Saturday, April 26, 2008

Now Playing: Helen Hunt by Helen Hunt for Helen Hunt

I'm too busy festivaling to see anything opening now. But please do share in the comments if you have or will...

Then She Found Me -Helen Hunt wrote, directed, starred and also-- just see for yourself --designed the poster. I'm guessing... but Bette Midler forced to kneel before a glowing benelovent Hunt? The religious implications --the pop cultural implications! It's enough to sap my will to live. But if I don't go on then the Helen Hunt has already won.
Deal -Burt Reynolds is back. Not that you asked for him. He's playing a gambler.
Rogue -Was it my imagine or did the trailer (ages ago) used to hide what the killer was in this movie and now the poster has a huge freaking crocodile head on it. From the director of Wolf Creek and that apparently means something to some people. Here's a question for the ages: How does Radha Mitchell get so much work? I have nothing against or for her for that matter... but it's curious, don'cha think?
Standard Operating Procedure -Errol Morris investigates the Abu Ghraib photos
A Plum Summer -This has something to do with a kidnapped puppet and two young brothers and the FBI and it's also a true story and family film. What?

Baby Mama -Tina Fey gets Amy Poehler preggers. Will hilarity follow? Well Mean Girls and 30 Rock sure bust me up
Deception -Hugh Jackman is a bad bad man. Ewan McGregor (and everyone who watched the trailer) finds out! Meanwhile, how sexy does Michelle Williams look? Very
Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay -What Would Neil Patrick Harris Do?


par3182 said...

that's way too much helen hunt for anyone (but especially me)

Unknown said...

Just got in from Baby Mama. Inconsequential, but hilarious. Amy Poehler steals the show. Fey has her moments of hilarity, too, but is mostly playing "straight" to Poehler's wackiness.

And Wolf Creek was awesomely terrifying. Rogue looks ridiculous (animals/giant animals as systematic killers don't do a whole lot for me - but you never know).

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're mentioning how sey Williams look because it's true. I've never seen her like that before. She's believable as a sex kitten.

She got great reviews for "Incendiary" at Sundance. She's slowly becoming one of the most reliable American actresses.

Anonymous said...

i meant "sexy" of course

J.D. said...

Baby Mama is alright. I really wish it were better, but you've gotta play the hand you're dealt, and Tina and Amy ably do that. Especially, as Stephen said, Amy, who is sometimes funnier than she's ever been.

Y Kant Goran Rite said...

If I were in the US this week, my weekly allowance would definitely be invested in Standard Operating Procedure. Even if the reviews are more mixed than is typical of an Errol Morris film, it's bound to be ten times more thought-provoking and nutritious than the rest of this week's openers combined. And he is one of the Great currently working filmmakers as far as I'm concerned (up there with Almodovar, Desplechin, Malick, the Iranians and the Coens).

Wolf Creek was technically really well done and technically horrifying but so pointlessly sadistic and exploitative that it left me a bit troubled. It's like a glossier, more exotic, more sophisticated cousin of those Saw films.

Rogue has already come and bombed in Australia. In stark contrast to Wolf Creek, it was roundly trashed by both critics and genre fans.

And unlike the world, I like Helen Hunt. Not only that, but I like her based on her movie performances (I barely saw any of Mad About You). But I don't know that I'm psychologically and spiritually ready for Helen Hunt the writer-director. Based on the trailer and that poster, the film looks every bit as glossy and sadistic as Wolf Creek.

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

Good god don't tell me Bette is going to bow to Helen Hunt to discover the ways of winning an Academy Award for a comedic role!

Glenn said...

Rogue is actually of a much higher quality than the genre usually commands. A massive third act "WTF?!" moment not withstanding, mind you, but it's a rollicking good time and it's actually quite nailbitingly intense at times.

I am looking forward, very much so, to Harold and Kumar 2, but it's not out here yet.

Robert said...


How are Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregor in this movie? This should be a Kevin Costner/Val Kilmer vehicle.

Unknown said...

They all sound way to mediocre to get excited about. Will MAYBE rent Baby Mama from Netflix eventually, though I'm sure I'll have to view it alone.

Anonymous said...

helen did not deserve her oscar imo helena or judi did but she was imo 1 of the top 5 better than winslet and christie in thier films.

the thing is usa viewwers knew her from tv uk and european viewers knew her as the girl in twister making her performance more fresh and believable,i'm sure if i'd been american i'd have seen it as a re run of her tv perf but as it stands she is a worthy nominee in 97 for me but maybe not a worthy winner and i think if the film was made with holly hunter the original choice the film would not have made as much sense.

Anonymous said...

Although I've never been much of a fan of Helen Hunt, I'm wildly in favor of her adapting a novel by the wonderful Elinor Lipman and giving the fabulous Bette Midler the plum comedic supporting role. I'll be rushing out to see this. Maybe I'll prefer Hunt as a director rather than an actress.

Saw Baby Mama. Very funny, worth seeing in the theatre. Excellent cast, all around.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the Helen Hunt fest when (if?) it makes it over here. Love me some Hunt. Still think hers was one of the sweetest Best Actress wins in recent memory.

Going to see Deception in the morning against all better judgement. Ewan+Hugh=yum. And Michelle Williams has hooked me forever.