Saturday, April 12, 2008

Now Playing: Streep Does Tai-Chi, Keanu Does The Streets

Chaos Theory -Ryan Reynolds, Emily Mortimer and Mr. Charlize Theron star in this comedy about an efficiency expert (Reynolds) who starts going a little crazy
Dark Matter -Meryl Streep has a supporting role here for which she's winning fine reviews (surprise!) as a wealthy university patron but the movie is about a Chinese student (Liu Ye) at an American university whose academic theories run counter to those of his mentor's (Aidan Quinn).
Persepolis -The English language version this time... some of the same voices though, Catherine Deneuve and Chiara Mastrioanni remain.
Remember the Daze -a movie about graduating high school seniors in 1999 -- they include Amber Heard, Melonie Diaz and Alexa Vega
The Visitor The wonderful Richard Jenkins (who you'll remember as the ghost that haunted Six Feet Under, the dad that cried for daughter Charlize in North Country and that dinner table political quagmire in I Heart Huckabees) finally gets to carry a movie. This is the sophomore effort from the actor turned writer/director of The Station Agent and it's about a professor whose life is altered when he meets a foreign couple.

Body of War -is the story of a paralyzed Iraq war vet. It won the NBR for best documentary but it's only open in DC so far.
Bra Boys Russell Crowe narrates this documentary about manboobs (?) drag queens (?) I kid. This is actually about a surfing community in Australia.
Young @ Heart could be huge. Who doesn't love cute old people doing youthful things like [danny zuko voice] "rockin' and rolling' and whatnot"? P.S. The poster is so cute. Gimmicky but really pinching cheeks worthy, don't you think?

Prom Night I'm so glad this is opening because I'm so sick of its 'let's kill beautiful girls on their big night' vibe polluting my TV every night. They play that commercial everywhere if the demographic that might be interested in watching teen beauties hacked up might also enjoy gay minstrels in Bravo, intergalactic interspecies warfare, and endless Clinton vs. Obama punditry.
Smart People Sarah Jessica Parker (or SJP as we prefer) warms up for her summertime pop culture stampede in Sex The City: THE MOVIE --you will be trampled by its Manolo Blahniks! Don't even think you'll escape the puncture wounds -- by romancing 50something widower Dennis Quaid. Ellen Page and Thomas Hayden Church wisecrack from the sidelines. It's a very low key film, Quaid is particularly subdued. He's quite convincing as a misanthropic paunchy literature professor but he's turned down his star wattage so much to fit into a closed man that he doesn't pop like usual ... still, if you enjoy those four actors you could do worse.

sex shooter. shootin' love in your direction. unnnh-huhh unhh-huh

Street Kings Keanu Reeves is swinging around heavy artillery again. It's been awhile. He's now 43 which is... unreal. How can Keanu Reeves be 43? I like the trailer because Chris Evans is playing his junior partner (they're cops) and I like to imagine that performance is actually the real thing --Chris Evans realizing he's a star-in-training whilst Keanu Reeves --whatever one thinks of his acting skills-- is the real thing: a movie star.


Glenn said...

Dark Matter is also about a school shooting, if the trailer is correct. I saw the trailer on a DVD before Hallam Foe and... it looked so amateur. I thought it was a Meryl lookalike at first.

Anonymous said...

Poor Stuart Townsend. He's always referred as Mr Theron.

Hopefully that will change when Battle in Seattle is released, he will be.. that director who's dating Charlize Theron !

Anonymous said...

hey, now. i enjoy both Bravo and punditry, and am going to see Prom Night this weekend. Rare case, maybe, but we're out there.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, "Smart People" was so disappointing. Wait for that one on DVD, or on cable on a Sunday afternoon, or better yet, skip it entirely.

Anonymous said...

Keanu is a Star with lotsa secrets. Let him keep them.

Anonymous said...

Quote :

"Keanu is a star with lotsa secrets. Let him keep them."

Linus, what do you mean by that ?

Anonymous said...

That photo of Meryl (curly hair, yeah!) just makes me all kinds of happy and I have no idea why.