Thursday, July 08, 2010

Black Mamba vs. Sidewinder via California Mountain Snake

"I'm sorry. That was rude of me wasn't it?"
[Great Moments in Screen Bitchery #580, Daryl Hannah in Kill Bill, Vol. 2]

Ya think?

It's even ruder if Budd doesn't like being read to. That's a common pet peeve, you know. In those last agonizing minutes of life he has left, she'll do just that.

P.S. Quentin Tarantino sure can write/direct the hell out of a scene, can't he?

P.P.S. Useless Trivia!
Q: What is Nathaniel's absolute favorite thing about Kill Bill Vol 1 and Kill Bill Vol 2?
A: How similar Elle Driver ("California Mountain Snake") and The Bride ("Black Mamba") actually are, right down to their love of deadly handwritten notepads. (One never thinks of notepads as violent. teehee) Though it should be noted that Elle has more meticulous handwriting.


Unknown said...

Daryl Hannah is ALL OSCARS in this! She almost is the best part of the second part; the dialogue is crafted perfectly and yeah, bitch-wise, it doesn't get any better that that!

"I called him a miserable, old, fool"

Jason Adams said...


Unknown said...

bitchin' handwriting.

Luke said...

Every scene that includes Daryl Hannah in these movies elicits simultaneous guffaws, gasps, and cheers from me every time I watch Kill Bill. Elle is an emotional roller coaster.


SO shoulda been Oscar nominated That's the exact type of performance (inspired, weird, shockingly confident, and of a piece with its genre and setting) that awards bodies have never been able to recognize.

Volvagia said...

It's because they have to react RIGHT NOW. They may want to include those performances, but they fade right into the woodwork too much. As I say, force bodies to wait ten years and deliberate about what 1. Was noticeable, 2. Helped an expertly crafted Autuerial Vision and 3. Doesn't rely on grief, starbleeping or a mixture of the two.

Derreck said...

'I killed your master!"

Gah, i love the way she says that and the deliciously evil laugh that comes right after. But there is also that little gem from the Bride,

'Bitch, you don't have a future."

Best catfight ever. Daryl is just sooo enjoyable to watch.

Derreck said...

now with video!

OtherRobert said...

I'm on the Oscar train here, too. Uma Thurman for Vol. 1 (Leading), Daryl Hannah for Vol. 2 Supporting). I go back and forth on Lucy Liu for Vol. 1 as well, but it's really all flash and pretty cinematography without much substance. Effective and memorable, but not great.

With Daryl Hannah, I knew the performance would be something special from her first appearance whistling "Twisted Nerve" in the nurse outfit in Vol. 1. Evil, cold, and calculating.

Andrew R. said...



Andrew R -- YES.

OtherRobert -- i loved the whistling but when i knew that she completely understood the character/was being BRILLIANT was when she got so childish on the phone with Bill, like her toy had been taken away.

GOD, i love her in this/these movies. But then I've always thought Daryl Hannah was absurdly underrated.

chris na Taraja said...

Oh, at first I thought that was Kristen Chenoweth!! Of course it's Daryl Hanna, who was really great in Kill Bill.

Wayne B said...

Crazy that she didn't get more awards attention for this.

"That woman deserved better."
Kind of get the sense she means "me" instead of "better."

ian said...

beautifully written and so inspiring, i thought this was a really great post to read. i'll check back for new posts by you!