Friday, July 16, 2010

"You're a fraud. You're a walking lie...

...and I can see right through you."

"Speaking of which, as a friend, some advice. I would stay out of bathing suits for a while. At least a two piece."

[Great Moments in Screen Bitchery #701, Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her (1992)]


Luke said...

Gosh - secretly love this movie. Who knew Meryl's greatest put-on accent was catty bitch?

D said...

This series of posts is really affecting the way I watch movies. The other day I was watching "Staying Alive", which was terrible, of course, except for Finola Hughes' awesome bitch moments. Her best moment in screen bitchery came in a scene where Travolta is getting all clingy after they sleep together and she's not interested in him anymore.

Travolta: "So that didn't mean anything? Sleeping with some guy is just something you do every day, like eating breakfast?"
Finola: "I skip breakfast most days."

At first you think she's missed the point of the conversation, until you realize that's *exactly* what she meant to say. It was brilliant.

stjeans said...

looooooooooooooovvveeeeeeeeeee that movie. saw it 3 times in the theatre way back when it came out. I believe that Meryl is GOD!

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

"Forever Young?!?! and Eternally Fat!"

Just saw it again two days ago. Love Meryl in this. :)

KTibbs617 said...

This entire movie is a bitch fest. Long before the work "frenemy" was uttered, this was IT.

"Could you just not breathe."
One of my favorites!

vg21 said...

Death Becomes Her - what a gold mine of bitchy moments :):). Meryl forever!

Rick said...

Loved this movie ... true comic genius from Streep.,, and bitchiness.

MRRIPLEY said...

the words "two piece" and the way streep delivers it always give me a huge laugh in one of my fave mery;l perf's in fact i think it her best comedy role.

brandz said...

this film has recently been enjoying a surge in comedic appreciation. when it first came out, very few liked it. now, it's like a cult film!

SoSueMe said...

Am I the only one who prefers She-Devil?

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