Tuesday, April 01, 2008

DVD Releases: Chipmunks, Bette, Sweeney

Run for your lives. Alvin and the Chipmunks is now on DVD and the said-to-be-pure-crap movie which I will never ever see, which won more box office dollars than all of the critical hit dramas of 2007 (or thereabouts) combined, more popular with John Q Public then the bliss of Ratatouille (and I wish I could scream "april fools" after saying that, but alas --tis true), will now be seen by millions more. What a world.

Other new DVD releases: The Good Night (featuring Paltrow, Cruz and DeVito) and Samuel J Jackson's 79th feature film Resurrecting the Champ (he can't say no!)

In better news, Tim Burton's interpretation of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is also out for your home viewing pleasure. Though my own review was glowing, my reaction mirrored its Oscar run. When it opened it had critics and Oscar pundits all hyped up and eager for a shave and then everybody said "nyahh" at the last minute and moved on. A fast fade --not the masterpiece it should have been --but definitely worth seeing for that genius score, Burton's gleeful blood sprays, and pieces of Johnny & Helena's Golden Globe celebrated performances.

Finally, just in time for Davis's centennial (see previous post) is Volume 3 of the Bette Davis Collection. It doesn't have any of her Oscar nominated performances but it's a true 1940s fest with the The Old Maid, All This and Heaven Too, The Great Lie, In This Our Life, Watch on the Rhine and Deception.


Anonymous said...

*checks out BoxOfficeMojo link*

My god, it is true.

Well, the good (?) news is that it made more at the box office than Wild Hogs...

Ok, so I really am desperate this morning.



hey, silver linings can be found in odd places. Better to find them that to despair, right?

ryansumera said...

if only any tim burton movie was a good as this stand-alone still.

Anonymous said...

Alas, Johnny's performance was not just Golden Globe-celebrated but also Oscar-celebrated. Or are you trying to forget that complete arselick of a nomination? I wouldn't blame you. I love Johnny as much as the next guy but this year's invite to the Kodak was really unnecessary.


as was the one before it.

I love Johnny too but they missed all those years of worthy performances and now it's like whaaaaa?

i actually just neglected it so the sentence would read right since i wanted to include Helena.