Thursday, July 15, 2010

Before Link Falls

I have failed to mention that Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem are now married. You've probably heard this by now. But since the Film Experience loves both of them muchly, and has since 2006 and 2000 respectively, we throw virtual rice in their general direction (Spain is east, right?). To make things even more special we like to remember that Cruz made her first movie (Jamon Jamon) with Javier Bardem way back in 1992. They've known each other forever. They also both have acting Oscars which is quite rare in movie couples. Newman and Woodward did it but Newman has left this mortal coil. Even the Bening-Beattys won't be able to say they do when Annette wins since Beatty won his for directing.

Cory's Curiosities "magical pic of the day" awwww, Kermit.
Movie|Line I knew Pixar would eventually have to come down to earth. Seems they're joining the franchise and Direct to DVD markets with abandon. Sigh. The only studio that still prized total originality is giving up. I knew that Cars would be the chink in their armor. Ugh, that movie. It torments me still.
Oscar Tracker
Machine Gun Preacher pairs Gerard Butler with Marc Forster for a crazily eventful sounding biopic. Oscarable?
I Need My Fix has photos from the set.
The Big Picture more on the David O' Russell saga involving the unreleased Jake Gyllenhaal/Jessica Biel picture Nailed. Killer last line in this article.
The Exploding Kinetoscope I marvel at this review of The Last Airbender. I love.

Movie|Line so we're talking about a Janis Joplin biopic again? That happens once every three years or so. This time it's Amy Adams but Movie|Line looks at the long history of casting rumors. P.S. If Amy Adams plays this won't she win the Oscar in a slam dunk (against type, singing, biopic, mimicry, deglam, addictions. It's got EVERYTHING)
A Socialite's Life I kind of love that I can never keep track of Jude Law & Sienna Miller's love life. They're together again? I've lost track of this roughly 62 times in my lifetime. I want a bunch of filmmakers to get together and make an omnibus film about this relationship. An experimental biopic with Jude & Sienna playing themselves.
Movie Marketing Madness on the challenges of marketing Inception.
/Film to play a live action Tink. Disney is marketing the hell out of this character which makes me sad because each time they use her, I love her less. Hopefully Elizabeth Banks can rescue this.
MNPP obsesses over Thomas Kretschmann again. We understand. Where's he been hiding?
Hollyscoop Lindsay Lohan back to rehab. Reading the quotes on this makes me ever more worried for her. Not only does she need to get rid of these people from her life, she needs to get rid of the other people who think she needs to get rid of those people. Complicated! Clean house, including your mooch parents! P.S. I realize this is mere conjecture and we can't know what the Lohan family is really like but methinks Lindsay herself would be better off starting fresh, period. She's the one with the talent after all. If she finds sobriety, she'll find everything else she needs (including the lost talent) afterwards.


Reuters is reporting a huge box office weekend for Inception (my review). I swear to god box office reports are getting earlier and earlier. The movie doesn't even open till midnight tonight! Soon they will just have box office reports beamed directly from psychic hotlines.


Anonymous said...

aren't revised predix coming soon?

Hayden said...

I thought 30 Rock would quash any serious discussion of a Janis Joplin biopic ever again.

Michael said...

...But it appears 30 Rock has had the exact opposite effect. The worst part is though no Jane Krakowski!? Only she can do Janis Joplin justice, or something close to "justice."

Lara said...

Amy Adams can play variations of cute and nice but I don't think she's able to nail down a tough, free spirited character.

Mirko S. said...

Thomas Kretschmann is in great shape! but the blogger made a mistake: Mary Lambert is not the AMERICAN PSYCHO director...she made SIESTA, PET SEMETARY and many Madonna's video...

Academy Award Nominee Gerald Butler? sounds a little bit strange...but actually last year Academy Award Nominee Sandra Bullock sounded even stranger and look at her now!

John T said...

The other couples, it should be noted that have both won Oscars, are Olivier & Leigh (who got divorced) and Zeta-Jones & Douglas.

Anonymous said...

Disney acquired Pixar in 2006 so expect to see many more direct-to-video spinoffs and probably more sequels in the future...

Andrew R. said...

Magical Pic of the Day-I miss the Muppets.


Last Airbender-Haha.

Janis Joplin-Amy Adams? Really? Of all the people?

Live Action Tink-Do they REALLY think that's a good idea?

Lindsay Lohan-I was never a big fan anyway. Move along.

Jorge Rodrigues said...

I don't know how Pixar decides to make a sequel to CARS before making one to THE INCREDIBLES.

It's stupid.


@John T -- how could i forget Zeta-Jones & Douglas? especially after that strange "movie star that i sleep with" bit.

I guess if Brad Pitt ever wins there'll be another couple. And I think he will. But not before his 60s.

IslandLiberal said...

There isn't an "Incredibles" sequel because Brad Bird, the writer/director of that movie, doesn't want to make one right now. And that's the end of the ballgame, as far as they're concerned, since that property is Brad Bird's baby.

Regarding Cruz and Bardem: their child will marry one of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's biological children, and the child of that union will glow with pure celestial light, so that people must avert their eyes or be blinded.

Newland Archer said...

Really interested in the Forster project. He's a good director/storyteller. I thought the Kite Runner was highly underrated.
I too am leary of the Gerard Butler casting but who knows, Forster directed Halle Berry into an Oscar winning role. This could do the same for Gerard as Monster's did for Berry. The source material is very strong.

The book is one heck of a page turner and easily a contender for adapted screenplay. I suggest anyone that's looking for a good read to check it out.

Unknown said...

Isn't Pixar essentially the Disney animation headquarters now? Direct-to-DVD is a business, so you can't blame the Pixar folks for participating in it. What Lasseter aims to do is recapture the quality and magic that used to be assumed from Disney releases. 'Cars' wasn't great--but it wasn't bad either. I'm hoping that 'Cars 2' will be Pixar's "mea culpa" and the redeeming entry of the franchise. Long story short: don't give up hope in Pixar yet! Geez, if there's any studio in existence that you should have faith in, it's Pixar.