Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ink It Down, Awards Junkies

Here's your official Academy Awards Calendar for the films of 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008: Official Screen Credits forms due
Interns and admins at the studios hustle to insure that nothing gets inadvertently disqualified. Awards nerds explode with joy and confusion as 114 movies that Hollywood has kept from them during the first eleven months of the year begin to open.
Friday, December 26, 2008: Nominations ballots mailed
While America goes to new Adam Sandler (Bedtime Stories) and Owen Wilson (Marley & Me) comedies, ignoring the soon-to-be-nominated prestige dramas, mailmen in Los Angeles (and elsewhere) return to work.

Monday, January 12, 2009: Nominations polls close
Just in time for the dumping of the worst movies of 2009 all January long! ...which Americans will go to see instead of the soon-to-be nominated prestige dramas.
Thursday, January 22, 2009: Nominations announced 5:30 a.m.
Millions of pundits (professional and armchair) share their feelings more cheerfully than usual since George W. Bush will have officially been replaced two days prior. (FYI: That's why the nominations are on Thursday next year instead of their usual Tuesday slot)
Wednesday, January 28, 2009: Final ballots mailed
AMPAS members begin voting for their favorites or the media darling nominees (depending on their level of commitment to the process)

Monday, Feb 2, 2009: Nominees Luncheon
In which [insert name] doesn't show, clueing everyone in that she knows he/she won't win.
Saturday, Feb 7, 2009: Scientific and Technical Awards presentation

Pretty interchangeable starlet [insert name] does the honors.
Tuesday, Feb 17, 2009: Final polls close 5 p.m.
Who gets those last minute undecided swing voters?
Sunday, Feb 22, 2009: 81st Annual Academy Awards
In which the nation cheers on their favorite all-time actress as Meryl Streep finally returns to the podium for her third Oscar as the leading lady of Doubt.


Anonymous said...

That pic of Meryl claiming her first oscar always makes me think about how pretty Meryl is. She's just so movie star without being "da movie star".

Anonymous said...

Yayyyy Obama!

Anonymous said...

go!meryl go!

nathaniel: you have enunciated what we all have been hoping for.

test screening for doubt was supposedly jaw-dropping.
meryl is apparently so good and fearless

Anonymous said...

nat you really are sticking your neck out for meryl i hope the academy doesn't go all mary queen of scots on you and give it to a biopic deglammer who is rushed out by director clint eastwood and stars she who shall not be named oh lord nooooooooooooo!!!

are you really so sure about streep and if so what does this say for kate winslet's 2 performances are we thinking she wins in support or is that going to be my ick amy adams.


i don't see any possibly way that Amy Adams could win for DOUBT unless they've significantly changed the role.

It's not a bad role but it certainly is not a career defining one and i don't see her as having enough momentum to be considered overdue for an actual statue.

i still think if anyone is nominated it'll be Viola Davis

Anonymous said...

so nat who for the win in support winslet?