Monday, July 26, 2010

Bridget & Demi

Actors on Actors

[looks at tv screen]
[trashy girl on television: "At ten pounds it's really heavy for such a small gun."]

"Demi Moore."

Heh. Have you ever wondered how celebrities feel when they're referenced in pop culture, sometimes mockingly?

In related news: Bridget Fonda is so fantastic as "Melanie" in Jackie Brown (1997) that it makes you wonder why she retired a few years later when she was only 37.

I vote for Mr. Bridget Fonda, Danny Elfman, to take a few years off -- Lord knows he could use it -- and let Bridget Fonda be the breadwinner for a change.


jerry said...

Al Pacino said in an interview in the 1970's, that he got upset when his name was referenced in other movies. He was upset when John Travolta ketpt saying "Al Pacino!!!" in Saturday Night Fever.

jerry said...

Also, I think Fonda could make a comeback. America needs good middle aged Oscarbaiters (not just Brits and Aussies). Fonda was never awardsbait when she was younger (and tended more towards genre material), but the talent and potential was always there, and it may have matured by now. Also, her name and family legacy help. The right role and she could be in with a shout of Oscah nomination.

I think it's also in her favor that she hasn't got the stench of "has-been" around her, like a Meg Ryan. Fonda went away of her own accord, so people still have fond memories of her.


jerry -- interesting bout Pacino. I mean, they must feel something. I always notice this which is why i started the series. And it's also why I asked Jennifer Jason Leigh about the Wil & Grace profanity "Jennifer Jason Leigh!" (or any three named actress) when i interviewed her a few years ago.

like Bridget Fonda... Had she ever met Demi Moore? She's basically mocking her here with that little aside girlie voice. it's very Mean Girls.

Urey said...

They've been showing "Jackie Brown" on a loop on cable lately. Top-notch QT for sure, and Pam Grier was ROBBED of an Oscar nomination big time! Ugh that race was ridiculous without her in it. Bridget Fonda was memorable here. "I told Louis all he had to do was smack her in the mouth. She was my blonde surfer girl." Ordell is as great a character for Samuel L. Jackson as Jules is. Too bad the latter has so obscured the former, and the constant garbage that Jackson is in now is making both feel like distant memories.

MRRIPLEY said...


Remember her perf in a simple plan loved her in that too esp her restaurant monologue.

Cory Rivard said...

I always hoped that Bridget would make a nice Oscar nominated comeback. Just so that we can get her name in the books with her legendary family members. Let's keep the Fonda/Oscar love going forever. Are there any new and talented Fondas crawling around anywhere these days?

Y&R Fan said...

"This is the only picture I have of Japan. That's Japan."

MELANIE 4-EVA!!!!!!!

Dave in Alamitos Beach said...

I was forced to sit through Monkeybone once (it's a work thing) and thought the only decent thing in it was Bridget Fonda's gorgeous figure, and her costumes that showed it off. I didn't know that Bridget Fonda was retired. I thought Hollywood retired her.

PS I thought Troy Garity (Jane Fonda's son) was fantastic in Soldier Girl.


Dave -- that he was.

Yeah, Bridget quit in 2001. the last thing she did aired in 2002 on tv i think. it's been almost a decade Bridget-less.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Jackie Brown. Such a good movie, I can't believe there wasn't more Oscar nominations for it.

Glenn said...

"Helloit'sforyou" is one of my favourite line readings of all time, no shit.

I also want her back. Maybe QT can write a part for her.

Anonymous said...

i say EW to toe rings!

Peggy Sue said...

I didn't realized she was retired until your post. Quite sad... she had all in her favor.