Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Postcard from the Edge of Shutter Island.

Thought I'd share a fun little trivia nugget from a recent interview with the actress Robin Bartlett. You may remember Bartlett from her recurring role on TV's Mad About You or as the unusually named "Aretha" from Postcards from the Edge.

"Are you black?"
Robin: I loved playing Aretha. That was another good piece of writing. Carrie Fisher is no slouch in that area.

Bartlett has appeared in two Streep movies (she's also in Sophie's Choice) and now she's taking over a role many viewers will automatically associate with the great one herself. She's currently in rehearsals for the mammoth "Mother Pitt" role in Angels in America (it's actually six roles on stage). The classic play is getting a New York revival this fall. Tickets go on sale on August 3rd. (I've just finished a magazine piece on the revival -- yes print still exists.)

During our chat we talked briefly about her big scene in Shutter Island earlier this year. Leo is questioning all the asylum crazies and we see Robin madly scribble something dramatic into his notebook before sliding it his way, all sneaky like.

Is that your actual handwriting?
Robin: If that was my handwriting, you wouldn't be able to read it.
Nathaniel: [Laughter] The magic of the movies!


Alex said...

I loved her bit part in both of those movies. I thought I was going to die when she said, "I think my parents were expecting someone black." Pitch perfect.

Any chance we'll be able to see the rest of the interview? :)

Anonymous said...

Does Leo exist in any reality anymore! Actually did he ever?

chris na Taraja said...

Oops that was me with the Leo comment.

Would love to see her Mother Pitt, is anyone going to be able to get tickets to it. It's going to have to be extended or transfer to broadway for sure.

Craig Bloomfield said...

I didn't know who the actress was (until now) but I really liked her mini performance in Shutter Island.

Anonymous said...

"Are you black?"

LMAO! hahaha I need to see this now...

brandz said...

Speaking of mother/daughter comedies, Sony has offically picked up Mommy and Me, starring Meryl Streep and Tina Fey, directed by Stanley Tucci. This time Meryl palys the mom.

Glenn said...

I thought she was the best thing about Shutter Island to be perfectly honest with you. She seems to be the only one perfectly balancing the insane with the cinematically dramatic. If that makes any sense.

And, of course, Postcards from the Edge!


yeah, vivid cameo there. And i couldn't have asked for a better answer to that silly question. we were both giggling through the next question because then i was having trouble reading my own notes about for the next part of the interview.

can't wait to see angels in america.

Peggy Sue said...

Keep her in mind for Best Cameo!