Monday, July 12, 2010

"You won't link me when I'm angry"

Hell on Frisco Bay Silent Summer at the Castro. Love the poster for the Louise Brooks picture (such a great movie). This can be filed under the Grass is Always Greener. NYC has a ton of cool film programs and I'm always wishing I could go to the Castro's film programs.
The Film Doctor good piece on a second look at the 'suicidal cool' of Tom Ford's A Single Man.
Serious Film File this one under Lines I Wish I'd Written. On Peter Jackson returning to The Hobbit
"If only there was some convenient metaphor for some thing people just can't bring themselves to let go of."
Movie|Line Angelina Jolie's "lightning round" of possible future projects. Why does the MTV reporter pronounce Maleficent so bizarrely. Did he never see the glorious Sleeping Beauty as a child? P.S. I love Jolie and I love Maleficent but for all that is holy I cannot stand the thought of that fusion under Tim Burton's direction. I literally would have to be dragged to see it which, well, if you understood how much I loved Maleficent you would understand the utter devastation I'm feeling.

Coming Soon meetings have begun for Wicked with several directors interested (JJ Abrams, Rob Marshall, James Mangold, Ryan Murphy). If you're wondering why I haven't written about it, it's that we have no substantial news and I'm just feeling disaster coming. By the time they make this -- if they ever make it -- the market will have already been flooded with about 6 or 7 other Oz projects that are further along in development. I just don't understand why they waited so long. Hopefully The Wizard of Oz (1939) itself gets some sort of cool rerelease for its 75th anniversary in 2014.
/Film if people who cared about superheroes actually read The Film Experience (I know from comments that that's not really your thing) they would realize I'm a genius because I totally predict these things. MORE trouble with The Avengers. Edward Norton is not returning as The Hulk. I knew this superhero team using all big stars was r-i-d-i-c-u-l-0-u-s from the get go and I already called the delays and cancellations and cast issues. I still have trouble believing we'll ever see the film which is why those constant commercials for it interrupting the narrative of Iron Man 2 irritated me so much. (Just concentrate on the movie we're watching!!! This is not too much to ask of a movie. In fact this is just a basic storytelling requirement.) Most sites on the web feed on every crumb from studio pr about superhero movies like it's a manna from heaven, devouring it all as gospel facts until the fact changes which prompts another flurry of articles. Do movie websites do this because of page views or are they all true believers? If they are maybe I should stop writing the equivalent of "Santa Claus doesn't exist".

But what's this...?

HitFix Marvel Studios publicly dissing Edward Norton? Bad bad form. If that's the way they're going to play the movie game, why would any name actor want to work with them again? I mean, aside from the money. But Marvel Studios isn't the only studio that can offer big money.
The Hot Blog David Poland agrees that it's unprofessional.
Cinema Blend it might be Joaquin Phoenix replacing Norton. This news strikes me as hilarious since... well... when did Joaquin Phoenix suddenly get a "so easy to work with!" reputation that he'd be deemed an upgrade from Norton?


Andrew R. said...

Hey, I like superheroes! Dark Knight was my favorite movie of 2008!

Michael said...

Munchkins are the new vampires.

Michael said...

I'm glad that I'm not alone in my feelings on the Maleficent movie.

Runs Like A Gay said...

If Phoenix is called in to replace Norton does that mean Hulk will have a beard and will be rapping badly through the movie?

Runs Like A Gay said...

Oh, forgot to say, I want that interviewer to have a go with Ridley Scott. He's got so many projects in development on IMDb he must think he's going to work forever.


right? I mean at least Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt are in their 30s and 40s and they could conceivably last through their 20 upcoming projects.

JayJ said...

Oh I understand completely. I really hope Maleficent doesn't get up off the ground. I can't think of anyone who could play her, or who could create the right vision for her story.

Sawyer said...

Watch - in 5 years or less we'll see ANOTHER Hulk reboot.

Volvagia said...

There's just NO great choice for the part. To get people interested they need an actor who suggests both high intelligence and deep pits of inner rage. Name 3, no, on second thought, name 1 major actor who you'd believe to have BOTH those qualities and is around 30 years old.

Kyle said...

Just bring back Eric about getting my fellow fan boys up in a twist ;-)

Graydon said...

I think Marvel Studios feels that there is no risk involved in publically dissing Norton for being a pain in the neck. He's got a major reputation in Hollywood for being disruptive and attempting to take over productions.

Because Norton's rep precedes him, I think the feeling is that no one will fact lots of people in the industry and probably thanking Marvel studios for humbling Norton a bit. I doubt it'll affect any big name actors wanting to work with Marvel. Their films are too big. Tentpoles. Not to mention that actors/stars are becoming less relevant in a franchise driven industry, and have to take any opportunity they can get now.