Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel

History repeating itself: Quad posters for the sophomore efforts from Bat auteurs.



par3182 said...

i love how even the poster designers acknowledge that pfeiffer was the real star of 'batman returns'

Anonymous said...

I love the new Dark Knight posters and the new leaked trailer is fantastic as well.

as for the poll Nat, I voted for Batman Begins, but how dare you forget to mention Batman: Mask of the Phantasm!!! sooo good!

Unknown said...

Batman Returns is hogging a lot of votes for a movie that is in no way remarkable beyond Pfeiffer's classic performance. Maybe if you really like lots of production design...

I mean, to each his own, but to hog over half the votes (so far)?

End whining. I voted for Batman Begins, which I think is at least the most energetic of the bunch.

Anonymous said...

And not just Mask of the Phantasm, aj. The 1990s Batman: The Animated Series in its entirety deserves the spot in the poll at least as much as Beyond (which was, after all, its sequel) does.

--Luke (but not the one with a blogger account who also posts here).

Dan E. said...

I second the inclusion of Batman: The Animated Series. Mark Hamill as the voice of the Joker puts Jack Nicholson to shame.


i sort of meant BatmanBeyondto represent all of the animatedstuff. shoulda spelled that out

Anonymous said...

okayyyy who voted for Batman & Robin?!?! lol

Colin Low said...

Scattered thoughts:

1. A few years ago, if you had learnt that a future movie would gather Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Morgan Freeman within its principal cast; would you have guessed in your wildest dreams that it would be a highly anticipated Batman movie?

2. Don't you hate it that Danny DeVito's name lies over Michelle Pfeiffer's gorgeous face? (Don't you hate it when posters do that in general?)

3. Danny DeVito sunk Batman Returns, with the aid of Burton and his editors, who cast DeVito and gave him far more screentime than he deserved. Instead of a grotesque, pitiable character he played the Penguin in broad comical strokes, except with no sense of comic timing and line delivery. Dreadful.


1. no
2. i still can't figure out how he get billing above her, trust me. she was ALWAYS a bigger star than him.
3. i'm not quite so hateful towards devito's performance but i do think that batman returns is weakest in its editing and storytelling. It's not very balanced and it's a little messy but i still love its weirdness and of course Pfeiffer elevates the whole thing several notches.

Anonymous said...

Let's put it this way.

The best thing about cinematic/television adaptations of Batman is Michelle Pfeiffer's glorious turn as Catwoman.

The best Batman adaptation - definitely Batman Begins. I prefer Nolan's medieval realism to Burton's gothic flair.

The worst thing about a Batman adaptation. Katie Holmes. Or Joel Schumaucher. Imagine them together?

Anonymous said...

i actually thought Katie Holmes was pretty decent in Batman Begins.

runs for cover*

Glenn said...

"Maybe if you really like lots of production design..."

teehee, I loove lots of production design. It's so emersive and fascinating to watch. I literally find something new within it every time I watch.

I always thought Burton got it right in his mix of comic absurdity and dramatic darkness. People routinely say that Nolan took the series into a much darker area and that that's where it should've been all along, but if they had watched Burton's two movies recently they'd see that his are even darker. Although The Dark Knight does look like the darkest one yet.


i love lots of production design too. in the same way i love lots a costumes. Hello BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA

but i think batman returns has other things going for it too.

i really wish Burton would get better at concrete storytelling because visually his films are so fun.

Anonymous said...

Yeah what about "Batman and Robin" based on the old TV series?I like when Bruce Ward is getting chased by sharks and has to bust out his can of shark repellent spray. Classic.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think I'd end up in the majority selecting Batman Returns.
Sure, it's got its flaws, but it somehow works in spite of--or maybe because of--its flaws. It's a weird little movie.

I would have liked Batman Begins more if it had downplayed the cliched mystical kung-fu nonsense. Also, bleh, Katie Holmes as a lawyer! Minus these things, it's 2nd on my list.