Saturday, April 19, 2008

Super Women or Cheap Whores?

Day 1 of the NY Comic Con ~ Finis
I apologize in advance for this post. First Disney underwear models and now Super-hookers. What's wrong with me this week? (No need to answer that)

<--- I don't know why but seeing prices slashed on super heroine figures at the convention today made me sad. It's like "Supergirl and Wonder Woman: tired bitches! Have them for the low low price of... $blah $blah" Looking closely at the signs, this is their second mark down. Wonder Woman once flew above us all in her invisible jet and now she straps on her red go go boots, stands stiffly, sticks her chest out and hopes for the best. Maybe some horny fanboy circling the floor will finally make his choice and pony up his hard-earned Benjamin Franklin. If he opts for some group action, he can win Diana's bod for only $82.50 (It makes a kind of sense actually. She's from Paradise Island y'all... Girls! Girls! Girls!)

I'm thinking about the ladies because I attended a women in fantasy and science fiction panel which was, sadly, disappointing. [tangent: It wasn't the only dud in the panels I chose. I also attended a "history of superheroes on film" which made me crazy -- a rich topic that got an extremely random, dull presentation]. I've never planned a panel myself but it doesn't seem like rocket science. You'd want a variety of voices to make the conversation interesting --especially if the topic is huge. Three fourths of this particular panel was basically hawking one forthcoming book. That's closer to a sales pitch than a valuable discussion which is a pity because there's a definite discussion to be had. Upstairs Jenna Jameson (yes, really) was the star of a big busted comic book. That a famous porn star could double as a comic book hero without any re-branding is pretty telling. It's not an incongruous notion.

Here's another group of women waiting to be purchased. It totally cracks me up that Aquaman is on the same platform, like a blonde Liza Minelli from behind. She totally favors those sparkly numbers.

But Batgirl, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn are fetching, you must agree. It makes me want to steal pay homage to My New Plaid Pants awesome "Do, Dump or Marry" series and ask you to choose in the comments. One of these fine lasses gets one night only, one gets the cold shoulder, and one gets your wedded bliss. Who will it be now?

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Anonymous said...

Harley Quinn is sexy and fun-loving, but way too spineless in her dependency on man. It would be a boring relationship in the long run. Do.

Batgirl I only know from the awful Batman and Robin movie, where, if not for the nipples, she would be the most forgettable character ever, so I've got to dump her by default.

Which leaves me with Poison Ivy to marry. Not the best wife maybe (kinda toxic personality), but at least all the neighbours will be green with envy of our well-kept garden!

But really, I prefer Catwoman or Wonder Woman over any of these three.


Catwoman yeah.

I guess it all depends on what you know Batgirl from. I know her from the old television series and as a wee kid I was IN LOVE. So she'd get the ring. dump harley quinn (don't need The Joker at the edges of my life) and do Poison Ivy... just be careful for those lips.

Robert said...

Poison Ivy is just a bit too dangerous and aggressive for me... dump.

Harley Quinn is cute and plucky and adventurous. But the insanity may be a problem eventually... do.

Batgirl has sort of the girl next door thing going. Plus you get to have commish Gordon as a father-in-law and that would be pretty cool... marry.

Jason Adams said...

Marry Poison Ivy. I like em crazy and dangerous. And rubber lips are immune to her poisons.

Do Harley Quinn. And hopefully she'd invite The Joker along.

Dump Batgirl. YAWN.

lawyer tony fernando said...

a gift to you nat, Juliane Moore looking hot and desperate!

NicksFlickPicks said...

Are you sure that's Poison Ivy, and not a Belinda Carlisle doll?


Now that you ask, i'm not sure at all. I didn't see any string to pull to hear her warble "darling leave a light on for me...."

or perhaps "ooh, baby do you know what it's worth"


Rae said...

Didja notice how they scheduled all the Women-and-ethnic-minorities panels across from each other? Seriously--it's something like five panels in two time-slots.


i DID notice that. because i wanted to go to more than one of them and had to make a choice


Anonymous said...

Hey, did you hear about the "Girls who kick ass" women in comics panel that turned out to be All About Jenna Jameson, causing Colleen Doran and Louise Simonson to ditch it?

Brett said...

Do Harley cause its well known that the craziest chicks are best in the sack.

Dump Ivy cause you can't really engage in any skin to skin contact without, you know, DYING.

Marry Babs for the handicapped parking ;)


Brett ---handicapped parking eh? did you see desperate housewives on Sunday?

anon --i had not heard that simonson ditched it. Damn, i wish i coulda seen that, minus the all about jenna jameson part.

Brett said...

Sorry i don't really watch DH, but I have a general knowledge of like what its about and who acts in it. Did I rip them off on the handicapped parking thing or something? My first comments were really kind of in jest anyway as far as athe reason, but in all seriousness, I think my selections would still be the same.

Do Harley, cause really who wants to have a long term thing with someone obsessed with another guy (and then add that guy being a sadistic clown and you have a deal killer).

Dump Ivy cause her overly green eco-conscious way of life would have me driving a car I would hate and forcibly converted to vegansim.

Marry oldschool Batgirl cause 1.) I dig redheads 2.)She's rich 3.)She's got sweet connections, and 4.) She could actually hold down an intelligent conversation (about more things than ecology).