Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Guillermo Del Toro Hosts a Peak at Hellboy II

It's not that I enjoyed Hellboy all that much. I like the comic book (Mignola's ink heavy artwork = yum) but I thought the movie was too chaotic/nonsensical. But it's all about aesthetics and look how kind Hellboy was (pictured, left) to entirely match the signature colors of the film experience blog? For that reason alone, I shall assist in his promotion of Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

The right suit can take you far.

[I originally had the official site's trailer, hosted by Del Toro here, but accept this YouTube version instead. I don't believe in automatically starting video. What if you're already on to the next post? I give you a choice: watch or don't watch]

P.S. Did you like the first movie?
P.S. II: The Golden Question How the hell does the Oscar's makeup branch vote? I know it's been asked a jillion times but it bears repeating. They ignore Rick Baker (their favorite --he's won 6 Oscars) for Planet of the Apes and Hellboy but nominate him for four Eddie Murphy comedies? Me no understand.
P.S. III The makeup isn't by Rick Baker this time (he's busy making Benicio Del Toro into the Wolfman) but the villain looks like this

Characters5 Image

and he totally reminds one of The Time Machine which did manage a nomination for makeup back in 2002 (it lost to Salma Hayek's unibrow in Frida). So... maybe they'll get nominated this time? [my current Oscar predictions]

He's either a Time Machine castoff or its Del Toro's spin on Elves: Legolas's ugly cousin gone to seed. Or perhaps he's merely the live action reincarnation of "Nekron" from Ralph Bakshi's Fire & Ice?

Nekron without the 'effeminate therefore evil' gloss that we'll all miss so. [/sarcasm]


Robert said...

Hmmm, that trailer features the Rammstein stong from Lilya 4-Ever. And whenever I think of that movie I end up crying like a little girl.

Probably not the reaction Del Toro was looking for... but it's a reaction

PIPER said...

Beautiful comparison to Nekron from Fire & Ice. As a Bakshi fan, that's one of my favorites.

Can't view the trailer worth a damn.

Rob said...

I liked the first "Hellboy." A lot.

Pfangirl said...

Yeah, I wasn't especially impressed the first Hellboy. I felt the ending was just completely overblown and horrible - "Argh, tentacles from another dimension!"

My understanding is that Hellboy II is less about beasties from other planes of existence and more about fantastical creatures that have always been on earth - elves, trolls etc. So the "Legolas gone to seed" comparison may be pretty accurate after all.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty confident HELLBOY II will be well received, thanks also to the cult director status Del Toro is enjoying.
HELLBOY II could receive its make up nomination (yes, it's strange the first one missed it...the Academy is quite devoted to Rick Baker...) and who knows Gullermo Navarro could be again in the race as best cinematographer (but there's also Wallis Pfister for THE DARK KNIGHT and two nominations for two blockbuster based upon comics in the same category could be too much...).
Anyway even if HELLBOY II will be overlooked, there's a Del Toro's movie that Academy will hardly ignore: THE HOBBIT, so it will be sufficient to wait until 2010!



mirko i wish i could share your enthusiasm there but why is that I still doubt that THE HOBBIT will ever happen? Or that it will be any good whatsoever?

Anonymous said...

Well, it's true that you can doubt THE HOBBIT will be good, or anyway as good as JACKSON'S TLOTR trilogy or some of previuous Del Toro's works (Pan's Labyrinth for example that it's my favourite...even 'cause I must confess I've never watched CRONOS...I know, I know...shame on me!); but I think we must be pretty confident it will happen...even if Del Toro won't be the director I think there will be an HOBBIT movie.
However Del Toro will be very busy in the near future (among his projects, besides Tolkien, you can find another movie about the spanish civil war, an adaptation from Lovecraft, a Doctor Strange movie...and many others!) and of course they won't be very oscarish, but I think we'll talk a lot about Guillermo.