Thursday, May 10, 2007


Cate Blanchett Is Going To Die Hollywood's starvation diet
Light, Ultra Light, Menthol the new MPAA ratings
Han Solo in Chocolate Bar what it sounds like...
Orlando's Blue Balls (not that kind!)
Defending Volta Rich loves Björk latest disc
Spider-Man 3 by Jeremy and Clint a FlickSkinny
Who's Hotter? Bale or Jackman?
Lindsay Lohan to Strip Down for I Know Who Killed Me


Anonymous said...

ok - Cate showed up at the Time mag 100 Most Influential etc dinner and the consensus was - she looks fine - pics abound on the web of a not close to death Ms Blanchett at the event - some speculation that the image from the previous evening was photshopped by Brit tabloids -

Anonymous said...

What did they do to our Cate?!?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, she looks "fine" at the Time 100 event because this time she wisely chose a dress that covers her clavicles and she decided against the corpse-bride makeup and hair. In other words - she decided to look human, but there is no doubt that she is decidedly THIN. This entire stick-thin trend is entirely out of control and I wish more people followed the examples of Kate Winslet or America Ferrera.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe anyone thinks that Bale even gives Jackman a run for his money.

Hugh wants me so badly.


heee. wait I thought Hugh wanted Glenn?

well there's enough of him to go around...

adam k. said...

Nathaniel, why haven't you voted? Don't pretend you're above these kinds of contests.

I wouldn't worry about Cate. She's always been thin. Some people are just really thin and can't help it. They're small-boned and can't gain weight, even if they try. My mother's the same way. Doesn't make her anorexic.