Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Secretary's Day

Excuse me...

...Administrative Professionals Day.

................... ....Executive Assistant?

................. .....................unngh? Secretary!

Don't chain yours to his/her desk, push pencils off your desk to watch them bend over or push them out a window like they do in the movies. Not cool. Get them something nice. If you are an administrative professional, goof off today. Read this blog to your hearts content. Play on e-mail. Call your friends on the company's dime. You deserve it! (this advice is for entertainment purposes only. Don't blame me if you get dooced)



Anonymous said...

I'm a Financial Support Officer.

Can I goof off?

I'm worried that if my boss sees me reading your blog I won't be able to use your comments in my defence.


Anonymous said...

I adored Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns. Well, who didn't?

Anonymous said...

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