Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cruz-ing Through Hair & Makeup

Here's Penélope Cruz as guinea pig. In her next film with her favorite auteur Pedro Almodóvar they're trying to avoid repeating any Volver'ish looks. The film is called Broken Embraces and should be arriving in 2009. The title has been announced in several US outlets as Broken Hugs but Almodovar prefers Embraces since the word implies more passion.

If you go to Almodóvar's excellent blog you can read his thoughts on each of these looks as well as his feelings about film titles, Penélope in other director's films and the photophobia that has been plaguing him since wrapping the Volver World Tour. [pet peeve note: I could have included the piece here but I hate when people quote entire articles one has written and then offer up a link, as if there's any reason to click over at that point. This is a netiquette faux-pas that's still rampant, especially in forums.]

Penélope as... um, Angelyne? Pedro dodged a bullet by rejecting this look, don't you think?

I did find it interesting that Pedro feels that Cruz's look for Woody Allen's upcoming Vicky Christina Barcelona (c0-starring Scarjo and Javier Bardem) is very Sophia Loren / Volver again. But as he notes, it suits her...

Penelope as "María" in Vicky Christina Barcelona and as "Raimunda" in Volver.

Also on Woody's film, Pedro says
all I know about it are two or three photos of Penélope and the title. I’ve got no right to stick my nose into other people’s business, but someone should tell my adored Woody Allen that the title of his “Spanish” film doesn’t mean anything in Spanish. In my humble opinion, it isn’t a good or bad title, it’s a non-title.
I gotta disagree with the great Pedro there. I love it. It's such a question mark only without punctuation! You have to imagine the connections and fill in the title yourself. Vicky+ Christina = Barcelona? Vicky & Christina Excellent Adventure in Barcelona? Vicky Vs. Christina: The Barcelona Smackdown. Vicky and Christina do Barcelona? The mind wanders and titles should make you a little curious.

(My thanks to Iggy for the request/tip)


Dame James said...

I agree with Pedro about Vicky Cristina Barcelona. To me, it just seems lazily put together, like a title you would write down until you think of a better one. I mean, seriously, it's the setting and the two main characters names; couldn't the Woodman be a little more creative? We all know he has it in him.

J.D. said...

I really love Vicky Cristina Barcelona's title. I think it's very creative in it's own right, for not really being rational, ya know?

And since we're on the subject: IMO, Scarlett + Penélope + Javier + Rebecca Hall (this better make her famous) + Patricia Clarkson + WOODY ALLEN = *giddy screech*

Anyone else with me on that?

Glenn Dunks said...

I love the title of Vicki Cristina Barcelona. If it were Joan Rebecca Ontario then there'd be a problem, but I think the names and the city have a great rhythm and look good together.

On the hairstyles thing, my favourites are the ones he subtitled "closer to what i want" and "interesting ingenue fringe". Although the latter is perhaps too Amelie?

ryansumera said...

Vicki Cristina Barcelona is a good title. i wonder though if the movie itself would be as interesting.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome ;)

I agree with Almodóvar in that issue. Vicky Cristina Barcelona doesn't really suggest anything to me. I'd rather prefer your variations ;) Though I don't think Mr Allen really wanted this title to mean anything.

They just seem to be two opposite ways of choosing titles. IMO, Allen works on any title that has anything to do with his movies (i.e. Cassandra's Dream may be misleading, but it in the end it refers to something in the movie) and occasionally hits the target (i.e. Manhattan), while Almodóvar considers and reconsiders titles carefully and thoroughly, counting even on his well-known cinephilia as a factor.

All about my Mother was a tribute to All about Eve, not only in the movie itself, but also in the title which in Spain was translated at the time as Eva al desnudo. So, it was somehow his way to recover the original title, so to speak.

Following this too personal hypothesis, Almodóvar would be, IMO, showing his respectful surprise at other film makers not being so thorough.

One of the things I like about Almodóvar is that he can't refrain himself from showing the working process in his movies, which includes the pictures you have posted or which included some years ago, the publication in the media of the early pictures (transvestite version) of the actor initially thought to play Gabriel Garcia Bernal's character in Bad Education, who was finally... left out.

I would choose Penélope as the platinum blond in the red jacket.

An after this long comment, I just have to say, I will be willing to see both movies, even if their titles were Allen's or Almodóvar's next movie. ;)


Aaron C. Thomas said...

I like Vicky Cristina Barcelona. It reminds me of Broadway Danny Rose. And I like things that remind me of Broadway Danny Rose.

Robert said...

I lurve Woody Allen, but when it comes to title naming, how can I disagree with the guy who gave us Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown and Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!


good point Robert!