Thursday, April 24, 2008

Julianne Moore as Ariel for Disney

In Julianne Moore's ongoing efforts to win me back, she has definitely struck gold. I am hereby renewing my vows. She did it by serenading me under the sea
...under the sea
Darling it's better
Down where it's wetter
Take it from me....

What better way to renew our long time love than by portraying Ariel from The Little Mermaid (one of my all-time fav' films) for Annie Leibovitz. This image is for thatDisney Dream series which has featured Whoopi Goldberg as Aladdin's genie, Jessica Biel as Pocahontas (er...), Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella and Mikhail Baryshnikov as Peter Pan in the past]

Julianne and I are officially back together! May we never have a trial separation again. "What about Next with Nicolas Cage?" I hear you asking... "You hated that!"

"Never heard of it!" I reply forcefully before singing 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' whilst covering my ears to block out any more of your evil and petty reminders of dark times I've put behind me.

P.S. 1 Here's Julianne to your left taking her daughter Liv to the Broadway version of The Little Mermaid. Oh the synergy. [image from obviously]

P.S. 2
the Liebovitz photo I got from Towleroad who buried the lead by making this photoshoot all about Michael Phelps as a merman. What?! It's freaking JULIANNE MOORE. Respect! I can't find a better copy of the image for now but I shall search. Oh yes, a sparklingly clear version shall be mine.


Michael B. said...

I'm in love. TLM is my favorite Disney Musical, and Moore looks flawless.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it because I do applaud their use of older women, but....seriously, the Little Mermaid is like...16.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the musicalized (Broadway) version of TLM sucks big time. The transformations are what you'd expect in BAD middle school theatre (hello, wheelie-ing over to Ariel, grabbing the tail and skating around to remove it????), the "waves" are tacky, and the use of body doubles is obvious. Julianne needs to take her kids to see REAL shows and not that drivel.

Ursula is about the only redeeming part of the show...and even that's miscast. Emily Skinner BLOWS Sherie Renee Scott out of the water (sorry...bad pun).

It's just not a good show. Too rushed and the director was too stubborn to listen to EVERYONE when they said what they thought.

(And this coming from a person who loves Disney and even found redeeming values in Tarzan on Broadway.)

That said, the pic is beautiful.

ryansumera said...
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ryansumera said...

wow. this is the best of the lot. now, if only leibovitz could get meryl as malefacient said...


WickedScorp said...

The merman in the foreground it Michael Phelps.

teray said...

i think she got picked because of her beautiful red hair (which ariel had). all the same, i love julianne moore [i am planning to name my future daughter after her] and she is beautiful in this picture!