Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Is this how we dress for the office?"

"You look like a blood clot."
[Great Moments in Screen Bitchery #404, Bette Midler in Big Business]

JA from MNPP here. I just gave a ton of love to Lily Tomlin's performance in this movie over at MNPP. I probably have too high an opinion of this film but what can I say, I was eleven when it came out and deeply infatuated with everything Midler at the time.

And the way Bette's naive-country-twin studies the Grand Dame bitch of them all, Alexis Carrington (Joan Collins) in Dynasty, for clues on how to be a ruthless business woman!

As if Bette ever needed lessons on bitchiness from anybody!


Philip said...

I absolutely love Bette...her performance in The Rose is one of the best performances I've ever seen.

Jared said...

One of my favorite comfort movies! Bette and Lily are magic together.

Dan said...

Oh...Big Business...haven't seen this one in years! Always great to break out the 80s feel good movie once in a while.

Henry said...

Midler's one to talk. She could cover Canada with that hat!

Janice said...

I wasn't nine years old when I saw that movie (maybe closer to 19) but that "blood clot" line was the best one in the film. As I recall, it was actually all sort of downhill from there for me.

Anonymous said...

Just about everything Bette does is grand. If you haven't heard BETTE MIDLER LIVE the double Cd set of her concert from the 70s, you just haven't lived

MRRIPLEY said...

Lily would certainly be in contention for my 88 globes actress mus/com along with pfeiffer,griffith,sarandon & curtis.