Monday, May 14, 2007

What Did You Do This Weekend?

Lindsay Lohan comments on Georgia Rule's opening weekend box office:

Sorry, Linds. You got my $11 at least...

What you, dear reader, missed if you didn't read the blog over the weekend (maybe I should take weekends off. There's a novel idea). I investigated Lindsay's onscreen boozin' all the way back to The Parent Trap, had a couple of Takeshi Kaneshiro moments and also shared grilled cheese fantasies with StinkyLulu.

Meanwhile not on the blog... Talked to Nick Saturday morning on zeee phone about Georgia Rule and various other films (Nick enthusiastically recommends Red Road) and he asked if I had any plans.
Nathaniel: Oh going to a birthday party tonight. Tomorrow we're going to a concert. I'm so excited.
Nick: Whose concert?
Nathaniel: I can't remember but I love them.
Nick: [laughter]
Nathaniel: I'm obsessed with so many people I forget their names.
ftr...the revue concert starred Kristin Chenoweth and she was fabu --gah, that voice! (the rest of the concert: meh) The Boyfriend bought the tickets a long time ago hence my forgetfulness.

And Your Weekend... ? Share.


Anonymous said...

Well... most of us Europeans probably watched the Eurovision Song Contest last weekend (an event that I'm sure you would love, Nat). It's like the Oscars - glitzy, glamourous, worshipped by the queer population, etc. - only SO much more trashy and tasteless. :)

Andy Scott said...

What did you think of Georgia Rule?

I saw it for Jane Fonda and was pissed to see how wasted she was in the movie. I wish they hadn't focused so much on that step-father/Linsday storyline. But I'll admit Lindsay was pretty good. In fact, everyone was good save...some of Felicity's histrionics/close ups ;).

Anonymous said...

Eurovision? Damn! I missed it! (thank heavens! it's a consistently shown a poor taste in song selection)

My weekend? A second viewing fo "Flags of our Fathers" in the local independant cinema (in English this time, much better than the spanish viewing at Christmas), and then raclette dinner + fiesta etc... at a friend's house in honour of a Parisian visitor: i.e. lots of cheese, wine, champagne and tiramisu... Fuzzy headed departure around 3 am! :o)

Next in line for my movie-viewing: Letters From Iwo Jima some time this week (yes I know I'm behind schedule... but it only hit the independant cinema a week or so ago!)

And just over a week left until a fabulous does of Captain Jack! :o)

pst! Nat! You said you saw Georgia Rule... but failed to mention what you thought of it! ;o)

Anonymous said...

hmmmm... should have mentioned Friday night as well: a rock festival evening in Brussels' Botanical Gardens, discovering and enjoying several Belgian groups ('cause despite living here for a feew years, I only knew the big names like Hooverphonic, K's Choice, Deus, Vaya Con Dios...).
I highly reccommend the groups Sharko, Mudflow and The Tellers to anyone who's interested! :o)


mikadzuki --i do love eurovision but i've only seen it twice (both times while living abroad) it's awesome kitsch.

andy --i'll probably do a little write up but from what you've said i agree.

crazycris --cheese and tiramisu. yum. i'm so bad at checking out musical suggestions but i'll try to give them a whirl

Marius said...

Sorry, Andy. I don't think Lindsay was that great. She had a few good scenes, but there were moments where I had to ask: is she even acting? I'd appreciate a little effort. Yeah, Felicity did have a few histrionic moments, but at least she tried; bless her heart. Jane was focused and it showed. I enjoyed her performance. Georgia rule isn't worth a second viewing. In fact, I felt like a wasted time watching it the first time. The whole movie, including the screenplay, wasn't that impressive.

Anonymous said...

my weekend was all about sex


than YOU had the best weekend, didn't you anonymous?

Anonymous said... weekend consisted of watching Dreamgirls and The Queen of the Stardust Ballroom. I like to clean while I have QOTSB playing in the backround. It makes me happy. I'm a simple boy. That was about it! Thrilling, huh?

Glenn Dunks said...

I had a 21st and work and then I got the flu and lost my voice on Sunday.

"Eurovision? Damn! I missed it! (thank heavens! it's a consistently shown a poor taste in song selection)"

Uh, Cris, that's the entire point of Eurovision. Eurovision is the greatest celebration of music on the planet. I mean, where else will you see Ukrainian drag queens, Swedish pop sensations, Spanish boy bands and Hungarian jazzy club singers all under one roof? There is literally something for everybody, if you're willing to fall under it's spell.


It continues to amaze me that not only is it not even aired in america (bah!) but that nobody in Europe has ever made a Best in Show type of movie about it. Seriously. "NUL POIS?! I came all this way for NUL POIS?!?! aaah". it'd be comedy GOLD!

Anonymous said...

In her early career, Susannie Bier actually made a comedy using EMC as backdrop, titled "Livet är en schlager". But don't worry - it's horrendous, so you're really not missing anything. :)