Saturday, April 19, 2008

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Anamorph Willem Dafoe hunts a serial killer. In the movies serial killers are always total higher education aesthetes (this one loves Renaissance paintings) even though that doesn't line up at all with real life profiles (a closer match is that dull middle-aged guy who ran a storage unit in The Dead Girl). So, yay for Hollywood's anti-intellectualism [/sarcasm]. If this genre wasn't played out already, the presence of that cross-eyed SAG holder from Silence of the Lambs in the same sort of helpful science guy role doesn't give me hope that this will offer up any fresh spin.
Pathology Milo Ventiglimia (Grade Z actor. Grade A hottie) takes his Heroes self to the big screen. Is there no escape from him? The trailer is very CSI meets Flatliners meets Slasher Film... and it seems to give the whole film away except for this boring question: will his girlfriend (Alyssa Milano) survive? I'm guessing no. She's not the boss of this movie.
Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden (Super Size Me) attempts to track down Osama Bin Laden since the Bush administration couldn't be bothered.
The Life Before Her Eyes Uma Thurman quietly begins to lose it on the anniversary of a school shooting from her youth. Evan Rachel Wood plays her the teenage promiscuous, restless version of her. Eva Amurri (Susan Sarandon's daughter) is in fine form as her born again best friend. My review is coming in a couple of days.
Four Minutes An award winning German film from two years ago finally gets a dinky release. It's about a musical prodigy turned murderer and the 80something piano teacher trying to find her music again.

The Forbidden Kingdom Jet Li and Jackie Chan have to train the demographic they're trying to fill movie houses with a young teenage boy (Michael Angarano) in martial arts, as they all attempt to rescue The Monkey King. Something like that. It sounds like an action comedy but the trailer seems to take this semi-seriously.
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed Ben Stein does something or other for his own amusement. (I'm short on time here, shut up)
Forgetting Sarah Marshall Jason Segel (Freaks and Geeks 4ever!), naked and vulnerable, gets dumped and attempts to move on. Will the Apatow school of comedy continue to deliver massive hits. Veronica Mars co-stars. Now there's a TV star that deserves the transfer. Sorry Milo!
88 Minutes By now you've all heard the hook: Al Pacino has 88 minutes to solve his own murder (i.e. prevent it from happening). I can appreciate a good gimmick but only if they really commit to it. Why is this film 108 minutes long? Give us real time. Commit to your gimmick!


Dr. S said...

"Commit to your gimmick!" is one of the best lines I've heard in ages. I will use it in the classroom when I am back to teaching in August.

Anonymous said...

You're very mean with Milo, Nathaniel.

Anonymous said...

I can't belive you're actually suggesting that Eva Amrurri of all people is the standout in a film with Evan Rachel Wood AND Uma.

Was there even 5% chance for that to happen ?

rosengje said...

Julianne is back and fiercer than ever:

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen 88 Minutes, and I sure don't plan to - but maybe the first 20 minutes is exposition and after that time Al Pacino figures out he only has 88 minutes left...? Or something?

Milo V. Yes.

Ben Stein... seriously? Can we please stop pretending Intelligent Design is a legitimate science? Honestly.

Glenn Dunks said...

I received Four Minutes in the mail on Friday! I had no idea it hadn't been released in America yet.

Anonymous said...

I saw 88 minutes a couple of months ago, when it went straight to DVD in Europe - and there's a reason for that, or really: A lot of them.
I thought it couldn't get that bad with Pacino as the lead but...well, I'm trying to forget that film.

4 minutes is good, I liked it a lot although the structure seems a bit messy at times. Still great, mostly for the performances by Bleibtreu and (the outstanding) Hannah Herzsprung.

Anonymous said...

I saw Life Before Her fact I've seen it twice, and Eva is great, but Evan is the stand out in this film.

The best parts of the film revolve around Evan and Eva.

I have a feeling that I am going to take issue with your review, but i am ready to fight!

Anonymous said...

Sammy Jo

How is Uma ?


Sammy Jo, put 'em up ;)

i haven't written it yet but my deadline is wednesday for thursday publication.

i love UMA and EVAN and I wish people wouldn't think that reaction to one film indicates otherwise. But what can you do. It's like when I didn't give an A to Pfeiffer for I Could Never Be Your Woman and suddenly pockets of people think I dislike her. Say what?

I think it'd be a little strange to always feel EXACTLY the same about any actor in every single project.

Anonymous said...


no one is saying you don't love them anymore, but you didn't say anything about them, so we don't know what you think of them in this film !

Are they just passable or atrocious ?

Catherine said...

To everybody in America,

When it opens, go see "Happy Go Lucky". Run to see it. Wait in line. Queue for hours if needs be, but just see this film! It opened on Friday here and I just saw it this morning. I'm already trying to figure out how I can squeeze another visit into my scheduele this week and then the week afte. My sister and I came out of the cinema grinning likes loons. If Sally Hawkins doesn't get MAJOR plaudits next year, I'm going to be very upset.

Thanks for listening,

A lucky Irish lass.

Anonymous said...

4 minutes won the "top prize" at the minneapolis international film festival last year. I saw it, it SUCKS!!!!! It is so cliche and boring. Don't see it.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't think you don't like them anymore, but honestly, I happen to think this is one of my favorite Wood performances. ( Lohan couldn't have come close to this performance.)

I was not as crazy about Uma personally, although she has her moments. I also think her role is not as well written. Anyway, I thought Uma was just okay.

I found the two girls, Evan and Eva as Diana and Maureen, to be believable and lovely together. I also understood their connection, although many have made out as if they wouldn't have been friends. They were probably friends for years...both form the wrong side of the tracks in a nice Connecticut community. Two unattentive single moms.

These two different girls who loved each other and would ultimately do anything for each other are what kept me enthralled with the film itself.

Diana was coming of age and beginning to believe that she was a person of value, when she sacrificed everything for Maureen's future...which I am sure she had decided meant more than hers ever would.

It still breaks my heart.

Anonymous said...

ben stein's documentary is well done, i recommend it to anyone