Monday, April 14, 2008

Birthday Boys and Girls

Today I am spent. Musta been those dinosaurs on Sunday that hogged all of my imagination. So please enjoy these pictures of today's birthday kids that I deeply lust/love... along with the primary reason I do. It's the best I can muster this afternoon. Forgive me.

Adrien Brody (happy 35th) ~ because improbable beauty is the best kind.

Julie Christie (happy 67th) ~ because she always had "it" and she never lost it.

Robert Carlyle (happy 47th) ~ because he filled Linus Roache with... um... love in Priest (1994)

...sweet guilt-ridden love surely but Linus was still working through his issues. Forgive him. Question that nobody will ever be answer to this film bitch's satisfaction: How is it that Linus Roache doesn't have a massive film career? What an actor that man is. I've said it before but he should at least have a career akin to say, Ralph Fiennes's, instead of playing aliens who snatch Julianne Moore's children away and the like.

And of course...

Sarah Michelle Gellar (happy 31st) because she slays vampires. She slays them long time. She makes them go all >poof< and dusty like.

Talk amongst yourselves in the comments. Do you feel the love?


Anonymous said...

Yes - and when can I see Sarah Michelle Gellar again in something good? I almost grabbed "Southland Tales" off the Blockbuster shelf this weekend just to SMG fix, but I knew how angry I would be if she really was, in fact, awful in an awful movie.

Oh, well...there are always my "Buffy" DVDs.

Anonymous said...

linus roache is just awesome on law and order..

Jason Adams said...

carl - She's the best thing in Southland. Hysterical, and her performance is really reminiscent of Miss Summers. A mess of a movie (that admittedly grew on me with a second viewing) though.

Anonymous said...

Okay...being an L.A. native, I should probably watch anyway. Thanks!

Lucas Dantas said...

oh g-d when will we see miss gellar in a critical acclaimed movie?
imdb says she's doing veronika decides to die. grigos love paulo coelho, but here in brazil he's a shitty rank writter. i never read veronika, but gellar will certainly make me watch it.

Drew said...

The 14th was my birthday too :D

Surely Adrien Brody and I having the same birthday means that we are destined to have hot sweaty sex at one juncture in time. I can only hope.


Drew --i hope you wished for just that as you blew out your candles. Wishes do come true!