Monday, April 14, 2008

The Link Before Her Eyes

Alternative Film Guide A special screening of The Piano in LA next Monday with supporting actor Cliff Curtis and the films casting director present. If any reader here attends, please e-mail me: I'd love to share your adventure right here!
MTV Movies Blog
John Cho on playing Sulu in the new Star Trek. I don't think I've ever shared this but as a child I hated Star Trek (long story) but loved me some Sulu. With John Cho playing him, perhaps history will repeat?
Defamer "Three things you know you want to know about Sex and the City The Movie even though you'd never admit it"
Guardian Unlimited John Patterson has an intriguing piece up on where American filmmakers should look for inspiration in their horror filmmaking
Topless Robot Exclusive: Indiana Jones' college syllabus
NYT seems my home state of Michigan has a silver lining to all its dark economic clouds. Hollywood can use its empty buildings to shoot movies
eMackinations has a "manOFF": Ryan Reynolds vs. Steve Dorff [NFSW]

I'm loving that John Malkovich (one of those top ten weirdo actors) is now Bathing With Bierko...

One episode isn't much to go on but I can't wait to see who joins Craig Bierko in the tub next. I dug Bierko's tiny attention span jazz musician in Sex & the City, I'm always rooting for Broadway's song & dance actors to make it in mainstream movies and I ignored Russell Crowe's bitchy Bierko-bashing during the whole Cinderella Man brouhaha (he played Crowe's rival and it wasn't friendly during the press tour). I've always enjoyed this actor and I love that he's doing something so oddball online.


Michael B. said...

Hey Nathaniel,
The AMPAS is featuring the picture from each Academy Awards year that received the most nominations without winning the Best Picture award, which is why The Piano is showing.

I just checked and tickets are $5! And $3 for students...

Some Highlights of future screenings:
Monday, April 28 – Pulp Fiction
June 9 – Saving Private Ryan (1998)
June 30 – The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)
August 4 – Brokeback Mountain (2005)
August 25 – There Will Be Blood (2007)

This sounds like an advertisment, LOL, but it's just a heads up for people who live in LA.

Glenn Dunks said...

Nat, question: You have a movie called Noise in your screening log. Is that the Australian one or a different one? the Aussie one (directed by Matt Saville) was my #2 of 2007 so if it is that one I'd love to hear your thoughts (email, or whatever).

If not... well, then I don't care as much. :)


17 --thanks for the clarification. And it's cheap too. Go people. Take photos, e-mail me about your screening and the discussion after! let's have a piano day next week.

kamikaze --it's not the same one. This is an American indie with Tim Robbins and Bridget Monayhan

Anonymous said...

That photo of Holly just makes my day. that movie was, what, fifteen years ahead of its time? What did they give "best picture" to that year? *thinks* oh yeah, "philadelphia". Dying gay, sentimental tearjerker - who thinks of that film now? Where does that film stand in the history of cinema? Nowadays (or at least at the last Oscars) it seems like AMPAS is going for darker, more challenging (albeit very testosterone-y) fare, so The Piano might fare better nowadays. (or might not - unlikeable female protagonist and all that.)



the award actually went to SCHINDLER'S LIST (Philadelphia wasn't nominated for zee big prize) but THE PIANO is the best film of 1993... and possibly of the 1990s in general.

Anonymous said...

//but THE PIANO is the best film of 1993... and possibly of the 1990s in general.//

Amen to that - and thanks for setting me straight, Nat.
(So who won best director that year? I remember all my mates in college - ranging in ages from 20 to 50) were gathered for an Oscar night party and were terribly disappointed when Campion lost Best Director).


Catherine said...

To celebrate the end of my French and Irish orals, I'm going to rent The Piano this week, just so I won't be left out if there's a discussion about it next week ;)

Anonymous said...


I did not want to see Malkovich in a hottub !

So now male-bonding is cool ? Why couldn't ib be cool 10 years ago ? Maybe we would have got a proper bathtub scene between Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in Fight Club. Damn !

Anonymous said...

The Piano is my favorite movie... ever.

But it's hardly a shame that it lost Picture/Director to Schindler's List/Spielberg.

Not ideal, from my perspective, but Schindler's list is a great movie and an instant classic. It's too bad both had to exist in the same year.

Michael B. said...

So...I heard that Happy Go Lucky has a September release date. I think it'll suit the movie well. Find a nice audience and have a good fan base before any critics prizes in November/December come out.

Marshall said...

You must have known about George Takei before the rest of us haha.


Steve --agreed. It's not like it lost the prize to, like, A Beautiful Mind or something. And it was well rewarded overall.

marshall --I didn't need labels back then. ;) If Sulu or Uhuru weren't prominently featured in the episode I DID NOT CARE.

17 September would please me. But watch them move it back to November or December (ARGH)

Anonymous said...

So Nathaniel, what did you think of La Uma in Life before her eyes ?

Michael B. said...

Happy Go Lucky has a September 26 release to be exact. A nice date that's not to into the awards season and means it probably won't get lost...


i'll try to write up a review of THE LIFE BEFORE HER EYES for friday (since the film is opening)