worst in the cast and was completly overshadowed by Blunt. She was okay in Get Smart, not more. She was, by far, the weakest link in Brokeback. She was embarassing in "Becoming Jane" and horrendous in "Havoc" (that whole movie was an embarassment for everyone involved but she sucked big time). She was nothing more than "okay" in Passengers.

Bride Wars was a waste of time and money, something that should've never been made. I saw glimpses of it on cable the other day and was embarassed for those involved in it. And she was awful.

She was laghably bad in Alice.

Janice said...

I get where Amanda is coming from. I think Anne is likable - but that's about her personality, not her performances. She was the weakest thing for me about Brokeback and Prada. was she good in RGM? Yes, but I thought Rosemarie DeWitt was truly outstanding -where was her Oscar nod?

I don't hate Anne but like Amanda, I just don't get the immense love. And, I don't understand why she can do a slew of bad movies and everyone forgets while, for instance, Ms Kidman gets flayed alive for every "bad" film she makes, even when it's not her fault - and even when the film is not "bad" at all. (Birth, MATW, Fur, etc.)

I think it's the likability factor? People seem to want to root for Anne, to be her best friend, to have a beer with her or go bowling with her (or sleep with her), and that makes a difference in public perception, I suppose.

aclp said...

Yes, I think Janice got what I was trying to say- and said it better than I could.

And Janice, I agree with you- Rosemarie DeWitt was the best thing about RGM.

jm said...

I truly enjoyed RGM. Trust me, Amanda, Rosemarie Dewitt was not the only best thing in RGM. What about Bill Irwin, Debra Winger, Anisa George, & Mather Zickel ?

Janice , I don't see movie fans disrespecting Nicole Kidman because of her bad film choices. The public perception is that Kidman is very cold- that is not doing her any favors. Film-wise, it is a difficult time now because most A-list movie stars cannot guarantee big box- office anymore- look at Tom Cruise suffering with "Knight & Day" & Julia Roberts with "Duplicity". So, now most film stars are scrambling to get any commercial success available.

Anne Hathaway was delightful in "Prada"- her character wasn't a very meaty role . The most meatiest roles were ( and had the most cleveriest lines) Emily Blunt, or Streep, or Tucci. Anne also handled herself well in "Becoming Jane".

Hathaway has acting chops. I saw her perform in Shakespeare In The Park's "Twelfth Night" . She was absolutely wonderful- and it was her first time doing Shakespeare. Acting on stage is the true sign of acting ability- she pulled it off with aplomb. Every NYC critic praised her performance. Most A-list movie stars cannot act on stage.


i would just like to add that being the "worst in show" in brokeback mountain is hardly a sign of weakness. I mean that movie is INCREDIBLY well acted across the board. I think most actors would kill to be in that company even if they were the "worst" of the principle cast.

and i still think she did as much as anyone could do in that role with that killer phone scene.

i also think she's terrific in Prada but yes, it's the "straight man" role so to speak in a lively comedy. Of course she's not going to be as fun as the other three.

Unknown said...

Ditto what Nate and jm said.

I think she acquitted herself quite well in "Brokeback" for having the least of the four main roles -- and she nailed the scenes that were most pivotal. As for her "straight-man" work in "Prada" and "Get Smart," clearly, when all the other characters are written to be the "funny ones," she's not going to have the most memorable lines or scenes by herself. HOWEVER, I will add that as the "straight man," it's the actor's job not to do too much in the acting and to do just enough in the reacting so that the funny of the scenes is not lost -- and to that end she succeeded in both films. It is a very selfless type of work. Additionally, she handled the more dramatic moments well too.

I know we're not going to agree on all these points, but I had to put my thoughts out there.

aclp said...

Nate, what didi she do in Prada that was so special? I dont get it. She was nice, that was it.