Tuesday, April 08, 2008


NY Post Bryan Singer's Valkyrie pushed to 2009. No Tom Cruise eyepatch for you this year, you naughty "repressive" moviegoer!
Vulture Spike Lee on the Oscars. Entertaining and true.
Boing Boing on this day in 1953, Hollywood went 3-D
Instructables shows you how to make your own Gromit army!
Buzz Sugar has some funny lady casting news
Scene Stealers looks at 'great movies no one should have to watch more than once.' This is interesting because it's such a clear example of how many people have trouble with sad movies. Me, I lurve 'em. [p.s. I did also want to correct one notion, though: The Piano was a success at the box office. $40 million way back in '93 for a challenging frankly sexual movie made for adults? Ka-ching]
Movie Marketing shows the new Baby Mama babymaker website feature. I tried it with my beloved Patty Clarkson but the result was too disturbing too share. [Disturbing to Patty too, I'm sure. -ed.]
lightsabre a rare interview with the costume designer John Mollo (Star Wars)

off-cinema... I'm resting my eyes
Nova Slim has prepared a Madonna mix for you. I love his opening line... (so true)
Queerty an illustrator's cheeky response to a Cheyenne Jackson's interview nugget in the Advocate.
Comic Book Resources
A Tori Amos based graphic novel. Woot
Socialite Life Guess the ass. Hee (it wasn't hard... to guess, I mean)
Everything I Know... Broadway's 09 season (coming up) has some big revivals. So bone up on the film versions of Pal Joey, West Side Story and Brigadoon before the long awaited revivals occur.


Beau said...

Please do a spread regarding Pixar's decision to make 'Cars 2' its tentpole for summer 2012.

I can't believe it's happening and therefore, I need your sardonic wit to help me accept the inevitable.

Joe Reid said...

That's funny that Closer is listed among the "don't watch it twice" movies. I have seen that one about a dozen times and no doubt will see it many more times. Love it.


Beau, I've already blocked the news out.

Let's go on a boat in some remote region of the world for summer 2012 and let the whole thing drive by us without notice...

we'll get beautiful tans and do a lot of snorkeling.

J.D. said...

Weird, I thought the Apocalypse was supposed to come in December 2012...

NicksFlickPicks said...

I hear you, Joe; I've seen The Piano 38 times, so I'm guessing we're not the right demographic for these lists.

The skinny-dipping pix: it's like Old Joy with Woody and Owen.

Beau said...

Sounds peachy to me.

But really, if they absolutely HAD to do another sequel, the only film that could remotely call for it would have been 'The Incredibles'.

And if they kept it on the same level as the original and featured more Edna, I wouldn't have minded one bit.

Glenn Dunks said...

This time, as much as I adored Cars, Pixar really have decided to profits over anything else.

Cars "only" made $240mil in America but was huuuuuge when it comes to ancilliaries and merchandising. Absolutely monstrous. We still sell Cars merchandise at my work. And, technically, Cars is a more valuable title than The Incredibles.

Anonymous said...

Spike Lee tells it like it is. So true about the Academy, and so sad.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Nick. I've seen The Piano so many times, I've lost track.

Best movie ever made? Probably. And just as exciting on follow-up viewings.

Anonymous said...

That Woody Harrelson is indeed a fine piece of ass. He gives me a... sorry couldn't resist.

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