Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This is the Link

By now you may have already seen this Onion News Network skit but isn't it hilarious in its utter truthfulness?

Wildly Popular 'Iron Man' Trailer To Be Adapted Into Full-Length Film

Twitch Film Lars Von Trier planning to rock the boat again. He's filming a movie called Antichrist in Germany.
fourfour Rich always has interesting things to say about Juno, just out on DVD
YouTube an interview with the makers of Forgetting Sarah Marshall in which the holy name of Kathleen Turner is repeatedly blasphemed
fancast John Cho on being an Asian actor in Hollywood
Globe and Mail Luke McFarlane, the ever-adorable "Scotty" on Brothers & Sisters has officially come out. He's been connected in the tabloid past to both TR Knight (Grey's Anatomy) and Wentworth Miller (Prison Break). TV actors have been slowly trickling out of the closet but the movie stars? They're all still mum.
Just Jared has snaps of Uma Thurman at the premiere of The Life Before Her Eyes. Trust me when I say that she looks a million times lovelier in the movie. I wish I could say that the movie itself was lovely...
Eli offers up a top ten of tranny movie performances
Charlie's a leaked track from Scarlett Johansson's forthcoming CD. I don't like it as much as the Summertime number we heard last year.

Loving the Ladies
MTV Movies gets some choice quotes from Sigourney Weaver on her role in James Cameron's Avatar.
Reverse Shot
pays tribute to Teri Garr in Tootsie. We love her, too. Especially in that.
As Little As Possible, My New Plaid Pants and Low Resolution all pay well deserved tribute to Emma Thompson (she was celebrating her 49th yesterday). We love her, too. Especially in anything.


Anonymous said...

I still think it was a good move for Uma to take on that role, even though it's not a great film. Now she'll probably get Emmy attention for "My Zinc Bed" and then she has an indie drama scheduled to be released in 2009 called "Motherhood", and she'll play the nanny in the upcoming "Eloise in Paris" movie, which could score big with families and little girls.

Anonymous said...

"Coming out" seems the new PR stunt for the B-List.

Or am I just being mean ?

Anonymous said...

I liked Life Before Her eyes. I found it moving and heartbreaking. Young Diana struggles to find purpose, and then when she finally finds her goodness, her heroic and noble gesture...well, see the movie.

At any rate I found her much like John Procter in The Crucible. I thought the older Diana was much less successful, but if you focus on the coming of age aspect, it is a much better film.

ALSO...Scarlett johansson can't really sing can she?
Hated it!


anon -- scarlett's voice sounded much better in the "summertime" mp3 that was going around last year. But you could actually hear it. This new track is ridiculously overproduced. I couldn't really hear her voice much at all.

geoffrey --i did like eva amurri at least in the movie.

alex you're just being mean ;)

Anonymous said...

What ?! You didn't like Evan AND Uma ?

Nate Tyson said...

Nathaniel! You'll never guess what I have to tell you! I can't believe that I haven't mentioned it yet.

I'm back at school up here in the northeast, and guess whose daughter I got to school with...Mrs. Kathleen Turner.

Her name's Rachel and she is lovely as well a very nice and down to earth gal.

Nathaniel T

Glenn Dunks said...

Eva Ammuri is comedy gold in Saved! from a few years back.

I find that she's actually a good actress quite bizarre for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that Onion News skit. It was hysterical. It perfectly captures the anxious atmosphere of pre-release movie discussions all over the web. I readily admit to being guilty of same.

Anonymous said...

The skit is also hysterically funny for the very fact that the performers play it entirely straight, which makes the comedy that much more subtle (it almost could be a CNN segment) and layered.


Anonymous said...

I heard the Summertime recording as well...not impressed at all. If she wasn't Scarlett, no one would have made that record.

But, I also find her acting to be mediocre as well. Everything she has done since Lost In Translation has been....meh for me.

I hear so many complaints about Kirsten Dunst, but she is by far a superior actress to Scarlett. Where would Scarlett be without her breasts? I guess we'll never know.